List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in New Mexico

This article contains a list of fossil-bearing stratigraphic units in the state of New Mexico, U.S.


Group or Formation Period Notes
Abiquiu Formation Neogene
Abo Formation Permian
Abo Group/Cutler Formation Permian, Carboniferous
Alamitos Formation Carboniferous
Aleman Formation Ordovician
Armendaris Group/Elephant Butte Formation Carboniferous
Armendaris Group/Garcia Formation Carboniferous
Armendaris Group/Whiskey Canyon Limestone Carboniferous
Arroyo Penasco Formation Carboniferous
Atarque Sandstone Cretaceous
Atrasado Formation Pennsylvanian
Baca Formation Paleogene
Bar B Formation Carboniferous
Bell Canyon Formation Permian
Bolander Formation Carboniferous
Bone Spring Formation Permian
Buda Limestone Cretaceous
Bursum Formation Carboniferous
Caballero Formation Carboniferous
Camp Rice Formation Pliocene-Pleistocene
Capitan Formation Permian
Carita Creek Formation Triassic
Carthage Formation Cretaceous
Chamita Formation Neogene
Cherry Canyon Formation Permian
Chinle Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Bluewater Creek Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Bull Canyon Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Garita Creek Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Pedro Arroyo Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Petrified Forest Member Triassic
Chinle Group/Redonda Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Salitral Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/San Pedro Arroyo Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Santa Rosa Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Sheep Pen Sandstone Triassic
Chinle Group/Sloan Canyon Formation Triassic
Chinle Group/Trujillo Formation Triassic
Chupadera Formation Permian
Colorado Group/Carlile Shale Cretaceous
Colorado Group/Niobrara Formation Cretaceous
Contadera Formation Devonian
Contadero Formation Devonian
Crevasse Canyon Formation Cretaceous
Cub Mountain Formation Paleogene
Cutter Dolomite Ordovician
Dakota Formation Cretaceous
Dakota Formation Cretaceous
Dakota Sandstone Cretaceous
Dakota Group/Mesa Rica Sandstone Cretaceous
Dakota Group/Pajarito Formation Cretaceous
Dalton Sandstone Cretaceous
Dawson Arkose Paleogene
Del Norte Formation Cretaceous
Diamond Trail Formation Paleogene
Dockum Formation Triassic
Dockum Group/Bull Canyon Formation Triassic
Edith Formation United States
El Cobre Canyon Formation Carboniferous
El Paso Group/Cook Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/Cooks Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/Florida Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/José Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/Mud Springs Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/Mud Springs Mountain Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/Padre Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/Scenic Drive Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/Sierrite Formation Ordovician
El Paso Group/Victorio Formation Ordovician
Finlay Formation Cretaceous
Fite Ranch Sandstone Cretaceous
Flechado Formation Carboniferous
Fort Union Formation Paleogene
Fruitland Formation Cretaceous
Fruitland Group/Kirtland Formation Cretaceous
Galisteo Formation Paleogene
Garita Creek Formation Triassic
Gila Formation Neogene
Gila Conglomerate Formation PliocenePleistocene
Gray Mesa Formation Carboniferous
Green Canyon Group/Apodaca Formation Carboniferous
Green Canyon Group/Arrey Formation Carboniferous
Greenhorn Limestone Cretaceous
Gym Formation Permian
Hart Mine Formation Paleogene
Holder Formation Carboniferous
Hueco Formation Permian
Kelly Fimestone Formation Carboniferous
Kirtland Formation Cretaceous
La Pasada Formation Carboniferous
Laborcita Formation Permian
Lake Valley Formation Carboniferous
Lewis Shale Cretaceous
Madera Formation Permian, Carboniferous
Madera Group/Wild Cow Formation Carboniferous
Mancos Shale Cretaceous
Mancos Group/Gullup Formation Cretaceous
Manzano Formation Permian
McRae Formation Cretaceous
Menefee Formation Cretaceous
Mesaverde Formation Cretaceous
Mesaverde Group/Crevasse Canyon Formation Cretaceous
Mesaverde Group/Menefee Formation Cretaceous
Mesilla Valley Formation Cretaceous
Mesilla Valley Shale Cretaceous
Moenkopi Formation Triassic
Mojado Formation Cretaceous
Montoya Group/Aleman Formation Ordovician
Montoya Group/Cutter Formation Ordovician
Montoya Group/Second Value Formation Ordovician
Moreno Hill Formation Cretaceous
Morrison Formation Jurassic
Mud Springs Group/Cuchillo Negro Formation Carboniferous
Mud Springs Group/Fra Cristobal Formation Carboniferous
Muleros Formation Cretaceous
Nacimiento Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
Niobrara Formation Cretaceous
Ojo Alamo Formation Cretaceous
Ojo Alamo Sandstone Paleogene
Onate Formation Devonian
Palm Peak Formation Paleogene
Palomas Formation Neogene
Panther Seep Formation Carboniferous
Percha Shale Devonian
Pictured Cliffs Sandstone Cretaceous
Pierre Shale Cretaceous
Point Lookout Formation Cretaceous
Popotosa Formation Neogene
Puerco Formation Paleogene
Raton Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
Red Tanks Formation Pennsylvanian
Rincon Valley Formation Neogene
Ringbone Formation Cretaceous
Rubio Peak Formation Paleogene
San Andres Formation Permian
San Jose Formation Paleogene
Sandia Formation Carboniferous
Sandstone of Inman Ranch Formation Paleogene
Sangre de Cristo Formation Permian
Santa Fe Formation Neogene
Santa Fe Formation Neogene
Santa Rosa Formation Triassic
Second Value Dolomite Ordovician
Seven Rivers Formation Permian
Shalem Colony Formation Permian
Sierra Ladrones Formation Neogene
Sloan Canyon Formation Triassic
Sly Gap Formation Devonian
Smeltertown Formation Cretaceous
Smerltertown Formation Cretaceous
Summerville Formation Jurassic
Tansill Formation Permian
Tererro Formation Carboniferous
Tesuque Formation Neogene
Throughgood Formation Devonian
Todilto Formation Jurassic
Travesser Formation Triassic
Tucumcari Formation Cretaceous
Upper Kirtland Formation Cretaceous
Wasatch Formation Paleogene
Wild Cow Formation Carboniferous
Yates Formation Permian
Yeso Formation Permian
Zia Formation Neogene

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