List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Utah

This article contains a list of fossil-bearing stratigraphic units in the state of Utah, U.S.


Group or Formation Period Notes
Arcturus Formation Permian
Blackhawk Formation Cretaceous
Brazer Dolomite Carboniferous
Brian Head Formation Paleogene
Burro Canyon Formation Cretaceous
Carmel Formation Jurassic
Castle Gate Formation Cretaceous
Castlegate Formation Cretaceous
Cedar Mountain Formation Cretaceous
Chainman Formation Carboniferous
Chainman Shale Carboniferous
Chinle Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Rock Point Formation Triassic
Chisholm Formation Cambrian
Colton Formation Paleogene
Crystal Peak Dolomite Formation Ordovician
Cutler Formation Permian
Dakota Formation Cretaceous
Dakota Sandstone Cretaceous
Dakota Group/Cedar Mountain Formation Cretaceous, Jurassic
Deseret Formation Carboniferous
Deseret Limestone Carboniferous
Deseret Limestone Carboniferous
Dinwoody Formation Triassic
Duchesne River Formation Paleogene
Dunderberg Shale Cambrian
Elephant Canyon Formation Permian, Carboniferous
Ely Formation Carboniferous
Ely Limestone Carboniferous
Ely Springs Dolomite Formation Ordovician
Engelmann Formation Devonian
Entrada Formation Jurassic
Evacuation Creek Formation Paleogene
Ferron Formation Cretaceous
Fillmore Formation Ordovician
Fillmore Limestone Ordovician
Fish Haven Dolomite Formation Ordovician
Fitchville Formation Carboniferous
Flagstaff Formation Paleogene
Fort Union Formation Paleogene
Frontier Formation Cretaceous
Garden City Formation Ordovician
Glen Canyon Group/Kayenta Formation Jurassic
Glen Canyon Group/Moenave Formation Jurassic, Triassic
Glen Canyon Group/Navajo Sandstone Jurassic
Glen Canyon Group/Navajo Sandstone Group/Nugget Formation Jurassic
Glen Canyon Group/Wingate Formation Triassic
Glen Canyon Group/Wingate Sandstone Triassic
Great Blue Limestone Carboniferous
Green River Formation Paleogene
Henefer Formation Cretaceous
Hermosa Formation Carboniferous
Honaker Trail Formation Carboniferous
House Limestone Ordovician
Humbug Formation Carboniferous
Illipah Formation Carboniferous
Iron Springs Formation Cretaceous
Juab Formation Ordovician
Juab Limestone Ordovician
Kaibab Limestone Permian
Kaiparowits Formation Cretaceous
Kanosh Formation Ordovician
Kanosh Shale Ordovician
Kayenta Formation Jurassic
Kelvin Formation Cretaceous
Laketown Dolomite Formation Silurian, Ordovician
Lance Formation Cretaceous
Langston Formation Cambrian
Laramie Formation Cretaceous
Lead Bell Shale Cambrian
Lehman Formation Ordovician
Lodgepole Limestone Carboniferous
Lone Mountain Formation Silurian
Lower Wheeler Shale Cambrian
Madison Formation Carboniferous
Mancos Shale Cretaceous
Mancos Group/Frontier Formation Cretaceous
Manning Canyon Formation Carboniferous
Manning Canyon Shale Carboniferous
Marjum Formation Cambrian
Marjum Limestone Cambrian
Mesa Verde Formation Cretaceous
Mesaverde Formation Cretaceous
Mesaverde Group/Castlegate Formation Cretaceous
Mesaverde Group/Nelsen Formation Cretaceous
Moenkopi Formation Triassic
Moroni Formation Neogene
Morrison Formation Jurassic
Nelsen Formation Cretaceous
Nopah Formation Cambrian
North Horn Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
Norwood Tuff Formation Paleogene
Notch Peak Formation Cambrian
Opohonga Formation Ordovician
Oquirrh Formation Carboniferous
Oquirrh Group/Bingham Mine Formation Carboniferous
Oquirrh Group/Butterfield Formation Carboniferous
Oquirrh Group/Oquirrh Formation Carboniferous
Orr Formation Cambrian
Park City Formation Permian
Park City Group/Gerster Formation Permian
Park City Group/Plympton Formation Permian
Phosphoria Formation Permian
Pioche Formation Cambrian
Pogonip Group/Fillmore Formation Ordovician
Pogonip Group/Wah Wah Formation Ordovician
Pogonip Group/Wahwah Formation Ordovician
Price River Formation Cretaceous
Round Valley Formation Carboniferous
Salt Lake Formation Neogene
San Rafael Group/Carmel Formation Jurassic
San Rafael Group/Curtis Formation Jurassic
San Rafael Group/Entrada Sandstone Jurassic
San Rafael Group/Page Sandstone Jurassic
Sappington Formation Carboniferous
Sevier Formation Neogene
Sinbad Formation Triassic
Soapstone Formation Carboniferous
St. Charles Formation Ordovician
Straight Cliffs Formation Cretaceous
Stump Formation Jurassic
Summerville Formation Jurassic
Swan Peak Formation Ordovician
Swasey Limestone Cambrian
Thaynes Formation Triassic
Thaynes Formation Triassic
Thaynes Formation Triassic
Thaynes Formation Triassic
Toroweap Formation Permian
Tropic Shale Cretaceous
Uintah Formation Paleogene
Upper Weeks Limestone Cambrian
Upper Wheeler Shale Cambrian
Ute Limestone Cambrian
Virgin Formation Triassic
Wahwah Formation Ordovician
Wahwah Limestone Ordovician
Wahweap Formation Cretaceous
Wasatch Formation Paleogene
Watson Ranch Quartzite Formation Ordovician
Weeks Formation Cambrian
Wheeler Shale Cambrian
White Pine Shale Carboniferous

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