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Series overviewEdit

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
140[1]November 25, 2015 (2015-11-25)September 15, 2017 (2017-09-15)
221January 1, 2018 (2018-01-01)April 17, 2019 (2019-04-17)
320April 18, 2019 (2019-04-18)TBA


Season 1 (2015–17)Edit

No. in
Title [2]Original air date [2]
11"Heartthrob Hamster/Astronuts"November 25, 2015 (2015-11-25)

"Heartthrob Hamster" – Nature Cat and the rest are tasked to pet-sit their neighbor’s hamster, ‘Sir Galahad’. Playing on Squeeks' infatuation with him, Galahad insists on briefly coming out of the cage. Galahad escapes after the cage lid is removed by Hal as Daisy insists he won't. Nature Cat leads in tracing the hamster, observing signs animals leave behind.

"Astronuts" – Nature Cat wishes to be the first cat to walk on the moon, piquing the interest of the rest. After Nature Cat, Hal and Squeeks unsuccessfully try to catapault themselves into the sky, Daisy designs a rocket ship. They follow her plan, learning the complications and requirements involved in space travel.
22"Muck Amok/Follow Those Footprints"November 27, 2015 (2015-11-27)

"Muck Amok" – Squeeks’ cousin Marvin and other residents located in the marsh are at risk of or are suffering flooding to their homes. Nature Cat and the rest investigate and eventually resolve the situation by learning how the dynamics of water contribute to the marsh, and how the presence of rubbish obstructs it. After they clean it up, other mice who live there arrive: Buster, Harold, Mary and Zazu. Then Nature Cat and his friends' number one fan, Doggone the poodle, plays a marsh-themed concert with her 3 band-mates.

"Follow Those Footprints" – On Nature Art Day, Nature Cat unveils a sculpture of himself constructed from acorns, finding that the head is gone. Footprints are found on the ground surrounding the sculpture. They first distinguish the footprints from their own, by size and shape, and follow the trail to find the culprit.
33"Breezy Rider/Swamp Thing"November 30, 2015 (2015-11-30)

"Breezy Rider" – Nature Cat and the rest are flying kites in the park. A strong gust pulls Squeeks and her kite into a tree on a nearby island. To reach her, Daisy designs a sail raft which she and the others build. They learn to navigate water, while Squeeks becomes increasingly in danger.

"Swamp Thing" – Daisy learns of the legend of ‘The Swamp Thing’, a monstrous creature which exists in the swamp who is responsible for its sounds, smell and appearance. They venture into the swamp, in spite of Nature Cat’s trepidation which he contains throughout, finding natural phenomena are causing 'The Swamp Thing'.
44"The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart/Pet Sounds"December 7, 2015 (2015-12-07)

"The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart" – Hal uncovers a treasure map, understood to be attributed to the legend of ‘Bad Dog Bart’, who stole the neighbourhood dogs’ toys and buried them elsewhere. They read and follow the map, learning to reference objects of geography, cardinal directions and size of relative distances against symbols on the map.

"Pet Sounds" – Nature Cat and his friends are preparing to perform in the band competition ‘Battle of The Pet Bands’, but their instruments become waterlogged by falling into the ocean. They still insist in competing in determination to rival ‘DJ Ronald’, constructing instruments from items in the environment.
55"Cave Conundrum/Daisy's Colossal Fossil"December 14, 2015 (2015-12-14)

"Cave Conundrum" – Hal loses his flying disc, of considerable sentimental value, named ‘Harold’. It is seen to follow the path of a stream which leads into a cave. Nature Cat and the rest explore the cave, learning of the safety, the geological history, rock formations, and creatures which live in the cave.

"Daisy’s Colossal Fossil" – While adding to her flower patch, Daisy unearths a mysterious item. With the help of the rest, they fully dig it out and learn it is a fossilised bone. Daisy fantasizes about the bone’s origin, exploring prehistoric life. She and the rest create a salad for a mammoth she meets.
66"There's Gold in Them Thar Hills/Nature Cat and Mr. Hide"December 28, 2015 (2015-12-28)

"There's Gold in Them Thar Hills" – Squeeks finds a small piece of gold in the stream, but inadvertently loses it. To cheer her up, Nature Cat and his friends adventure back to the stream to do all they can to try to find another piece for Squeeks.

"Nature Cat and Mr. Hide" – Nature Cat is hoping to beat Ronald at the Neighborhood Hide and Seek Championship: Cat Edition. He learns what animals in the wild use to conceal themselves: camouflage.
77"Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?!/For The Birdies!"January 11, 2016 (2016-01-11)

"Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?!" – Daisy starts a playdate with her butterfly friends, but there is a risk because there are no flowers around for the butterflies to feed on. Nature Cat and his pals decide to build a new butterfly garden so that the butterflies don't fly off.

"For The Birdies!" – Nature Cat's admiration for birds inspires him to help them. He learns that the upcoming winter season poses difficulty for birds to feed. Nature Cat and his friends set out to build bird feeders to give the birds a much needed food boost for the incoming season.
88"Stream and Shout/Hal's Day Off"January 18, 2016 (2016-01-18)[3]

"Stream and Shout" – Nature Cat investigates where streams begin and end.

"Hal's Day Off" – After unintentionally boarding a car which drove off, Nature Cat, Squeeks and Daisy goes to find Hal, who's becomes lost in the city. During the search they come across street animals and learn of their feeding behaviour and how the cohabit the urban human environment before finding Hal.

"Note:" Beginning with this episode, the XQ Super School Project commercial replaced the 23andMe commercial.
99"Tally Ho! A Rainbow/Travelin' Seeds"January 18, 2016 (2016-01-18)[3]

"Tally Ho! A Rainbow" – Nature Cat and the rest searched for a rainbow, in efforts to do, Nature Cat sets out to prove the brief glimpses of a rainbow he saw to the rest, realising and learning of the conditions that cause a rainbow.

"Travelin' Seeds" – Daisy questions the origin of a flower in her garden, having not planted a seed for it. The rest observe that seeds can travel from remote locations through natural processes, seeking the origin of flower's seeds. Along the way they further observe the processes of how seeds travel from other flora.

N.b. This is the first episode to use digital ink and paint[citation needed]
1010"Ant's Revolution/Tide Pool Tough"January 19, 2016 (2016-01-19)

"Ant's Revolution" – Squeeks has a picnic suddenly goes awry when ants steal Squeeks' cheesecake. Nature Cat and his friends try to get the dessert back, but they're out of luck as they watch the ants bring the cheesecake down into their anthole.

"Tide Pool Tough" – Nature Cat wants to join his friends surfing in the ocean, but he is scared of the water. After getting some help from the tide pool creatures in training to face water by learning about the tide pool creatures, he becomes 'tide pool tough' and joins his friends surfing.
1111"Hooray, It's Arbor Day/Goodnight, Gracie"January 20, 2016 (2016-01-20)

"Hooray, It's Arbor Day" – Nature Cat and Squeeks help a family of Opossums find a new home after their tree falls during a windstorm.

"Good Night Gracie" – Nature Cat and company helps Gracie the Toad find a perfect place to hibernate for the winter.
1212"Love You, Michael Bluejáy/Ze Worm Whisperer"January 21, 2016 (2016-01-21)

"Love You, Michael Bluejáy" – Nature Cat and the rest hear that the singer ‘Michael Bluejáy’ is to appear at a concert. In the excitement of them all, they organise themselves to trail down a hiking path in order to reach the concert, becoming lost and learning how to handle such situations when hiking.

"Ze Worm Whisper" – Daisy is working on her garden patch. She attributes the poor quality soil to the absence of worms. Hal transforms into ‘Ze Worm Whisperer’, and introduces worms to the garden. Nature Cat is initially averse to handling worms, but by learning of their importance he eventually befriends them.
1313"Happy Halentine's Day!/The Groundhog Way"February 2, 2016 (2016-02-02)

"Happy Halentines Day" – Hal intends to buy gifts for his friends and mother, but is despaired to find he forgot to buy anything and that Valentine’s Day involves waste harmful to nature. Before Hal gives up, Nature Cat and the rest suggest that instead he makes handmade gifts made from elements of nature.

"The Groundhog Way" – Hal anticipates snow for his birthday. It is Groundhog Day where the neighborhood animals consult the groundhog whether spring is to come early, but the groundhog’s reclusive and uncertain. Nature Cat, challenged against Ronald, attempts predicting weather by discerning certain myths from truths in what can predict the future climate.
1414"Star Gazers/A Jump to Remember"February 18, 2016 (2016-02-18)

"Star Gazers" – Nature Cat and the rest go stargazing in anticipation of viewing a meteor shower, learning how to determine astronomical objects in the sky. Nature Cat falls asleep and has a dream, in which he meets a lost alien named ‘Shirley’. Nature Cat suggests using stellar navigation, venturing space and learning the constellations of the sky.

"A Jump to Remember" – Nature Cat attempts to break a ski jump world record. Ronald intrudes, gloating that he holds the current record and there needs to be snow for the attempt to be valid. Nature Cat insists on bringing about snow, learning the conditions needed and how to artificially produce it by spraying moisture in cold air.
1515"Earth Day Today/Earth Day Every Day"[4]April 25, 2016 (2016-04-25)

"Earth Day Today" – When Nature Cat and his friends decide to go on a nature hike over to Butterfly Hills, they keep running into plastic bags blowing in the wind. When they see those bags come from local stores, they attempt alerting the store, learning and propose an alternative solution to carry groceries.

"Earth Day Every Day" – Continuing from ‘Earth Day Today’ with an alternative in place for the plastic bag, they find a plastic bottle floating in a stream. Nature Cat and his friends try to properly dispose the bottle, discovering more plastic waste elsewhere and in the ocean, eventually learning ‘Earth Day is every day’.
1616"Kingdom of Rotting Log/Can You Dig It?"[5]April 26, 2016 (2016-04-26)

"Kingdom of Rotting Log" – Nature Cat and his friends want to build their royal castle in the woods, but there is a rotting log obstructing. While attempting removing the log, they’re persistently interrupted. Squeeks goes into the log and finds a habitat of creatures, learning the importance of rotting logs to a forests’ ecosystem.

"Can You Dig It?" – Nature Cat and his friends are looking to answer ‘number 73’ on ‘Nature Cat's Curiosity List’, ‘if you keep digging a hole deeper and deeper, where will they end up?’ They enter a machine Daisy designed which supposedly drills through the earth, learning about the various layers of the earth.
1717"Mud Love/Call It a Night"[6]April 27, 2016 (2016-04-27)

"Mud Love" – Hal is having a party for 'mud appreciation day', while finding and learning of various kinds of mud and their properties, to each kind Nature Cat remains obstinate that he "...doesn't like mud at all!", which he emphatically recites as a rhyme. This episode is similar to Green Eggs and Ham.

"Call it a Night" – Nature Cat loses his hat and explores the wonders of night.
1818"Woodpecker Picks A Place/Here Comes the Sun"[7]April 28, 2016 (2016-04-28)

"Woodpecker Picks A Place" – When Nature Cat's band practice keeps getting interrupted by woodpeckers pecking on the roof of Hal's doghouse, the four friends find out more about woodpeckers and what exactly one is looking for.

"Here Comes the Sun" – Nature Cat leads his friends to go see the Golden Sunstone. However, when Nature Cat accidentally breaks the compass, his friends find other ways to determine which direction to go.
1919"The Great Grasshopper Race/Fall for Hal"[8]May 23, 2016 (2016-05-23)

"The Great Grasshopper Race" – Hal's grasshopper friend Dustin Hopman is competing in the Great Grasshopper Race. But before the race starts, Dustin suddenly hops off into the woods. Nature Cat and his friends try to look for him before that race starts.

"Fall for Hal" – The first day of fall is Hal's favorite day of the year. However, the problem is that Hal is sick and can't get out of bed. However, Nature Cat comes up with a great idea to bring fall and all the items on his scavenger list to Hal.
2020"Playground-Palooza/Small But Big"[9]May 24, 2016 (2016-05-24)

"Playground-Palooza" – Sadie, a dog who lives in the city, reminisces about playing in the woods with Nature Cat and the rest. Nature Cat realizes this, and thus sets out to surprise her by 'bringing the woods to her'. Nature Cat and friends creatively recreates the woods in Sadie's local playground.

"Small But Big" – Squeeks enters the 'small but big art fair', celebrating the 'tiny things of nature'. She leaves Nature Cat and the rest to go to the art show, providing them directions. They use their orientation and co-ordination skills to navigate to the art show, observing the microscopic life of nature along the way.
2121"Slime Time/Rock Stars"[10]July 11, 2016 (2016-07-11)

"Slime Time" – While the rest observe snails in fascination, Nature Cat is more concerned of his suspicion that Ronald stole his yarn ball. To retrieve the yarn, Nature Cat and the rest go into his yard while Ronald is absent, incidentally finding slugs. Nature Cat becomes interested in slime, scheming a prank against Ronald.

"Rock Stars" – Squeeks loses a rock of sentimental value, which she also intended to contend as 'rock start of the month' at a rock collection club. Squeeks and rest goes searching for the rock, along the way the group learns about, finds and collect various other rocks.
2222"Gimme Shelter/Goin' Batty"[11]July 12, 2016 (2016-07-12)

"Gimme Shelter" – During a hike, Squeeks realises an oncoming change of weather, anticipating rain. This causes Nature Cat to panic, as they are too far to return home. In search of a canopied area, Squeeks and the rest suggests building shelter, learning the requirements and techniques of building a watertight shelter.

"Goin' Batty" – Nature Cat and friends are going on a hiking trip to 'Cocono Cave'. Nature Cat's impatience makes him negligent to Daisy's advice on keeping safe and well prepared for long term ventures into Nature. Nature Cat faces various dangers, like being bitten by mosquitoes, sprayed by a skunk and infected by poison ivy. When Nature Cat is stung by a bee, Nature Cat resigns from the adventure feeling his feline instincts were unpremeditated. After leaving his friends behind and intending to be Fred, the indoor cat. Nature Cat soon learns the importance of risk awareness and safe planning in nature.
2323"The Legend of Gold Gardens/Winter Dance Party"[12]July 13, 2016 (2016-07-13)

"The Legend of Gold Gardens" – The group discovers a map with directions to the fabled Gold Gardens. Ronald joins them, but unbeknownst to them, he intends on taking all the 'gold' for himself; in spite of this, he proves to be too physically unfit to reach the Gold Gardens, which the group attempts to remedy by getting him to exercise. This demonstrated the importance of physical well being when in Nature.

"Winter Dance Party" – Every year on the day of the winter solstice, Daisy's Granny Bunny celebrates with a winter dance party. Daisy has been caught unprepared for the occasion, however, and must hurry to get everything set up before she arrives with the help of her friends.
2424"Ice is Nice/Bird's Eye View"[13]July 14, 2016 (2016-07-14)

"Ice is Nice" – During a day of skating at the frozen lake, Nature Cat meets Ronald intruding their skating routine. Nature Cat and Ronald carried hot cocoa in their favorite mugs. Both find it's too hot for them to sip, they put them aside to cool. Nature Cat is horrified to find his favorite hot cocoa mug 'Bug Mug' broke to pieces, and accuses Ronald of breaking it. However, Ronald's also turns out to have broke in a similar manner. The gang sets off to find out who broke the mugs.

"Bird's Eye View" – When Hal dreams about flying as a bird does, he becomes curious as what it must be like to live in the sky. This inspires him and his friends to build a tree house and discover what goes on way up high.
2525"Runaway Pumpkin/Lady Bug Tough"[14]October 10, 2016 (2016-10-10)

"Runaway Pumpkin" – On the day of the big Halloween party, Daisy accidentally lets loose her entry for the biggest pumpkin contest. The gang sets out to save it before it gets lost for good.

"Lady Bug Tough" – Daisy is horrified to find her roses to be infested with holes on the leaves. When the gang finds out they are suffering from aphids, they soon learn ladybugs are the solution to their problem, and subsequently discover their methods for survival.
2626"Stop That Squirrel/Onward and Pondward"[15]January 2, 2017 (2017-01-02)

"Stop That Squirrel" – Nature Cat and the rest are organising a backyard bird watching activity. The squirrel, 'Cruiser', threatens to steal the bird food they've placed out, and successfully does so. Nature Cat places the food around various obstacles to deter the squirrel from stealing, but the squirrel repeatedly succeeds.

"Onward and Pondward" – Nature Cat and the rest visit the pond. They catch a duckling leaving the pond, the duckling justifies this decision by admitting a fear of water. Nature Cat and the rest promises to help the duckling overcome the fear, initially co-exploring the ponds surface life from a raft.
2727"Appily Ever After/Sound Off"[16]January 3, 2017 (2017-01-03)

"Appily Ever After" – Nature Cat and the rest enact the history of an apple orchard, tell the verision of Johnny Appleseed, exploring the life cycle of pollination and growth of apply trees.

"Sound-Off" – Daisy reports hearing an unusual sound while Nature Cat and the rest are building a sandcastles. While not audible to them or the viewer, they aid Daisy in tracing the origin of the sound. They discover that in the lake fishes report hearing such a sound, disrupting their ecology.
2828"The Shell Game/Heron Food Blues"[17]January 4, 2017 (2017-01-04)

"The Shell Game" — Herbert the Hermit Crab needs to find a shell so he can play in the volleyball championship.

"Heron Food Blues" — Nature Cat and pals try to find fish for Flo the Heron.
2929"Spring Hunter 3000/The Case of the Missing Moon"April 10, 2017 (2017-04-10)

"Spring Hunter 3000" – Now that Spring is here, it's time for Daisy's favorite online game: Spring Hunter 3000. The goal of the game is to try and find as many signs of spring as possible, like birds, flowers, or fox kits. The more you find, the more points you get. But in her quest to become the "Queen of Spring," Daisy's obsession with the game threatens to impede her enjoyment of Spring's wonders.

"The Case of the Missing Moon" – Hal is depressed! When he went to howl at the moon, like he does every night, the moon was gone! Can Nature Cat and his pals find the missing moon? Or will Hal's nightly howls come to an end for good?
3030"Mighty Mountain Climbers/Bug Eating Plants!"April 11, 2017 (2017-04-11)

"Mighty Mountain Climbers" – Nature Cat loses a kite, he climbs a tree to retrieve it. Ronald insists that Nature Cat's climbing skills are no match to his own, prompting him to claim that he has climbed the 'Mighty Mountain Peak'. Rebuffed, Nature Cat embarks the mountain with his friends, learning the additional hiking, training and nature skills required.

"Bug Eating Plants!" – Squeeks tells the story of 'the bug eating plant', enrapturing her friends into her fantasy world where they are miniature characters navigating through a swamp, persistently wary of plants that eat 'bug sized critters', but Hal is absent minded to these dangers and is continuously warned whenever he endangers himself, learning of different carnivorous plants along the way.
3131"Flight of the Firefly/Thunderstruck"April 12, 2017 (2017-04-12)

"Flight of the Firefly" – Hal is attempting to capture fireflies, eventually capturing one firefly who he names 'George'. Daisy and the rest insist that Hal releases George, Hal complies. They learn that George is looking for a mating festival, and along the way they learn about how fireflies communicate and their ecosystem.

"Thunderstruck" – Nature Cat and the rest are outdoors collecting items of nature for a nature scrapbook. However clouds roll in and Daisy anticipates a thunderstorm. They retreat into Hal's newly carpeted dog house for safety, consequently learning how the physics of thunderstorms is analogous to the static electricity gathered from Hal's carpets, and other facts about thunder.
3232"Plants Got The Moves/Magnet Mania"April 13, 2017 (2017-04-13)

"Plants Got The Moves" – Daisy prepares germinating bean seeds to compete in the 'animal science fair', but loses it by a gust of wind. After Daisy leans on a plant whose leaves contracts on contact, they hypothesise if other plants do this, learning other plants can track the sun and grow away from gravity.

"Magnet Mania" – Squeeks assorts various activities for Magnet Mania day. Nature Cat finds a magnetic rock of iron, and subsequently comes across an individual who claims there's a large magnetic rock 'Old Lucky' far North. They head North, eventually learning how magnets can be used as a compass.
3333"Return to Mighty Mountain/Welcome to the Vernal Pond"April 14, 2017 (2017-04-14)

"Return to Mighty Mountain" – Nature Cat and the rest returns to the 'Mighty Mountain' along with Ronald, under the guide of Daisy's grandmother 'Granny Bunny'. Nature Cat is trepidatious about camping, but Ronald insists he is not. They learn about the safety and co-ordination required to enjoy mountainous nature and camping.

"Welcome to the Vernal Pond" – Nature Cat and the rest come across a Salamander, learning she intents to lay eggs in a pond in the forest. Nature Cat is skeptical of the existence of this pond, and so is led by the Salamander to it. They learn that the pond seasonally appears in Spring, and the cycle of vernal creatures over a number of months.
34–3534–35"Ocean Commotion"June 19, 2017 (2017-06-19)
"Parts 1 and 2" – When Hal's favorite squeaky toy Mr. Chewinsky is accidentally lost from the dog and toy anniversary party, Nature Cat and the rest of his team get reinforcements to bring it back. On the way, they meet Nature Dog and Houston's cousin Sputnik from Russia while Ronald is drifting on his raft definitely not knowing where the current's taking him. The heroic crew removes the trash to save the oceans and its inhabitants and establishes a sign against junk going into storm drains which they send to the world.
3636"The Queen of the Night/Space Rocks"September 11, 2017 (2017-09-11)

"The Queen of the Night" - Sweet jumping gerbils! Tonight is the one night a year that the Queen of the Night cactus blooms but the flower only lasts for a few hours! Daisy has always wanted to go to the desert to see it. But to find the flower in the great big desert - and in time - Nature Cat and the gang are sure going to need some help from new friends.

"Space Rocks" - Nature Cat and his pals are on a top-secret, extremely important mission to find a real space rock for Squeeks' rock collection. Finding a real space rock is not the easiest thing in the world to do, in fact it's very hard, but that doesn't deter Nature Cat and the gang from looking all over the four corners of their neighborhood!
3737"Croak and Swagger/Puddle Pool Party"September 12, 2017 (2017-09-12)

"Croak and Swagger" - Nature Cat leads his friends to the pond for a day of listening to one of the most amazing spring sounds: the bullfrog croak! At the pond, amid the bullfrog croaks, the gang hears another sound: someone crying! Nature Cat finds the cries coming from Warren the Bullfrog, who is very sad because he doesn't know how to croak. What kind of bullfrog is he? It's up to Nature Cat and his pals to help Warren get his croak back!

"Puddle Pool Party" - Squeeks is so excited because today she has invited her pals to a puddle in the woods for a Puddle Pool Party! Arriving in the woods with their bathing suits on and pool toys at the ready, the gang finds a big problem, the puddle is gone! Everyone including, Squeeks, are disappointed. How can they cheer up?
3838"The Glow Games/Have a Grape Day"September 13, 2017 (2017-09-13)

"The Glow Games" - Here we go again, Ronald! Tonight Ronald challenges Nature Cat and his friends to compete in the Glow Games! The first team to find three bioluminescent creatures wins the game as well as the Golden Glow Trophy! Nature Cat and his pals are ready to compete; they are not scared of Ronald! But they have one question first, what is bioluminescence?

"Have a Grape Day" - Man-oh-man-oh-man! It's Grape Day! Hooray! Led by Squeeks, the gang is on their way to the grape patch because today the grapes will finally be ripe and ready to eat! Squeeks cannot wait for grape tacos, grape fricassee, grape suzette, grape flambe! But all their excitement comes screeching to a halt when the gang sees the sight before them: the whole grape patch has been overtaken by weeds, everywhere! How could this have happened? Ronald!?!?!
3939"Flamingo-A-Go-Go/What a Tangled Web"September 14, 2017 (2017-09-14)

"Flamingo-a-go-go" - While playing a game of nature I-spy, Squeeks spies something... pink?! Pink? What in nature is pink? Upon a closer look, the gang finds the source of the pink color, Lola, a flamingo who lost her flock while they were on their way to a new home. Lola doesn't remember where their new home was going to be! It's up to Nature Cat and his pals to find Lola's new home, while learning a little bit about flamingos along the way.

"What a Tangled Web" - Oh no, Nature Cat is really sad today! It seems that someone has been taking all his cat toys, most recently Mr. Silly Sock! How can they find out who the cat toy thief is? Daisy gets an idea to catch the thief, inspired by Wanda the spider who has a web in Daisy's garden.
4040"The Shellersons/Only the Shadow Knows"September 15, 2017 (2017-09-15)

"The Shellersons" - On a trip to Barrel Cactus National Park to enjoy nature in all its glorious splendor, Nature Cat and his pals encounter Shelby, a very sad desert tortoise. Today is Shelby's Shellerson Family Reunion party, but none of the other Shellerson members have shown up! Nature Cat vows to help Shelby and find his family members, "The Shellerson Family Reunion will go on!"

"Only The Shadow Knows" - As Daisy, Hal and Squeeks are having a blast making shadow puppets, Nature Cat is just sitting in a tree, watching and waiting, waiting and watching. For what? It seems that yesterday, Norman the Squirrel appeared in the same tree Nature Cat sits in now, took a look at the ground, and said that if Nature Cat wants to see something "unbelievably incredibly amazingly Nature Cat-y" he has to be in the same spot at the same time tomorrow. Nature Cat isn't moving until he sees something "unbelievably incredibly amazingly Nature Cat-y!"

Season 2 (2018-19)Edit

No. in
Title [18]Original air date [18]
411"Moth Frolic-Fest" / "Dune Patrol"January 1, 2018 (2018-01-01)

"Moth Frolic Fest": Hal misses the Butterfly Frolic Fest, and so decides to frolic with moths instead.

"Dune Patrol": How can Nature Cat and his gang protect the dunes when Ronald keeps bothering them?
422"Stop and Hear the Cicadas" / "Cold-Blooded"January 2, 2018 (2018-01-02)

"Stop and Hear the Cicadas": Nature Cat learns about cicadas.

"Cold-Blooded": Who is knocking over Daisy's homemade pinecone toys?
433"Lights Out for Sea Turtles" / "Nature Art"January 3, 2018 (2018-01-03)

"Lights Out for Sea Turtles": Oh no! The newborn turtles have went to the neighborhood instead of the ocean!

"Nature Art": Nature Cat can't think of something for Nature Art day.
444"Houston's Outdoor Adventure" / "Hotel Hal"January 4, 2018 (2018-01-04)

"Houston's Outdoor Adventure": Houston has never been on a Nature Adventure.

"Hotel Hal": Hal leads a bunch of voles into his dog house.
455"Let's Talk Turkey Vulture" / "Prescription: Nature"April 23, 2018 (2018-04-23)

"Let's Talk Turkey Vulture": Nature Cat and the gang meet two turkey vultures and learn about scavenge.

"Prescription: Nature": Hal has to go outside when he gets frustrated while building his Squeak-a-Saurus Rex!
466"Enter the Dragonfly" / "Water Woes"April 24, 2018 (2018-04-24)

"Enter the Dragonfly": Ronald learns about dragonflies in order to get a helmet for the Knights of Nature.

"Water Woes": With Daisy's plants all droopy because of a drought, she and the others learn to conserve water.
477"Garden Impossible" / "Agents of the Great Outdoors"April 25, 2018 (2018-04-25)

"Garden Impossible": Daisy's friend Petunia needs some help making a city garden because she doesn't know how to build one!

"Agents of the Great Outdoors": Nature Cat and his friends are super spies undercover to discover if animals can communicate.
488"The Return of Bad Dog Bart!"[citation needed]July 16, 2018 (2018-07-16)[citation needed]

Nature Cat and the gang will stop at nothing to get to Bad Dog Bart's loot of cat toys first, reuniting with Nature Cat's long lost sister Gwendolyn!

"Note": Unlike the previous special Ocean Commotion (which lasts for 44 minutes), the special lasts for 56 minutes.[citation needed]
499"Bunyan Trouble" / "Foggy Feat"November 12, 2018 (2018-11-12)

"Bunyan Trouble": Squeeks tells a story about how Nature Cat and the gang (as the Tree Scouts) prevented Little Paulie Bunyan Jr. from cutting the redwood trees down.

"Foggy Feat": Nature Cat and the others go to see a spring sunrise for Granny Bunny, but a fog blocks the path.
5010"Rights or Wrong" / "Amazing Animals"November 13, 2018 (2018-11-13)

"Rights or Wrong": Returning to the marsh, Nature Cat and his pals teach Ronald the importance of nature's rights.

"Amazing Animals": Nature Cat and his pals venture through the wintry forest to Granny Bunny's surprise, learning about the features of winter's animals along the way.
5111"Backyard Bigfoot" / "Imperfect Produce"November 14, 2018 (2018-11-14)

"Backyard Bigfoot": Squeeks believes that a "bigfoot" might be ruining her backyard campout party.

"Imperfect Produce": Everyone thinks Squeeks' bumped up carrots still tasted good on the day of the "Fall Festival and Crop Competition".
5212"Man-Oh-Mangrove" / "Northern Lights Sights"November 15, 2018 (2018-11-15)

"Man-Oh-Mangrove": Nature Cat and the gang explore a mangrove forest to help a lost spiny lobster find its home, but can't seem to find the right one.

"Northern Lights Sights": Nature Cat and his pals struggle to find the Aurora Borealis as part of his Nature Curiosity List.
5313"A Prickly Problem" / "A Shedtime Story"November 16, 2018 (2018-11-16)

"A Prickly Problem": Nature Cat and the gang meet a porcupine.

"A Shedtime Story": Nature Cat fears his friends and other creatures have the furry flu.
5414"The Big Bath Brouhaha / Fossil Hunt"February 18, 2019 (2019-02-18)

"The Big Bath Brouhaha": When Hal gets dirty before a picture for Granny Bunny, the rest taught him about how some animals can bathe themselves.

"Fossil Hunt": Nature Cat and his pals must find a fossil for Squeeks' "Mousey Scouts" fossil badge.
5515"Daisy's Wildflower Round-Up / A Party for Squeeks!"February 19, 2019 (2019-02-19)

"Daisy's Wildflower Round-Up": Daisy and the others play cowboys, going on an adventure to find three wildflowers.

"A Party For Squeeks!": Squeeks suffers the winter blues, so Nature Cat, Daisy, and Hal proceed to hold an "end of winter party", inviting several of her friends while getting ready.
5616"Are You My Egg? / Sos (Save Our Salad)"February 20, 2019 (2019-02-20)

"Are You My Egg?": Nature Cat and his pals set out to find a nest for a lost lizard.

"S.O.S. (Save Our Salad)": Nature Cat and the gang try to think of solutions after his garden is taken over by Japanese beetles.
5717"Snow Way to Keep Warm / So You Think You Know Nature"February 21, 2019 (2019-02-21)

"Snow Way To Keep Warm": Nature Cat and the gang must save Hal's chew toy Mr. Chewinsky once again, this time under the snow.

"So You Think You Know Nature?": When Nature Cat and his pals end up in a nature themed game show, he feels that he doesn't know much about mimicking in nature!
5818"The Deal with Eels / Skip It!"February 22, 2019 (2019-02-22)

"The Deal With Eels": Nature Cat leads his pals to follow an eel on its long journey to Sargasso Sea.

"Skip It!": Through some persistence and courage, Nature Cat learns how to skip rocks while competing against Ronald for the "Rock Skipping Championship".
5919"Wild Batts!/No Bird Left Behind!"April 15, 2019 (2019-04-15)

"Wild Batts": Can Nature Cat and his pals ever help bat brothers Chris and Martin find a shelter for the night?

"Note": Chris and Martin Kratt guest star as Chris and Martin Batt.

"No Bird Left Behind": Nature Cat and the gang endure on a high-flying airplane journey to get a Baltimore oriole to Honduras when he injured his wing.
6020"Soil Turmoil/Wisteria Hysteria"April 16, 2019 (2019-04-16)

"Soil Turmoil": The gang's vole friend Steve is upset because Ronald stole his burrow.

"Wisteria Hysteria": On her way to deliver some jumbo carrot muffins to Granny Bunny, Daisy and the others have to discover (along with a sad wolf) who is throwing stuff at them!
6121"Nature Cat's Nature Stories/Pattern Problema"April 17, 2019 (2019-04-17)

"Nature Cat's Nature Stories": Daisy has trouble trying to make up a silly nature story.

"Pattern Problema": Hal needs some help to finish decorating his doghouse for his mommy.


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