List of World War II short films

Below is an incomplete list of short films or animated cartoons that pertain to World War II, or the years leading up to it.

School scene from Walt Disney's Education for Death (1943)
Adolf Wolf and the poster Go on and hiss! who cares scene from Tex Avery's Blitz Wolf (1942)


Momotarō's Sea Eagles (1943)

Films made before the warEdit


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
1938 United States Ferdinand the Bull Dick Rickard (uncredited) Pacifist Disney cartoon. YouTube
1938 United States Porky the Gob Ben Hardaway, Cal Dalton Pro-preparedness cartoon where Porky Pig's battleship engages a "pirate submarine". YouTube
1938 United States What Price Porky Robert Clampett Pro-preparedness cartoon where farmer Porky Pig must mobilize his chickens against a heavily armed "ducktator" (Daffy Duck).[1] YouTube
1939 United States Peace on Earth Hugh Harman Anti-war cartoon. YouTube

Year undeterminedEdit

Country Title Director Events depicted View
United Kingdom Local Boy Makes Good: A Story With a Moral[2] ? Cartoon in which an RAF bomber is able to shoot down German fighters once the pilot and turret gunner put on their respirators. YouTube


Country Title Director Events depicted IMDb
United Kingdom Hitler Dances to Stalin's Tune[3] Anson Dyer Cartoon mocking the Soviet–Nazi pact, the friendship between Stalin and Hitler. ITN


Country Title Director Events depicted IMDb
United States Boobs in Arms Jules White Comedy with the Three Stooges in an unspecified army.
United Kingdom Channel Incident Anthony Asquith Dramatic film about a yachtsman at Dunkirk.
Nazi Germany Der Störenfried Hans Held Cartoon in which a fox threatens a family of hares only to be strafed in turn by wasps of the Luftwaffe. YouTube
Fascist Italy Inghilterra contro Europa Luigi Liberio Pensuti Anti-British cartoon.
Nazi Germany Vom Bäumlein, das andere Blätter hat gewollt
Das güldene Bäumchen
Heinz Tischmeyer[4] Anti-Semitic cartoon where a Jew plucks all the leaves from a golden tree, leaving it empty.[5] YouTube
United States You Nazty Spy! Jules White Comedy with the Three Stooges.


Country Title Director Events depicted IMDb
Soviet Union Fascist Boots Shall Not Trample Our Motherland
(Не тoптать фашистскому сапогу Нашей Родины)[6]
A. Ivanov, I. Vano Anti-Nazi cartoon with German pig soldier vs. Soviet cavalry and tanks.
Music by Prokofiev from Alexander Nevsky (1938).
[7] YouTube
Fascist Italy Il Dottor Churkill Luigi Liberio Pensuti Anti-British cartoon involving a Jekyll and Hyde story where Mr. Hyde becomes Dr. Jekyll (Winston Churchill).[8] [9] YouTube
United States The Rookie Bear Rudolf Ising Cartoon feature Barney Bear drafted into USA Army during his hibernation. IA
United States I'll Never Heil Again Jules White Comedy with the Three Stooges. IA
Soviet Union A Journal of Political Satire № 2
(Журнал политсатиры № 2)
Zinaida Brumberg, Alexander Ivanov, Valentina Brumberg, Olga Khodatayeva, Ivan Ivanov-Vano Anti-Nazi cartoon, in 4 parts, exhorting Soviets to resist "Fascist pirates" (Бей фашистских пиратов).[10] YouTube
United States The Mighty Navy Dave Fleischer Cartoon about Popeye joining the Navy the fight against 'The Enemy'. YouTube
United States Rookie Revue Friz Freleng Cartoon which shows the different elements of the US Army: infantry, cavalry, armour, USAAF, artillery, and lampoons (accurately) makeshift weaponry. YouTube[11]
United Kingdom Rush Hour Anthony Asquith Comedy film asking casual travellers to leave transport to workers.
United States
7 Wise Dwarfs Dick Lyford & Ford Beebe[12] Cartoon, animated for the NFB by Disney, in which the Seven Dwarfs invest their gems in Canadian War Savings Certificates. YouTube[11]
United States
The Thrifty Pig Walt Disney (producer) Cartoon, animated for the NFB by Disney, in which the Big Bad Nazi Wolf is defeated by a house flying Canada's national flag and built of Canadian War Savings Certificates. IA
Canada V for Victory Norman McLaren Cartoon in support of a war bond drive. Music by John Philip Sousa.[13] [1]
United States The Flying Bear Rudolf Ising
Bob Allen
MGM Cartoon featured Barney Bear during WWII. IA
Soviet Union The Vultures
Panteleimon Sazonov[14] (uncredited) Anti-Nazi cartoon where German vultures become bombers only to be shot out of the skies by Red Air Force fighters. [14] YouTube


Country Title Director Events depicted View
United States
All Together Walt Disney (producer) Cartoon, animated for the NFB by Disney, in which Pinocchio, Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and the Seven Dwarfs parade at Centre Block for Canadian War Savings Certificates.[15] IA
United States Air Raid Warden Alex Lovy Cartoon featuring Andy Panda.
United States Andy Panda's Victory Garden[16] aka Springtime for Andy Alex Lovy Cartoon in which Andy Panda's attempts to grow a victory garden are spoiled by a hungry rooster.[17] YouTube
United States Any Bonds Today? Bob Clampett Morale-boosting cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny performing in blackface for the war effort. The title song is by Irving Berlin. YouTube
United States Blitz Wolf Tex Avery Anti-Nazi cartoon featuring the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. YouTube
United States Blunder Below Dave Fleischer Cartoon featuring Popeye, depicting him defeating a Japanese submarine. YouTube[18]
Soviet Union Cinema Circus
Olga Khodatayeva & Leonid Amalrik Anti-Nazi cartoon featuring Hitler with his trained dogs, Mussolini, Horthy and Antonescu, and his mentor Napoleon, at a circus hosted by clown Karandash. YouTube
United States The Devil with Hitler Gordon Douglas Comedy film where the Devil's job in Hell is threatened by Hitler. YouTube
United States Donald Gets Drafted Jack King (uncredited) Disney cartoon in which Donald Fauntleroy Duck volunteers for the US Army. YouTube
United States
Donald's Decision Walt Disney (producer) Cartoon, animated for the NFB by Disney, in which Donald Duck's conscience makes him invest in Canadian War Savings Certificates. IA
United States The Ducktators Norman McCabe Anti-Axis cartoon which portrays Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito as barnyard fowl. YouTube
United States Eleventh Hour Dan Gordon Anti-Japanese cartoon portraying Superman as a saboteur at the Yokohama Navy Yard in Japan. IA
Canada Empty Rooms Mean Idle Machines Philip Ragan Cartoon which encourages citizens to rent their spare room to a munitions plant labourer.[19] NFB[20]
United States Fleets of Stren'th Dave Fleischer Cartoon featuring Popeye, fighting against a fleet of enemy planes. YouTube
Canada Hen Hop Norman McLaren Low-key cartoon in which a chicken dancing to "Turkey in the Straw" encourages Canadians to "save" for "V" (Victory). YouTube[11]
United States Japoteurs Dave Fleischer Anti-Japanese cartoon featuring Superman and a group of Japanese spies trying to hijack a bomber. IA
United Kingdom Kill or Be Killed Len Lye Dramatic film of a confrontation between a Tommy and a German sniper.[21]
United States The New Spirit Walt Disney (producer) Anti-Axis Disney cartoon in which Donald Duck learns to pay his taxes and fight the Axis, using only a "tax blank", pen, ink, and a blotter.[22] IA YouTube
United States Safeguarding Military Information Preston Sturges Dramatic film. IA
United States Scrap the Japs Seymour Kneitel Cartoon featuring Popeye, battling against Japanese planes and naval ships. YouTube
United States Sky Trooper Jack King Disney cartoon in which Pvt. Donald Duck becomes a reluctant paratrooper. YouTube
United States
Stop That Tank! Walt Disney (producer) Instructional cartoon, animated for the DND and NFB by Disney, showing Canadian Tommies using the Boys ATR against German armour, sending Hitler straight to Hell. YouTube (part 1)
YouTube (part 2)
United States Tulips Shall Grow George Pal Anti-Nazi Puppetoon where a Dutch windmill is attacked by the Screwballs. IA
Canada Unmanned Machines Mean Unarmed Men Philip Ragan Cartoon which stresses the need for defence workers to be always on the job, not idle.[23] NFB[20]
United States Barney Bear's Victory Garden Rudolf Ising MGM Cartoon featured Barney Bear planning his own victory garden during the days of World War II. IA
United States The Vanishing Private Jack King Disney cartoon in which Pvt. Donald Duck has trouble with camouflage paint. YouTube
United States You're a Sap, Mr. Jap Dan Gordon Anti-Japanese cartoon featuring Popeye, depicting him fighting a Japanese navy ship. YouTube


Country Title Director Events depicted View
United Kingdom Bury the Axis Lou Bunin YouTube
United States Canine Commandos Alex Lovy Cartoon featuring Andy Panda.
United States Chicken Little Clyde Geronimi (uncredited) Disney cartoon in which the fox employs modern propaganda techniques to seize control of the farmyard. YouTube
United States Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs Bob Clampett Patriotic cartoon featuring an all-Negro jazz retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where the dwarfs are US soldiers. YouTube
United States Confusions of a Nutzy Spy Norm McCabe Cartoon featuring policeman Porky Pig searching for a Nazi spy.
The title parodies Confessions of a Nazi Spy.
United States Daffy – The Commando Friz Freleng Anti-Nazi cartoon featuring Daffy Duck on a mission to Berlin against Hitler. YouTube
United States Der Fuehrer's Face Jack Kinney Anti-Axis Disney cartoon in which Donald Duck imagines life working in a German munitions plant. YouTube
United States Fall Out Fall In Jack King Animated cartoon featuring Donald Duck as an army private marching with the soldiers.
United States Dizzy Pilots Jules White Comedy with the Three Stooges.
United States Donald's Tire Trouble Dick Lundy Disney cartoon featuring Donald Duck. YouTube
United States Home Defense Jack King Disney cartoon featured Donald Duck and his three nephews serving as civilian aircraft spotters during World War II.
United States Education for Death:
The Making of the Nazi
Clyde Geronimi Anti-Nazi Disney cartoon illustrating the indoctrination of a young boy into Nazism. IA
United States Falling Hare Robert Clampett Cartoon in which Bugs Bunny is tormented by a gremlin. YouTube
United States The Fifth-Column Mouse Friz Freleng Cartoon in which mice resist feline threats and prepare for war. YouTube
United States Freedom Comes High Lewis Allen Dramatic film. IA
United States A Jolly Good Furlough Dan Gordon Cartoon where Popeye's nephews practise their home defence techniques on Popeye. IA
Imperial Japan Momotarō's Sea Eagles
Mitsuyo Seo Feature-length anti-Allied cartoon. YouTube
United States Nazty Nuisance aka The Last Three Glenn Tryon Comedy film with Hitler and his cronies in the tropics. IA
United Kingdom The New Lot Carol Reed Dramatic film in which five civilians are conscripted.
United States The Old Army Game Jack King Disney cartoon in which Pvt. Donald Duck goes AWOL. YouTube
United States Ration Fer the Duration Seymour Kneitel Cartoon featuring Popeye and his victory garden.
United States Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter Bernard Vorhaus Part-animated dramatic film detailing differences between a Zero and a P-40. IA
United States Scrap Happy Daffy Frank Tashlin Cartoon where Daffy Duck's efforts to salvage scrap are spoiled by Hitler's metal-eating goat. YouTube
United States Secret Agent Seymour Kneitel Cartoon where Superman battles Nazi saboteurs. IA
United States Seein' Red, White 'n' Blue Dan Gordon Anti-Axis cartoon where draft board Popeye plummels some tiny Tojos, Hirohito, then Hitler, making Göring cry. YouTube
United Kingdom The Silent Village Humphrey Jennings Dramatic film in which the Nazi massacre at Lidice in Czechoslovakia is recreated in a Welsh village. YouTube
United States Spinach Fer Britain Izzy Sparber Cartoon featuring Popeye delivering spinach to Great Britain while avoiding a Nazi submarine. YouTube
United States The Spirit of '43 Jack King Disney cartoon. YouTube
United States Take Heed Mr. Tojo Shamus Culhane (uncredited) Anti-Japanese cartoon. IA
United States They Stooge to Conga Del Lord Comedy with the Three Stooges.
United States Tokio Jokio Cpl. Norman McCabe Anti-Japanese cartoon. YouTube
Occupied Netherlands Van den vos Reynaerde Egbert van Putten Anti-Semitic cartoon based on Van den vos Reynaerde, an anti-Semitic children's story, which was in turn based on the legend of Reynard the Fox.[24] YouTube (fragments with seemingly pro-Nazi commentary)
United States Victory Vehicles Jack Kinney Disney cartoon where Goofy develops solutions to the home front transportation crisis.[25] YouTube
United States War Dogs William Hanna & Joseph Barbera This cartoon follows the life of a dim-witted dog going through military training. YouTube
Bohemia and Moravia Wedding in the Coral Sea (Hochzeit im Korallenmeer) Horst von Möllendorff (credited) Cartoon where the wedding of two fish can only occur once a Russian pirate octopus is defeated. YouTube
United States The Yankee Doodle Mouse William Hanna & Joseph Barbera Cartoon of Tom and Jerry's cellar battle during World War II where Jerry deploys a brassiere parachute when his egg carton plane is shot down. YouTube[26]
United States You, John Jones! Mervyn LeRoy Dramatic film about an air raid warden. IA


Country Title Director Events depicted View
United Kingdom Aventure malgache Alfred Hitchcock Anti-Vichy film (in French) about resistance to the Vichy takeover in Madagascar. Oldcinemovies
(part 1)
United States Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips Friz Freleng Anti-Japanese cartoon in which Bugs Bunny targets Japanese soldiers with explosive ice cream. YouTube
United States Donald Duck and the Gorilla Jack King Animated Donald Duck short cartoon about a dangerous enemy gorilla named Ajax chased viciously around Donald and his three nephews with ill intent. YouTube
United States Commando Duck Jack King Anti-Japanese Disney cartoon. YouTube
United States Hell-Bent for Election Charles M. Jones Cartoon, commissioned by the UAW, promoting the 1944 re-election of President Roosevelt. YouTube
United States How to Be a Sailor Jack Kinney Anti-Japanese Disney cartoon where Goofy, the torpedo, sinks IJN warships. YouTube
Canada Keep Your Mouth Shut Norman McLaren Animated film in which a death's head thanks Canadians for revealing military secrets. NFB[20]
United States Lend Lease Shamus Culhane Cartoon written by Phil Eastman.
Vichy France Nimbus libéré Raymond Jeannin Pro-Nazi cartoon in which bombers flown by Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Popeye, Goofy and Felix the Cat kill Frenchmen. YouTube
United States Plane Daffy Frank Tashlin Cartoon featuring Daffy Duck.
Only World War II Cartoon to credit Warner Bros. Cartoons
Canada Proudest Girl in the World Julian Roffman[27] Morale-boosting film in which a chorus of CWACs sing the title song. Music by Louis Applebaum and Wayne and Shuster. NFB[20]
United States Russian Rhapsody Robert Clampett Anti-Nazi cartoon where Hitler in his bomber takes on the "Gremlins from the Kremlin". YouTube
United States Swooner Crooner Frank Tashlin YouTube
United Kingdom Two Fathers Anthony Asquith Dramatic film about two fathers, English and French, with children in the war.
United States The Weakly Reporter Charles M. Jones Cartoon lampooning sacrifices made on the homefront. YouTube


Country Title Director Events depicted View
United States Herr Meets Hare Friz Freleng Anti-Nazi cartoon where Bugs Bunny meets Hermann Göring, then imitates both Hitler and Stalin. YouTube
United States The Shooting of Dan McGoo Tex Avery Cartoon featured Droopy in Alaska about gambling and gunshoting during the days of World War II. IA
Imperial Japan Momotarō's Devine Sea Warriors
(桃太郎 海の神兵)
Mitsuyo Seo Feature-length anti-Allied cartoon. YouTube
United States Swing Shift Cinderella Tex Avery Cartoon where a voluptuous glamour girl also works at the aircraft plant. IA
United States When G.I. Johnny Comes Home Seymour Kneitel Musical cartoon with soldiers and sailors coming home. YouTube
Greece The Duce Dictates
(Ο Ντούτσε αφηγείται)
Stamatis Polenakis The first animation made in Greece. Mussolini in his castle dictates the expoits of the fascist army during the Italian invasion of Greece to a personification of Italian history. YouTube

Films made after the warEdit


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
1946 United States G.I. Wanna Home
(G.I. Wanna Go Home)
Jules White Comedy with the Three Stooges.
1946 Czechoslovakia The Spring-man and the SS
(Pérák a SS)
Jiří Brdečka & Jiří Trnka Anti-Nazi cartoon where the SS arrest any Czech subversive, like a bird whistling "Yankee Doodle". YouTube


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
1955 United States Good Will to Men William Hanna & Joseph Barbera Anti-war cartoon.
Remake of Peace on Earth.


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
1963 West Germany Machorka-Muff Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet (uncredited) Drama about lingering Nazi thought among German veterans, based on a story by Heinrich Böll.


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
1970 Spain Estado de sitio[28] Jaime Chávarri
Jaime Chávarri
Spanish Civil War.


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
1983 United States What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? Bill Meléndez Animated TV programme in which the Peanuts characters visit war memorials. YouTube
1985 United States An Officer and a Duck Jack King Disney compilation cartoon detailing the adventures of Pvt. Donald Duck.
1988 Japan Grave of the Fireflies
Isao Takahata Feature-length Anime based on the novel of Akiyuki Nosaka. Story about a boy and his sister in the last days of the war.


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
1991 United States Ein Neuer Anfang[29]
from The Rocketeer
Mark Dindal Fake pro-Nazi cartoon. YouTube
1994 Spain Alsasua 1936 Helena Taberna Spanish Civil War.[30][31]
1994 United States Of Course, You Know This Means Warners from Animaniacs Lenord Robinson & Dave Marshall Retrospective cartoon showing how everyone, including Hollywood stars (Warner Bros.), helped fight on the home front.
1995 United States Carrotblanca Douglas McCarthy Cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny.
The film parodies Casablanca.
1999 Australia Harry's War Richard Frankland The story of an Aboriginal Australian during World War II.[32]


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
2003 France The Release Sebastien Laban Animated film. YouTube
2003 United States
Urda: The Third Reich Romanov Higa Anime in which the Nazi Party discovers a marooned spaceship capable of time travel when the war is going badly for them. YouTube (episodes 1–5)
2004 New Zealand Tama Tū Taika Waititi Six Māori Battalion soldiers camped in Italian ruins wait for night to fall. In the silence the bros-in-arms distract themselves with jokes. A tohu (sign) brings them back to reality and they gather to say a karakia before returning to the fray. [2]
2005 Germany
The Colonial Friend[33]
(L'ami y'a bon)
Rachid Bouchareb Animated film. YouTube
2005 Romania
Tertium non-datur Lucian Pintilie YouTube (end credits)
2007 United States End of a Rope Daniel Lahr A Nazi prisoner faces ghosts from his past before meeting his end. Based on the short story, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge." YouTube
2008 United States The Bridge Sheldon Schwartz Film where a Japanese-American soldier in Italy embarks on a dangerous mission. YouTube
2008 United Kingdom Red Letter Edilberto Restino Drama where a German soldier tries to kill Hitler in Paris, 1942.
Followed by Brunette Kiss.
YouTube (trailer)
2008 Canada Servants of War Gillian MacLeod Drama depicting lives of sisters torn apart by Imperial Japanese Army soldiers invading their home
2009 Spain Campás Jairo Iglesias Spanish Civil War. YouTube (trailer)
2009 Philippines Pedro Regeene Ho Drama. A man, who refuse to surrender to Japanese soldiers, on his journey to go back to his wife & daughter after escaping from hanging execution. YouTube (trailer)


Year Country Title Director Events depicted View
2010 United States The Bridge Marlon Torres Drama in which a deceased US Army medic meets soldiers from his past. Vimeo
2010 Brazil Brunette Kiss Edilberto Restino Drama in which a German soldier tells his life story to his grandson, a boy with Down syndrome and a prodigious memory.
Sequel to Red Letter.
YouTube (trailer)
2010 Canada I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors Ann Marie Fleming Animated film. NFB (clip)
2010 Serbia
X & O Acim Vasic Short film. In the depths of a snowy forest in an unknown wartime, two soldiers from opposing armies try to outwit each other in a perilous game of cat and mouse - until they find themselves outplayed by destiny. [3] (short film)
2011 United States Breakdown Thomas Lynskey Short film. A vignette driven film about a Soviet trap against a squad of German soldiers. [4] (short film)
2011 United States Courage Too Late Thomas Lynskey Short film. A romance brews between a male and female Soviet soldier while their platoon is sent to capture a German colonel. [5] (short film)
2012 Turkey Biomen Shampoo commercial[34] Ad featuring film clip from Triumph of the Will YouTube
2013 Japan 舰队これくしょん Kusakawa Keizou Anime which describes IJN warship to girls.
2016 United Kingdom Our Father Calum Rhys Short film. The Second World War is experienced through the journey of Private Cole - an odyssey of friendship, innocence and adventure set against a canvas of war-torn France.
2016 Finland Radio Dolores Katariina Lillqvist Stop motion puppet film of a Finnish volunteer of the Spanish Civil War. YouTube (director's interview)
2017 United States Freund Nathan Cragun A German sniper questions the morality of his actions after coming face to face with his enemy. YouTube
2017 United States Esperanca Nathan Cragun After being separated from his unit during the battle for Montese, a Brazilian soldier fights a battle with himself to continue on. He must see if he has the hope and will to move on. YouTube
2017 Australia Daily Bread Ruby Challenger In a WWII internment camp in Indonesia, Jeanne and a group of Dutch women and children face a daily struggle against abuse, disease, and starvation. Meanwhile, the Camp Commandant's beloved white fluffy cat is fed fresh juicy meat.
2019 United States Minor Accident of War Diane Fredel-Weis In 1945, WWll veteran Edward Field, now 95 years of age, flew 27 missions over Germany during the war. On his 3rd mission, his plane was hit by flak and crash landed in the North sea. This is the story of Field's survival. Official Website

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