List of communist parties

     Official ruling parties in communist states
     Communist parties as ruling parties or part of a governing coalition in multi-party states
     Formerly ruled under a one-party system
     Formerly ruled under a parliamentary majority or minority government
     Formerly ruled as a coalition partner or supporter
     Parts of countries formerly ruled under a one-party system

There are a number of communist parties active in various countries across the world and a number that used to be active. They differ not only in method, but also in strict ideology and interpretation, although they are generally within the Marxist communism tradition.

The formation of communist parties in various countries was first initiated by the Russian Bolsheviks within the Communist International. Since then, communist parties have governed numerous countries, whether as ruling parties in one-party states like the Communist Party of China or the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, or as ruling parties in multi-party systems, including majority and minority governments as well as leading or being part of several coalitions.

Many other communist parties did not govern any country, but they did govern several states or region within a country. Others have also been represented in the national, state or regional parliaments. Some communist parties and schools of thought reject parliamentarism, advocating in its place insurrection or social revolution as well as workers' councils.

Officially ruling in communist statesEdit

In the following countries, several communist parties either lead the ruling coalition or hold monopoly on state power as defined by their respective country's constitutions.

Ruling or part of ruling coalition in multi-party statesEdit

Formerly rulingEdit

One-party systemEdit

Parliamentary majority or minority governmentEdit

Coalition partner or supporterEdit

Modern non-rulingEdit



Once rulingEdit


Left communist organizations by countryEdit

The following is a list of left communist organizations by country which list only those political organizations and parties who officially call themselves left communist ideologically and still exist.



  1. ^ Hong Kong and Macau are administrated under the "one country, two systems" principle.
  2. ^ Although the government's official state ideology now incorporates the Juche element of Kim Il-sung's Kimilsungism–Kimjongilism policy as opposed to orthodox Marxism–Leninism, North Korea still considers itself a socialist state.[1] According to North Korea: A Country Study by Robert L. Worden, Marxism–Leninism was abandoned immediately after the start of de-Stalinisation in the Soviet Union and it has been totally replaced by Juche since at least 1974.[2] The Workers' Party of Korea is considered by some scholars to not be a communist party.[3] While recently it started to consider itself as Jucheist exclusively, the party participates in the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties.[4]


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