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The prefix Z is used for the People's Republic of China with three exceptions:

  • ZK is used for North Korea
  • ZM is used for Mongolia
  • ZZZZ is a special code which is used when no ICAO code exists for the airport. It is often used by helicopters not operating at an aerodrome.


Z (except ZK, ZM and ZZZZ) - Mainland ChinaEdit

Also see airport category and list.

ZB(Northern China)Edit

ZG(Southern China)Edit

ZH (Central China)Edit


ZL(Northwest China except Xinjiang)Edit


ZS (Eastern China)Edit

ZU(Southwest China except Yunnan)Edit


ZY(Northeast China)Edit

ZK - North KoreaEdit

Also see airport category and list.

ZM - MongoliaEdit

Also see airport category and list.

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