List of largest empires in India

This is a historical list of the largest empires in India with an area covering more than 1 million square kilometres. An empire involves the extension of a state's sovereignty over external territories. The values given here should generally be interpreted as being only indicative, and not as determining a precise ranking. The calculation of the land area of a particular empire is controversial. In general, the list centres on the side of including any land area that was explored and explicitly claimed, even if the areas were populated very sparsely or not at all.

Empire Approximate
maximum extent
(Area in km²)
Size as
percentage of area of
Republic of India
date of
maximum extent
Estimate by
Maurya Empire 5,000,000 152% 250 BC Peter Turchin et al.[1]
British Raj 4,574,000 139% 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.)[2]
Mughal Empire 4,000,000 122% 1690 Peter Turchin et al.[1]
Gupta Empire 3,500,000 106% 400 Peter Turchin et al.[1]
Republic of India (for comparison) 3,287,263 100% - Government of India[3]
Delhi Sultanate (Tughlaq) 3,200,000 97% 1312 Peter Turchin et al.[1]
Maratha Empire 2,500,000 76% 1760 Peter Turchin et al.[1]
Kushan Empire 2,000,000 61% 200 Peter Turchin et al.[1]
Empire of Harsha 1,000,000 30% 648 Peter Turchin et al.[1]

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