List of NHL records (team)

This is a list of team records recognized by the National Hockey League through the end of the 2019–20 NHL season.

Season recordsEdit

During the first eight years the NHL existed, teams played between 18 and 36 games in a season. Beginning in 1926, teams played 44–60 games. This would end in 1949 where teams now play 70 or more games. There have been two other instances when teams have only played 48 games in a season. Both the 1994–95 season and 2012–13 season were reduced to 48 games due to lockouts. For more information, check the History of the National Hockey League.

1949–50 to PresentEdit

1926–27 to 1948–49Edit

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Other Season RecordsEdit

Notes: Ties were only recorded until 2003–04. In 1983, the NHL added a five-minute overtime, and ties would only occur after 65 minutes. Starting in 1999, teams played with only four skaters (unless they were on a two-man advantage, when they would be awarded an extra skater until the next stoppage). Starting in 2015 the NHL began 3-on-3 overtime periods. Starting with the 1999-2000 season, the NHL credited one point to the team that lost in overtime,[1] leading to a system in which teams could potentially earn three points between them in a single game, rather than a fixed number of two previously. In 2005, the league eliminated ties meaning that any game which went to overtime would be a three-point game. Games that didn't end in overtime would end in a shootout between the two teams. These changes in points awarded therefore make strict comparisons in wins, losses, and ties (after overtime, 1983–99, and in regulation, 1999–present) before and after these dates slightly problematic.

Postseason RecordsEdit

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Season StreaksEdit

Longest Winning Streak

Longest Winning Streak to Start the Season

Longest Winning Streak to End the Season

Longest Undefeated Streak

Longest Undefeated Streak to End the Season

Longest Undefeated Streak to Start the Season

Longest Shootout Winning Streak

Longest Shootout Losing Streak

Longest Losing Streak

Longest Losing Streak to Start the Season

Longest Winless Streak

Longest Winless Streak to Start the Season

Longest Consecutive Attendance Sellout:

  • 600 games, by the Pittsburgh Penguins as of January 19th, 2020 (February 14, 2007 - ongoing) (this record includes regular season and playoff games)[4]


  • An undefeated streak includes wins and ties (although with the implementation of reduced-player overtime starting in 1998-99, ties are based at the end of regulation with each team earning one point, and the winner in overtime, or starting in 2005-06, the shootout, receiving a second point; the loser is credited with the overtime or shootout loss but is credited with the point for a regulation tie). A winless streak includes losses in regulation, overtime, shootouts, or ties. A losing streak includes losses in regulation (note from the implementation of overtime in 1983 until 1999, losses in overtime also counted, but abolished after overtime became reduced strength of four players each).

Regular Season MiscellaneousEdit

Playoffs MiscellaneousEdit

Notes: The 2004–05 season was cancelled due to a lockout. The Phoenix Coyotes changed their name to the Arizona Coyotes prior to the 2014–15 season

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