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Since the debut of the first Mega Man video game in 1987, numerous characters have been introduced into the series. Some, such as Roll and Dr. Wily, were regularly recurring characters.[1]


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Aki "Rock" Light
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Doctor Thomas Light
Lan Hikari
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Roll Caskett
Suna Light
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Break Man
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Bass Mega Man 7 Main Main Guest Main
Hub Hikari
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Mega Man
Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis
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Zero Mega Man X Main Main
Mega Man
Dr. Cain Main
Iris Mega Man X4 Main Guest
Alia Mega Man X5 Main
Axl Mega Man X7 Main Guest
Mega Man Volnutt
Mega Man Trigger
Mega Man Legends Main
Tron Bonne Main
Dr. Albert W. Wily Mega Man Main Main Main Main
Sigma Mega Man X Main
Vile Main Main Main
X-Hunters Mega Man X2 Main
Dr. Doppler Mega Man X3 Main
Nightmare Police Main
Double Mega Man X4 Main
Dynamo Mega Man X5 Main Recurring
Gate Mega Man X6 Main
Isoc Main
High Max Main
Red Mega Man X7 Main
Lumine Mega Man X8 Main
Epsilon Mega Man X:
Command Mission
Mega Man Juno Mega Man Legends Main
WWW Mega Man Battle Network Main Main
Supporting Characters
Rush Mega Man 3 Main Main Main Main
Mayl Sakurai
Mega Man Battle Network Main Main Main
Dex Oyama
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Yai Ayanokoji
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Chaud Blaze
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Douglas Mega Man X5 Main
Signas Mega Man X6 Main

Classic Mega Man charactersEdit

Main charactersEdit

Mega ManEdit

DLN-001 Mega Man, known in Japan as Rockman (ロックマン, Rokkuman) is the protagonist of the original Mega Man series. Originally created as a lab assistant named "Rock" by Dr. Light, he was modified for battle after Dr. Wily reprogrammed the original Robot Masters to take over the world. Due to his Variable Weapons System, he can copy the weapon of any Robot Master and use it as his own.

Dr. LightEdit

Doctor Thomas Light, known in Japan as Doctor Thomas Right (トーマス・ライト, Tōmasu Raito), is depicted as an aged scientist and roboticist. He is the creator of Mega Man and several other robots, and can be considered the father of Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man. While a pacifist, he reluctantly recognizes that the use of force can be a necessity. He plays a supporting role, often developing and distributing new gear. In the Mega Man X series, set 100 years after the original series, Dr. Light resumes his supporting role through enhancement capsules that contain upgrades to X's systems together with messages relayed by silver/blue, slightly translucent holographic projections of the deceased scientist. He also appears in the "Navi Mode" of Mega Man and Mega Man 6 in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection to provide gameplay hints to Mega Man.

He is voiced by Antony Holland in Captain N: The Game Master, Jim Byrnes in the 90s TV series, Randall Wiebe in Mega Man X8, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, and Mega Man Powered Up, Doug Stone in Mega Man 11, and Garry Chalk in Mega Man: Fully Charged.

Dr. WilyEdit

Doctor Albert W. Wily (Dr.ワイリー, Dokutā Wairī) is a mad scientist and the main antagonist. He was originally a colleague of Dr. Light during their days as university students. Driven by jealousy towards Light and his achievements overshadowing his own, he reprogrammed Light's robots, with the exception of Rock and Roll, to assist him in taking over the world. He was however defeated by Rock, who upgraded to the combat robot "Mega Man". Wily returned as the antagonist in subsequent titles of the main series[2] with a different scheme each time,[3] only to be defeated and surrender to Mega Man at the end.[4]

Wily has also been instrumental in the backgrounds of other characters in the series. He repaired the prototype for Mega Man, "Proto Man", and in Mega Man 7 used what he learned during the process to create his answer to Light's work, Bass. After Bass proved to be unreliable, Wily refined his design, creating the robot Zero.[5] Zero would appear in the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero games as a hero working alongside Light's last creation, "X". Though Wily died prior to the X series, his legacy continued through a virus initially carried by Zero and transferred to Sigma, creating the X series antagonist "Sigma Virus", along with all the Mavericks.[6]

Dr. Wily ranked sixth on IGN's Top 10 Video Game Characters who should die along with his nemesis, Dr. Light. IGN editor Colin Moriarty stated that while their rivalry may have been fascinating for over 20 years, they need to go so the core series may advance.[7] However, several Mega Man series take place long after the death of both doctors.

While Dr. Light's Mega Man Battle Network counterpart is an entirely different character, Dr. Wily's counterpart, Lord Wily, is biologically identical to that of the original series. This Wily actually turns good by the end of the series, while, through the Maverick Virus, the prime Wily continues to cause catastrophic events long after his death.

Proto ManEdit

DLN-000 Proto Man, known as Blues (ブルース, Burūsu) in Japan, is an early prototype (and older brother) of Mega Man who made his first appearance in Mega Man 3, under the name of Break Man, to help train Mega Man by fighting him. Beyond their armor and personality, Proto Man and Mega Man are supposedly identical. However, at the end of Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, it is revealed by Dr. Light that Proto Man's body has a fatal defect in its energy system, and as a result, is in great pain and has a more limited lifespan. He also appears in the "Navi Mode" of Mega Man 3 in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection to provide gameplay hints to Mega Man.


SWN-001 Bass, Forte (フォルテ, Forute) in Japan, is a robot designed by Dr. Wily. He was constructed based on research conducted on Mega Man with the intention of matching his power, being a more advanced model of Robot Master when compared to Mega Man. Wily makes mention of discovering the energy that powers Bass, Bassnium, the most powerful form of energy on Earth, entirely by mistake. Despite being created by Wily and being more competent in his abilities, Bass frequently rebels against his creator when he feels Wily is standing between him and defeating Mega Man. He desires to defeat Mega Man and be acknowledged as the world's strongest robot. Though he wants to defeat Mega Man, Bass has worked together with him numerous times, though usually for his own purposes.

Bass's weapon is the powerful Bass Buster, which originally functioned similarly to the Mega Buster, albeit with slightly different shots. As of Mega Man & Bass, however, the Bass Buster has lost its ability to charge its shots in favor of an increased rate of fire and ability to fire upwards and diagonally. Unlike the Mega Buster, the bullets do not travel through solid surfaces unless an upgrade is acquired and equipped. Like Mega Man and Proto Man, Bass can also copy the weapons of Robot Masters, his body changing colors to reflect the weapon currently equipped. He can also combine with his robotic wolf Treble (ゴスペル, Gosuperu, Gospel) for the Treble Boost, allowing Bass to take flight and shoot more powerful projectiles from his buster.

Save for a cameo showing a schematic of Bass, Bass is absent in Mega Man 9. His absence was not explained, although according to the booklet that came with the Rockman 9 Arranged Album, Bass was undergoing some adjustments.[8] He is playable in Mega Man 10, retaining his dash and rapid-fire, multi-directional arm cannon capabilities (though not his double jump), if additional downloadable content is purchased for the game.[9] In the game's re-release as part of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Bass is instead unlocked by either completing the game or by using the secret code at the title screen of Mega Man 10.[10]

In Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Zero makes a cameo appearance, and Wily says that it is a creation that will surpass even Bass itself. Bass says that he will destroy this creation, and that no other robot is more powerful than he is. It's not explained what happened to Bass before the events of Mega Man X.

The character is named after the musical term bass (/bs/ not /bæs/). However, in the Mega Man 8 intro, Mega Man mispronounces his name like the fish rather than like the musical term. The name is likely related to the rock 'n' roll theme of Rockman and Roll.


DLN-002 Roll (ロール, DRN-003 Rōru) is a female robot designed for housekeeping instead of fighting. She is the younger "sister" of Mega Man, and plays a supporting role in the first game, and plays a major role in the following games. She first appears very briefly during the ending of the very first game of the series. Her name was never mentioned until Mega Man 3, marking her return, where her entry in Dr. Light's robot list is shown during the ending. She also appears in the "Navi Mode" of Mega Man 2 in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection to provide gameplay hints to Mega Man.

She is usually depicted in a red outfit with blonde hair in a ponytail. In Mega Man 8, she wears a new black and red dress with red boots and a green ribbon tying her ponytail up. While she was not designed for fighting, she is a combatant in the fighting games, Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. She fights similarly to Mega Man and has an external "Roll Buster." She also appears in the similar Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, where she uses a different moveset that revolves around house cleaning. She is also a playable character in Mega Man Powered Up, where she uses a broom as a default weapon with her skill, the Roll Swing, which she uses to swing a close range weapon that deals a large amount of damage. Roll can be played in several unlockable outfits, each with its own variation of the broom weapon. Roll was supposed to be playable in Mega Man 2 with a "Roll Buster", but there wasn't enough space on the cartridge. There was also planned to be a co-op mode with Rock and Roll.

Alternate versions of Roll appear in two other Mega Man spinoff series: Roll Caskett in Mega Man Legends, and Roll.EXE in Mega Man Battle Network. Roll also appears in various other Mega Man media, including manga and the Mega Man cartoon. Curiously, she was omitted from Mega Man: Fully Charged and replaced with the new, human character Suna Light, while she was known as Mega Girl in Captain N: The Game Master.


Rush (ラッシュ, Rasshu) is a robotic dog belonging to Mega Man. He is introduced in Mega Man 3, and has appeared in many games since. Created by Dr. Light to be an all around support unit, Rush has the ability to transform into various forms. Rush Marine transforms Rush into a small, one-seated submarine, and Rush Jet transforms his legs into jet engines that let him take flight. Rush also has the Rush Coil, which is a spring that pops out of his back and helps Mega Man reach higher platforms that he normally can't access. Other games have him transform into a motorcycle and a drill car, and in the fourth and fifth Game Boy games as a spaceship. In later games, the Rush Adaptor allows Rush to attach himself to Mega Man, allowing him to float, shoot more powerful blasts, and launch his arms as projectiles. In a couple of games including Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, Rush can be used to obtain helpful items, such as health. Rush is seen as a Scooby-Doo like character in the Ruby Spears cartoon show. Popularly believed that the name of the character was another musical reference in homage of the band called Rush, but currently it is known that was inspired by another Capcom game named Rush & Crash.[11] and the pronunciation of the name be similar to Lassie that is another dog character.[12]

Supporting charactersEdit


Auto (Rightot in Japan) was created by Dr. Light as a lab assistant, due to Rock being unable to fulfill that role after his adoption of the superhero identity "Mega Man". He is introduced in Mega Man 7, where he provides Mega Man with upgrades and parts. However, despite his relatively late introduction, it is implied that Auto has been around for some time. In Mega Man 8, Auto assists Mega Man in the Rush Jet scenes, using a rocket launcher as well as a propeller in his head that allows him to fly. He also appears in Mega Man & Bass, creating upgrades for the player in exchange for 'bolts' dropped by defeated enemies. He returns again in Mega Man 11 as Dr. Light's lab assistant, and helps Mega Man by creating new parts for him from bolts collected from enemies. He also made a cameo appearance (or a robot of very similar appearance to him) in CD versions of Mega Man X3, watching TV in the background of the FMV intro for Volt Catfish's stage, making him the only robot from the classic series to also be seen in the X series.


Beat is a robotic bird that has appeared in many Mega Man games. He was created by Dr. Cossack to provide additional support to Mega Man during the events of Mega Man 5. Several of the games require the player to obtain a certain number of Beat Plates in order to use Beat. Beat homes in on enemies, providing damage by slamming into them. He would perform the same function in Mega Man 6, however he would not attack bosses as he did in the previous game. In Mega Man 7, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and Mega Man 11, he rescues Mega Man from pits (and Proto Man in Mega Man 10) and in Mega Man 8, assists Mega Man during the Rush Jet scenes. He also provides Mega Man with an energy barrier in Mega Man & Bass. He assisted Duo and Proto Man as temporary invincibility powerups in Power Fighters.

Dr. CossackEdit

Dr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack was a Russian colleague of Dr. Light. He appeared in Mega Man 4 as the main antagonist; however, it turns out he was being blackmailed, as Wily had kidnapped his daughter Kalinka. When Kalinka was rescued by Proto Man and the truth was revealed, Dr. Cossack turned on Wily and becomes an ally to Mega Man. He is the inventor of Beat and the Super Mega Buster, as well as numerous industrial and military robots. He also appears in the "Navi Mode" of Mega Man 5 in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection to provide gameplay hints to Mega Man.


Duo is a robot hailing from outer space, designed to preserve peace and justice in the universe. Duo was formally introduced in Mega Man 8, battling a robot powered by Evil Energy. After crashing to Earth, he is repaired by Dr. Light, and soon becomes an ally of Mega Man. After finally eradicating the Evil Energy on Earth, he thanks Mega Man and leaves Earth to resume his search. He later appears in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, which was actually released before Mega Man 8 (but set after it), Mega Man Battle & Chase, and Rockman Strategy.

The bulk of Duo's offensive abilities are attributed to his powerful left arm, with a fist nearly as large as his own torso, and his large spiked body. He attacks primarily by punching, though he is capable of using projectile weapons, the most powerful of which is a blast in the shape of his own hand. He also appears to have the same weapon copying abilities displayed by Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass. As with them, his body changes color in accordance with the weapon he has equipped. Also, having been created for the purpose of destroying Evil Energy, he seems to have the unique ability to purge said energy from an infected victim's body, as demonstrated when saving Mega Man.


Eddie, originally known as Flip Top in early Western manuals, was created by Dr. Light as a "walking suitcase", usually sent to help Mega Man by providing random recovery items during the game. He is also able to fire bombs out of his head while assisting Mega Man in the Rush Jet sections of Mega Man 8. Eddie first appeared in Mega Man 4. Starting from Mega Man 7, Eddie only appears in the shop and no longer gives items to Mega Man.


Kalinka Cossack is Dr. Cossack's daughter, who was kidnapped by Proto Man (on Dr. Wily's orders) in order to force her father into unwillingly declaring war against Mega Man on Wily's behalf. She was however rescued by Proto Man right before Mega Man managed to defeat Cossack in his citadel. Kalinka is not present in any other games in the series, but appears in the "Navi Mode" of Mega Man 4 in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection to provide gameplay hints to Mega Man.

Kalinka is named after the famous Russian song of the same name.


King is a powerful robot appearing in Mega Man and Bass as the apparent main antagonist. Declaring himself the king of all robots, he seeks to wipe out humanity and establish a world populated only by robots. Mega Man and Bass had to battle him and many robots that had joined his army; when either one finally defeats King, it's revealed that he had actually been programmed to form a rebellion by Dr. Wily. While King seemingly dies after this revelation, during Mega Man's ending it is revealed that he survived and is now a wanderer, much like Proto Man. He then apologizes for his actions that he had caused and wishes to meet up with Mega Man peacefully.

King possesses an array of powerful weapons, including a shield that works a lot like Enker's, which is capable of absorbing almost any attack and firing it back in the form of a massive laser beam. His other primary weapon is a massive battle-axe capable of slicing even Proto Man in half with one hit. He also has the ability to merge with other vehicles to form King Jet Robo and King Tank Robo, the penultimate bosses of the game.


Tango (タンゴ) is a green robotic cat and one of Mega Man's allies. Tango can roll himself into a buzzsaw and dive into enemies, until all in-area enemies are defeated, he falls into a pit or spikes, or his energy is expended. Tango only appears in Mega Man V for the Game Boy, Rockman & Forte Mirai kara no Chōsensha for the WonderSwan and makes a cameo on Mega Man 10 in the item shop when playing with Proto Man. Like many other characters, Tango's name is musical-themed.


Reggae is a robotic bird who is the pet of Dr. Wily. He is featured in a drama CD featured only in Japan. He was featured in Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise (or RockBoard for short) and Rockman & Forte: Challenger From the Future as a weapon for Bass. His first cameo outside Japan is in Mega Man 7, where he appears if an invalid password is entered.[13] He also appears as the shop keeper when playing as Bass in Mega Man 10. Archie Comic's adaptation of Mega Man has him play a more prominent role, usually mocking Dr. Wily's various failures in the "Short Circuits" section.


Treble (ゴスペル, Gosuperu, Gospel) is Bass' equivalent to Mega Man's dog, Rush. Like Rush, Treble can assume a jet-like form and flym though he does so in the form of an armored suit known as the "Treble Boost".[14] Created after Bass stole designs for the Super Adapter in Mega Man 7, it gives Bass limited flight capability and increased firepower. In Mega Man & Bass, the Treble Boost also grants Bass invulnerability while its energy lasts. The Treble Boost is also present in Mega Man 10, functioning similarly to its previous incarnation, but without the invulnerability. The name Treble clearly continues the music theme of the original Japanese character names, and Gospel likely refers to the musical genre of the same name.[15]


The Met (short for the Metall, Mettool, and Mettaur variants of the name), also known as "Hard Hat", is a flagship enemy of the series. Appearing in nearly every game, the average Met is a tiny construction robot wearing a disproportionately-sized hard hat with a "plus" sign marked on it. Mets usually wait below their helmet before attacking, as it is impervious to nearly all of Mega Man's weapons. They appear in the various series of the Mega Man metaseries, with many different variations and forms. In the original Mega Man, another common enemy character named the Picket Man, has a head similar to the Met, but with a full body, a shield, and a pickaxe. The Mets are a staple to the Mega Man series as the Goombas are to Super Mario Bros. The Mets appear in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a collectable trophy in both versions, as well as being enemies in the 3DS exclusive Smash Run mode.

Sniper JoeEdit

Sniper Joe is a humanoid used as infantry by Dr. Wily. It physically resembles a green Proto Man (on whom the series is based on) but instead with a head containing a full face black visor, more resembling a motorcycle helmet with a single red eye instead of sunglasses. It has no real intelligence, and simply blocks forward attacks with its shield, then shoots a number of shots from its arm cannon (The exact number of shots depends on the model of the Sniper Joe). It can also jump into the air, during which it lifts up its shield, leaving an opening for Mega Man to attack him. Mega Man can also damage it as it moves its shield out of the way directly before firing. In Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass, the Joe Classic can also throw grenades that explode after a certain period of time. Sniper Joes are a recurring enemy throughout the classic series, and many of the numerous variants often involve a Sniper Joe operating machines such as walkers, gun turrets, even jet skis and helicopters. It is stated multiple times that Proto Man considers these abominations, probably since they are based upon him but with limited intelligence.

Other Joe modelsEdit
Category Sniper Joe Mech Joe Hammer Joe Skeleton Joe Apache Joe Crystal Joe Jet Ski Joe Cannon Joe Grenade Joe
Game(s) 1, 2, 7, 9, 10,
Powered Up,11
2,11 3 4 5 5 5 6 8,
MegaMan & Bass
Type Sentry Mounted Sentry Sentry Sentry Airborne Sentry Sentry Mobile Sentry Mounted Sentry Sentry
Mount Type Hopping Mech Helicopter Jet Ski Mounted
Body Color Green, Dark Green,
Red, Purple, Orange
White, Black
Dark Green,
White, Black
Light Green,
Light Green,
Light Green,
Black, Gold
Mount Color (I/A) Magenta,
Orange Orange Magenta,
Projectiles Standard Plasma Standard Plasma Ball and Chain Bones Fire Balls Diamonds Standard Plasma Standard Plasma Standard Plasma,
and Grenades
Other Abilities
Shield Prevents Damage. Can also jump. Shield Prevents Damage. Can shoot with shield up. Can only be damaged when visor is up. Will merely collapse with a normal shot, then reconfigure; can only be destroyed by a fully charged shot. Flying and Hovering. Cannot be damaged when forming Diamond. Can sneak up on you. None Shield Prevents Damage. Can also Jump and even Duck.

Yellow DevilEdit

The Yellow Devil is a powerful combat robot created by Dr. Wily. It is a giant robot with a body made from a shape-memory alloy, which it uses to split into multiple pieces and reform elsewhere. At the center of the body is a single, mechanical eye, which keeps the body together and is also its one and only weakness. The Yellow Devil is a recurring boss character throughout the series, with numerous successors and offshoots appearing in other games (such as the Yellow Devil MK-II in Mega Man 3, the Green Devil in Mega Man 8, and the Block Devil in Mega Man 10. Other Devil variants also appear in the various series of the Mega Man metaseries, including the Shadow Devil in Mega Man X5 and the Rainbow Devil in Mega Man Zero.

Early Western media referred to the Yellow Devil as the "Rock Monster", a change made due to Nintendo's policies regarding religious figures and names. However, the "Devil" name has since been used in more recent American releases. The Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover produced by Archie Comics featured the Chaos Devil, a being combining the Yellow Devil concept with Chaos.

Mega Man KillersEdit

The Mega Man Killers are a series of robots appearing in the Game Boy series. The Mega Man Killers are robots created by Doctor Wily to destroy Mega Man, who in turn defeats each one of them and eventually foils Wily's most devious schemes. All of them reappear as bosses in Game Boy version of Mega Man V, and all of them also reappear as bosses in the DLC stages from Mega Man 10. All of them are named after notable music genres.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon


(エンカー Enkā)
Enker is the Mega Man Killer of Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge. He wields a spiked bo staff, but his main attack is his Mirror Buster, which allows him to absorb Mega Man's buster shots and fire them back through his staff (size dependent on the number of shots absorbed), though by doing this, he damages himself. In addition to the latter group appearances, Enker also appears in Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise, as the first fortress boss in Mega Man Soccer, and as the boss of the first DLC special stage in Mega Man 10. His name most likely comes from Enka, a Japanese musical genre. Mirror Buster

M. Buster



(パンク Panku)
Punk is the Mega Man Killer of Mega Man III. He is armed with the Screw Crusher, a weapon that flings rolling blades at Mega Man, and he can also hurl himself after transforming to strike with his embedded blades. He is also the only Mega Man Killer to have a Battle Network counterpart, appearing in Mega Man Battle Network 3 as Mr. Famous' NetNavi. He reappears as the boss of the second DLC special stage in Mega Man 10. He is named after the Punk Rock musical genre. Screw Crusher

S. Crusher



(バラード Barādo)
Ballade is the Mega Man Killer of Mega Man IV. His weapon is the Ballade Cracker, which can lay immobile timed mines and also fire small explosives from the tops of his arms. Ballade, after being defeated, seems to turn against Dr. Wily, and self-destructs to destroy a wall obstructing Mega Man, thus allowing Mega Man to escape back to Earth safely from Wily's space fortress. He also appears in Mega Man 10 as the boss of the third DLC special stage. His name is a modification of the word, ballad. Ballade Cracker

B. Cracker



(クイント Kuinto)
Quint is not a Mega Man Killer, but serves a similar role in Mega Man II. However, he appears in Mega Man V alongside the Mega Man Killers. He is a future version of Mega Man that a time-travelling Dr. Wily abducted and remodelled.[16] His weapon is a jackhammer/pogo stick amalgamation called the Sakugarne, which can attack his foes by digging into the ground and creating flying debris. Sakugarne


Robot MastersEdit

Robot Masters are a special kind of robot, mainly under the control of Dr. Wily, that possess a very advanced level of artificial intelligence. The system is jointly credited to Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, and most Robot Masters possess a unique identification code, consisting of a two-letter "series code" followed by one of N, No, or #, then a three-digit "serial number". They are generally humanoid in appearance, and they are often designed with specific purposes and human-like personalities and quirks. The list below is of the first six Robot Masters that were built by Dr. Light and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, as well as two more that were added to Mega Man Powered Up so as to be consistent with other Mega Man games.

Mega Man 1 / Mega Man Powered Up Robot MastersEdit

These Robot Masters were created by Dr. Light and were reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to serve him:

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Cut Man[17]

Cut Man
(カットマン Kattoman)
Cut Man was originally designed for land reclamation work; particularly deforestation.[18] His battle abilities center on his advanced jumping abilities and the pair of boomerang-like shears on his head.[19] As revealed in Mega Man: Powered Up, he is easily fooled, and can turn his scissors into a more shuriken-like weapon. Cut Man also made a prominent cameo in the Captain N: The Game Master episode "Mega Trouble for Megaland", he appears in the Mega Man cartoon as Dr. Wily's henchman, and he has a cameo appearance in the Sega Saturn version of Mega Man 8 as well as Mega Man X8 in Optic Sunflower's stage if certain conditions are met. Rolling Cutter

R. Cutter [20]
(ローリングカッター, Rōringu Kattā)


Guts Man[17]

Guts Man
(ガッツマン Gattsuman)
Guts Man was also designed for land reclamation work, but was created specifically for construction of public works. By far the strongest of any robot, Guts Man is able to lift objects of up to 80 tons over his head and hurl them at his foe with startling accuracy. In Mega Man: Powered Up, he's a little dim-witted, but always well-meaning robot. He appears in the cartoon series as the stereotypical strong-arm, "dumb-as-a-sack-of-hammers" henchman of Dr. Wily. In Mega Man 7, he appears as the enhanced Guts Man G. Super Arm

S. Arm [20]
(スーパーアーム, Sūpā Āmu)


Ice Man[17]

Ice Man
(アイスマン Aisuman)
Originally designed for the exploration and mapping of regions far below the temperature that humans can withstand, Ice Man also supervises transportation of supplies to various research teams on the continent. Afterwards, he got the job of transporting materials in frozen food warehouses. He has the ability to shoot waves of super-chilled air from his mouth which is laced with liquid nitrogen, that then crystallizes into a projectile. Mega Man: Powered Up reveals Ice Man to possibly have a dissociative identity disorder, and his personality is like that of a soldier (and his commanding officer). Ice Man resembles a hooded Inuit. Ice Slasher

I. Slasher [20]
(アイススラッシャー, Aisu Surasshā)


Bomb Man[17]

Bomber Man
(ボンバーマン Bonbaman)
Bomb Man (or Bomber Man) was also designed for land reclamation work. He and Guts Man were originally intended to work as a pair, with Guts Man functioning as a foreman. He can make various forms of explosives, most of which are deadly. His personality is one of a pyromaniac and it's hinted that he's as unstable as his explosives (his battle cry, "BOMBS!," only furthers this suspicion). Bomb Man is an orange robot with a black spherical body and red mohawk head. Hyper Bomb

H. Bomb [20]
(ハイパーボム, Haipā Bomu)


Fire Man[17]

Fire Man
(ファイヤーマン Faiyāman)
Fire Man was designed for waste management work; in particular, incineration. He can withstand temperatures in excess of 8000  °C and can generate an exorbitant amount of heat. Fire Man attacks by surrounding himself in a circle of flame and shooting balls of fire with impressive destructive properties; in Mega Man: Powered Up his weapon is severely limited if the flames atop his head are extinguished. Fire Man possesses a strong Texas accent and a strong sense of justice, often alluding that the "fires of justice burn hot," and, while he exhibits pyromaniacal traits, they are not as pronounced as Bomb Man's. Fire Man is a red and gray robot with a torch-like head. Fire Storm

F. Storm [20]
(ファイヤーストーム, Faiyā Sutūmu)


Electric Man[17]

Elec Man
(エレキマン Erekiman)
Electric Man was designed to oversee and control atomic energy power plants. At the time of his creation, Elec Man was often hailed as Dr. Light's greatest creation and boasts superhuman calculation speed and razor-sharp judgement, as well as a physical agility that would not be matched for some time. He is very conceited and egotistical, but is otherwise very responsible and competent. His mode of attack centers around his Thunder Beam, a devastating focused blast of electricity topping 6000 volts. In Mega Man: Powered Up his thunder beam was changed to more resemble Cloud Man's Thunder Strike and he gained the ability to call thunder blasts from the ceiling. Elec Man is a black and yellow robot with a yellow mask capped by a lightning bolt around his eyes. Elec Man appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as an Assist Trophy. Thunder Beam

T. Beam [20]
(サンダービーム, Sandā Bīmu)

DLN-00A (Archie Comics)

Time Man

Time Man
(タイムマン Taimuman)
Time Man is a prototype and Dr. Light's first experiment with time manipulation and travel. However, his power source only allowed him to accelerate himself which made things around him appear to slow down. He also gains the ability to shoot purple clock hands made of energy in Mega Man: Powered Up to give him some offensive power. If he is the player's character, then this modification is made by Dr. Light; otherwise, it is done by Dr. Wily. Time Man's body is purple, with a clock in the center of his torso. His head has a pair of bells that resemble those on an old-fashioned alarm clock. Time Slow

T. Slow
(タイムスロー, Taimu Surō)

DLN-00B (Archie Comics)

Oil Man

Oil Man
(オイルマン Oiruman)
Oil Man was originally a maintenance robot designed to lube and restore rusted parts on his fellow Robot Masters. His Oil Slider can either be shot at an enemy or ridden like a surfboard and used to stomp or run over enemies. However, both forms are extremely weak. Oil Man has a body the color of oil and large, pink lips. Oil Slider

O. Slider
(オイルスライダー, Oiru Suraidā)

Mega Man 2 Robot MastersEdit

These Robot Masters were the first line created solely by Dr. Wily to destroy Mega Man:

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Metal Man

Metal Man
(メタルマン Metaruman)
As the first Robot Master built by Dr. Wily, Metal Man was based on Cut Man's design. His attack is Metal Blade where he throws circular metal blades made of ceramic titanium. However, his armor makes him dangerously weak to his own weapon. Metal Blade

M. Blade


Air Man

Air Man
(エアーマン Eāman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Air Man has his face built into his torso and can use the propeller in his torso to do wind attacks. His Air Shooter enables him to shoot a barrage of tornadoes. Air Shooter

A. Shooter


Bubble Man

Bubble Man
(バブルマン Baburuman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Bubble Man is built for underwater combat. However, a defect in his systems causes Bubble Man to be unable to walk on land. His Bubble Lead, made of sulfuric acid, can be shot to travel along floors, revealing traps. Bubble Lead

B. Lead


Quick Man

Quick Man
(クイックマン Kuikkuman)
Created by Dr. Wily who used Elec Man's design as a basis, Quick Man is made of lightweight materials that enable him to move at super-speed. His Quick Boomerang can be fired from the launcher on his right arm, either as a trio of homing projectiles, or a series of short ranged but powerful cutting weapons. He is very pompous and proud of his speed, and has a rivalry with Turbo Man. Quick Boomerang

Q. Boomerang


Crash Man

Clash Man
(クラッシュマン Kurasshuman)
Created by Dr. Wily who used the designs of Bomb Man and Guts Man as a basis, Crash Man (also called Clash Man) has thick armor that can withstand explosions. His Crash Bomber can attach to anything before causing repeated explosions. Crash Bomber

C. Bomber


Flash Man

Flash Man
(フラッシュマン Furasshuman)
Created by Dr. Wily to challenge the everlasting idea to control time, Flash Man's Time Stopper can stop time for a brief period which he often uses when he does occasional pranks or to extend time in the bath. Although he does like to prank people, he actually cares deeply for his friends. Time Stopper

T. Stopper


Heat Man

Heat Man
(ヒートマン Hītoman)
Created by Dr. Wily who used the designs of Fire Man as a basis, Heat Man has a body that is shaped like a Zippo lighter and is resistant to high sources of heat. His Atomic Fire can be charged to produce bursts of fire at temperatures of up to 12,000 degrees Celsius (21,632 degrees Fahrenheit). Atomic Fire

A. Fire


Wood Man

Wood Man
(ウッドマン Uddoman)
Created by Dr. Wily using the wood of the hinoki cypress, Wood Man is a Robot Master who is almost completely made of wood and is friendly to his robotic animal robots on his stage. His Leaf Shield, a series of leaf-shaped sheets of metal, can be used to protect himself and also can be used as a weapon. Leaf Shield

L. Shield

Mega Man 3 Robot MastersEdit

Most of the Robot Masters listed here were created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily at the time of their truce.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Needle Man

Needle Man
(ニードルマン Nīdoruman)
Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily using the aspects of Metal Man's combat programming, Needle Man's purpose was to work in the energy mines by breaking through its rocks. His Needle Cannon enables him to shoot needles that are sharp enough to pierce 10-inch thick stones. Needle Cannon

N. Cannon


Magnet Man

Magnet Man
(マグネットマン Magunettoman)
Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Magnet Man is a magnetic robot who is often needed to be kept away from floppy disks and any other storage mediums to keep from accidentally corrupting them. His Magnet Missile can home in on any enemies. Magnet Missile

M. Missile


Gemini Man

Gemini Man
(ジェミニマン Jeminiman)
Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Gemini Man can create holographic copies of himself. His Gemini Laser is fast and reflective. Gemini Laser

G. Laser


Hard Man

Hard Man
(ハードマン Hādoman)
Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Hard Man has a body made of ceratanium which makes him durable and also makes him heavy. His Hard Knuckle can detach and be shot out towards his opponents. He weighs 3 tons, or 6,000 pounds. Hard Knuckle

H. Knuckle


Top Man

Top Man
(タップマン Tappuman)
Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Top Man was used to search other planets for Energy Elements like the ones needed to build Gamma. His Top Spin enables him to rotate at high speeds. Top Spin

T. Spin


Snake Man

Snake Man
(スネークマン Sunēkuman)
Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Snake Man was created to investigate narrow areas and survey topography on uninhabited planets. His Search Snake enables him to shoot snake-like missiles that move across the ground and up the walls. Search Snake

S. Snake


Spark Man

Spark Man
(スパークマン Supākuman)
Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to charge anything with electricity, Spark Man is a spark plug-resembling robot with two high voltage electrodes for hands. His Spark Shot enables him to fire shots of electricity in different directions. Spark Shock

S. Shock


Shadow Man

Shadow Man
(シャドーマン Shadōman)
A mysterious robot that was discovered and remodelled by Dr. Wily, Shadow Man is a ninja-themed Robot Master. His Shadow Blade enables him to throw a shuriken at his enemies. Also, he has the ability to slide. He is rumored to be an alien robot like Duo. Shadow Blade

S. Blade

Mega Man 4 Robot MastersEdit

These Robot Masters were created by Dr. Cossack, and remodelled into battle robots by Dr. Wily after he took Dr. Cossack's daughter Kalinka hostage.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Bright Man

Bright Man
(ブライトマン Buraitoman)
Created by Dr. Cossack, Bright Man was originally built to explore dark areas. His Flash Stopper can emit a bright flash of light that freezes most robots solid, as it triggers a safety mechanism that locks their movements. Flash Stopper

F. Stopper


Toad Man

Toad Man
(トードマン Tōdoman)
Created by Dr. Cossack, Toad Man was originally built to help in the irrigation of crops during a drought. His weapon is the Rain Flush, which creates artificial acid rain after Dr. Wily included an acid into his rain-making technology. Rain Flush

R. Flush


Drill Man

Drill Man
(ドリルマン Doriruman)
Created by Dr. Cossack, Drill Man was originally built to dig at construction sites before being remodelled by Dr. Wily. His Drill Bomb can launch explosive drills. Drill Bomb

D. Bomb


Pharaoh Man

Pharaoh Man
(ファラオマン Faraoman)
Created by Dr. Cossack, Pharaoh Man was originally built to explore dark pyramids and tombs, with camera eyes suited for dark areas and a pharaoh motif acting as a means to ward off curses. His weapon is the Pharaoh Shot, an orange sphere that is charged with solar energy. Pharaoh Shot / P. Shot

Pharaoh Wave / P. Wave


Ring Man

Ring Man
(リングマン Ringuman)
Created by Dr. Cossack, Ring Man was built for the sole purpose of fighting and destroying Mega Man. His Ring Boomerang is a quick boomerang that can penetrate many shields. Ring Boomerang

R. Boomerang


Dust Man

Dust Man
(ダストマン Dasutoman)
Created by Dr. Cossack, Dust Man was originally built for sanitation before being converted into a battle robot by Dr. Wily. His Dust Crusher enables him to shoot out a bomb that is encased in scrap metal debris. Dust Crusher

D. Crusher


Dive Man

Dive Man
(ダイブマン Daibuman)
Created by Dr. Cossack, Dive Man has the A.I. functions of a submarine. His Dive Missile can home in on his opponents. Thanks to a flaw in his design, he can also send himself flying forwards like a torpedo, ramming into his enemies to deliver massive damage. Dive Missile

D. Missile


Skull Man

Skull Man
(スカルマン Sukaruman)
Created by Dr. Cossack, Skull Man was built as a combat robot that is skilled both offensively and defensively. His Skull Barrier enables him to generate a skull-shaped energy shield. Skull Barrier

S. Barrier

Mega Man 5 Robot MastersEdit

Dr. Wily created these Robot Masters in his next attempt to take over the world.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Gravity Man

Gravity Man
(グラビティーマン Gurabitīman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Gravity Man uses a unit in his body to control gravity. His Gravity Hold can manipulate the gravity of anyone. Also, he can crush foes with his spiked helmet or blast them with his buster. Gravity Hold

G. Hold


Wave Man

Wave Man
(ウェーブマン Wēbuman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Wave Man was tasked to take over the water quality administration. His Water Wave can produced pressurized water. He is more advanced than Bubble Man Water Wave

W. Wave


Stone Man

Stone Man
(ストーンマン Sutōnman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Stone Man was tasked to assist Gyro Man into taking over a hanging garden. His Power Stone can form stone circles around him that can bash anything in their path. Power Stone

P. Stone


Gyro Man

Gyro Man
(ジャイロマン Jairoman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Gyro Man was tasked to take over a hanging garden and obtain money from the admission fee. His Gyro Attack can emit small propeller-shaped blades that can move in any direction. Gyro Attack

G. Attack


Star Man

Star Man
(スターマン Sutāman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Star Man was tasked to take over an abandoned satellite base that was orbiting Earth. His Star Crash creates a star-shaped energy barrier around him that can be thrown at his enemies. Star Crash

S. Crash


Charge Man

Charge Man
(チャージマン Chājiman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Charge Man was tasked to guard the shipments that are en route to Dr. Wily's occupied areas. His Charge Kick can enable him to create shockwaves. He can only be damaged when he is walking. Charge Kick

C. Kick


Napalm Man

Napalm Man
(ナパームマン Napāmuman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Napalm Man was tasked to protect Dr. Wily's secret weapons factory. His Napalm Bomb sends out a bomb that explodes upon contact. He is more advanced than Bomb Man and Crash Man. Napalm Bomb

N. Bomb


Crystal Man

Crystal Man
(クリスタルマン Kurisutaruman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Crystal Man was tasked to finance Dr. Wily's operations. His Crystal Eye enables him to shoot a barrage of crystal orbs. Crystal Eye

C. Eye

Mega Man 6 Robot MastersEdit

These Robot Masters were created for the First Annual Robot Tournament and were reprogrammed by Dr. Wily in the alias of Mr. X.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Blizzard Man

Blizzard Man
(ブリザードマン Burizādoman)
Originally created to monitor the weather in Antarctica, Blizzard Man had his meteorological equipment replaced with equipment that enables him to produce ice and snow. Mr. X reprogrammed Blizzard Man to serve him. His Blizzard Attack can produce ice crystals. He was built by scientists from Canada. Blizzard Attack

B. Attack


Centaur Man

Kentauros Man
(ケンタウロスマン Kentaurosuman)
Originally created to work as an archaeological tour guide, Centaur Man was modified for combat. Mr. X reprogrammed Centaur Man to serve him. His Centaur Flash can cause space distortions. He was built by scientists from the Hellenic Republic (Greece). Centaur Flash / C. Flash

Centaur Arrow / C. Arrow


Flame Man

Flame Man
(フレイムマン Fureimuman)
Originally created to generate a large amount of thermal power, Flame Man was modified for combat where he can do fire attacks. Mr. X reprogrammed Flame Man to serve him. His Flame Blast can scorch his opponents with flames that he can erupt from the ground. He was built in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Flame Blast

F. Blast


Knight Man

Knight Man
(ナイトマン Naitoman)
Originally created for combat, Knight Man is said to have defeated 1,000 robots in his duels. Mr. X reprogrammed Knight Man to serve him. His Knight Crusher sends his flail out in huge distances and has a huge strike on anything it hits. He was built in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Knight Crusher

K. Crusher


Plant Man

Plant Man
(プラントマン Purantoman)
Originally created as a keeper for a botanical garden, Plant Man became the mascot of the botanical garden and is said to talk to plants. Mr. X reprogrammed Plant Man to serve him. His Plant Barrier creates a barrier that takes the form of spotted flower petals. He was built in the Federative Republic of Brazil. Plant Barrier

P. Barrier


Tomahawk Man

Tomahawk Man
(トマホークマン Tomahōkuman)
Originally created for the First Annual Robot Tournament, Tomahawk Man was reprogrammed by Mr. X to serve him. His Silver Tomahawk enables him to throw his tomahawk at his opponents. He was built in the United States of America. Silver Tomahawk

S. Tomahawk


Wind Man

Wind Man
(ウインドマン Uindoman)
Originally created to work in agriculture, Wind Man was tasked to help with the harvest. He was reprogrammed by Mr. X to serve him. His Wind Storm can generate powerful winds. He was built in the People's Republic of China. Wind Storm

W. Storm


Yamato Man

Yamato Man
(ヤマトマン Yamatoman)
Originally created for the First Annual Robot Tournament, Yamato Man was reprogrammed by Mr. X to serve him. His Yamato Spear can be shot out to pierce his targets. He was built in Japan. Yamato Spear

Y. Spear

Mega Man 7 Robot MastersEdit

Four of the robots were created by Dr. Wily to activate and find him if he is not there to activate a certain code to keep them stasis. These robots activated during the time when Dr. Wily was in prison. After his escape, Dr. Wily obtained four more robots to serve him.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Freeze Man

Freeze Man
(フリーズマン Furīzuman)
Freeze Man was originally built as a prototype robot for non-polluting energy before being stolen and upgraded by Dr. Wily. His Freeze Cracker is a snowflake-shaped projectile. Freeze Cracker

F. Cracker


Junk Man

Junk Man
(ジャンクマン Jankuman)
Junk Man was created by Dr. Wily to help him search for spare parts for his robots. As Junk Man was made from old robot parts, electromagnetic forces were used to hold his parts together. His Junk Shield can pull piles of junk towards him and be used to attack his opponents. Junk Shield

J. Shield


Burst Man

Burst Man
(バーストマン Bāsutoman)
Originally created to guard a chemical plant in Edo City, Burst Man was stolen, modified, and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to serve him. His Danger Wrap can emit a bubble with a bomb in it to trap his opponents. Danger Wrap

D. Wrap


Cloud Man

Cloud Man
(クラウドマン Kuraudoman)
Originally created as a weather-controlling robot, Cloud Man was stolen, modified, and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to serve him. His Thunder Bolt enables him to shoot lightning towards his opponents. Thunder Bolt / T. Bolt

Thunder Strike / T. Strike


Spring Man

Spring Man
(スプリングマン Supuringuman)
Spring Man was created by Dr. Wily where 1,000 springs were used to make him. His Wild Coil enables him to launch spring weapons at his opponents. Wild Coil

W. Coil


Slash Man

Slash Man
(スラッシュマン Surasshuman)
Slash Man was created by Dr. Wily to clear the forests for the construction of his base. His Slash Claw enables him to slash his opponents with his wave-like cutting attack. He is a model more advanced compared to Cut Man and Metal Man. Slash Claw

S. Claw


Shade Man

Shade Man
(シェードマン Shēdoman)
Originally created as an amusement park attraction, Shade Man was stolen, modified, and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to serve him. His Noise Crush sends out a destructive sound wave. Noise Crush

N. Crush


Turbo Man

Turbo Man
(ターボマン Tāboman)
Dr. Wily used parts of his old dragster to create Turbo Man who ran on petrol. Turbo Man can turn into a car. His Scorch Wheel is a wheel-shaped fire that rolls along the ground. Scorch Wheel

S. Wheel

Mega Man 8 Robot MastersEdit

Some of the Robot Masters were created by Dr. Wily while the others were stolen and repurposed by him.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Tengu Man

Tengu Man
(テングマン Tenguman)
Originally built as an experimental robot that can generate artificial typhoons, Tengu Man was stolen, modified, and reprogrammed to serve Doctor Wily. His Tornado Hold can trap his opponents in his whirlwinds. Tengu Man later served King in Mega Man & Bass. This time, he wields the Tengu Blade which can be used to slash his opponents. Tornado Hold / T. Hold

Tengu Blade / T. Blade


Astro Man

Astro Man
(アストロマン Asutoroman)
Originally built to work in a planetarium, Astro Man was stolen, modified, and reprogrammed to serve Doctor Wily. His Astro Crush can rain down a meteor storm. Astro Man later served King in Mega Man & Bass. This time, he wields the Copy Vision that creates a holographic double that attacks. Astro Crush / A. Crush

Copy Vision / C. Vision


Sword Man

Sword Man
(ソードマン Sōdoman)
Dr. Wily stole an ancient sword from a museum and created Sword Man to wield it. Unfortunately, Sword Man's sword was really heavy, so the upper and lower parts of his body was fitted with an anti-gravitational device to stabilize him. As a result, both halves of Sword Man's body can act independently to improve his balance. His Flame Sword enables him to engulf his sword in fire. Flame Sword

F. Sword


Clown Man

Clown Man
(クラウンマン Kuraunman)
Originally designed for an amusement park, Clown Man was stolen, modified, and reprogrammed to serve Dr. Wily. His Thunder Claw can launch an elastic beam of electricity. Thunder Claw

T. Claw


Search Man

Search Man
(サーチマン Sāchiman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Search Man is a two-headed robot that is designed like a camouflaged soldier. While Dr. Wily gave Search Man a second head as a play on "two heads are better than one," he forgot to add personality chips to each of the heads causing them to stick to one personality chip that switched between the heads. His Homing Sniper can launch missiles that lock on to his opponents. Homing Sniper

H. Sniper


Frost Man

Frost Man
(フロストマン Furosutoman)
Created by Dr. Wily from the leftover parts of Clown Man, Frost Man is one of the largest Robot Masters who has enhanced strength. His Ice Wave can send a surge of freezing cold across the ground. He is more advanced than Ice Man, Blizzard Man and Freeze Man. Ice Wave

I. Wave


Grenade Man

Grenade Man
(グレネードマン Gurenēdoman)
Created by Dr. Wily, Grenade Man enjoys using his explosives to cause any destructions and pain. His Flash Bombs can give off a bright explosion when launched. He is more advanced than Bomb Man, Crash Man and Nalpam Man. Flash Bomb

F. Bomb


Aqua Man

Aqua Man
(アクアマン Akuaman)
Originally designed to work in the waterworks bureau as a way to manage the water, Aqua Man was stolen, reprogrammed, and modified to serve Dr. Wily. His Water Balloon can launch heavy spheres of water against his opponents. Water Balloon

W. Balloon

Mega Man 9 Robot MastersEdit

These Robot Masters were created by Dr. Light and were tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him who saved them from being scrapped after their period of use had expired.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Concrete Man

Concrete Man
(コンクリートマン Konkurītoman)
Created by Dr. Light, Concrete Man is a construction robot that was used to oversee the construction of a dam until he was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. His Concrete Shot enables him to shoot a block of concrete that can shatter against anything upon impact. During the credits, Concrete Man was seen in a picture chasing after Dr. Wily for what he made him and the other robots do. Concrete Shot

C. Shot


Tornado Man

Tornado Man
(トルネードマン Torunēdo Man)
Created by Dr. Light, Tornado Man was used to stave off powerful storms while working at a weather regulation facility until he was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. His Tornado Blow can send tornadoes off in many directions. During the credits, Tornado Man was seen in a picture looking at the sky with Mega Man. Tornado Blow

T. Blow


Splash Woman

Splash Woman
(スプラッシュウーマン Supurasshu Ūoman)
Created by Dr. Light, Splash Woman is the first female Robot Master with a mermaid-like appearance who was built to save people from sinking ships until she was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. Her Laser Trident can emit a trident-shaped laser. During the credits, Splash Woman was seen in a picture with Auto on the beach as Auto takes a picture of her. Laser Trident

L. Trident


Plug Man

Plug Man
(プラグマン Puragu Man)
Created by Dr. Light, Plug Man was used to inspect the quality control in a television factory where he inspected every unit until he was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. His Plug Ball shoots out spark balls that travel across the terrain to shock opponents. During the credits, Plug Man was seen in a picture going shopping with Rush. Plug Ball

P. Ball


Jewel Man

Jewel Man
(ジュエルマン Jueru Man)
Created by Dr. Light, Jewel Man was used to work in a diamond mine where he cut and polished rocks with dexterity until he was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. His Jewel Satellite surrounds him with jewels and be used as a projectile. During the credits, Jewel Man was seen in a picture that shows in a mine with Roll as he shows her a jewel that he found. Jewel Satellite

J. Satellite


Hornet Man

Hornet Man
(ホーネットマン Hōnettoman)
Created by Dr. Light, Hornet Man was used to oversee a flower park by having the flowers pollinated until he was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. His Hornet Chaser shoots robotic bees to sting opponents. During the end credits, Hornet Man was seen in a picture tending to his garden with Beat present. Hornet Chaser

H. Chaser


Magma Man

Magma Man
(マグママン Maguma Man)
Created by Dr. Light, Magma Man was used to oversee safety operations and manage a geothermal plant until he was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. His Magma Bazooka fires three hot magma balls. During the credits, Magma Man was seen in the picture warming up Dr. Light's bathing oil drum. Magma Bazooka

M. Bazooka


Galaxy Man

Galaxy Man
(ギャラクシーマン Gyarakushīman)
Created by Dr. Light, Galaxy Man is a UFO-themed robot who can transform into a UFO and was used to work at a space research center to calculate the trajectory of robots until he was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. His Black Hole Bomb can fire a small orb that turns into a black hole upon exploding. During the credits, Galaxy Man was seen in a picture flying towards the sun in his UFO form as Proto Man watches him from a distance. Black Hole Bomb

B.H. Bomb

Mega Man 10 Robot MastersEdit

These following Robot Masters contracted Roboenza as Mega Man had to salvage parts of them to help Dr. Light find a cure for Roboenza.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Blade Man

Blade Man
(ブレイドマン Bureidoman)
Blade Man was a tour guide to an ancient castle before contracting Roboenza. His Triple Blade fires three blades in different directions. Triple Blade

T. Blade


Pump Man

Pump Man
(ポンプマン Ponpu Man)
Pump Man worked at a waste water treatment plant as well as washing off any graffiti he finds before contracting Roboenza. His Water Shield can create a shield of droplets and release them in different directions. Water Shield

W. Shield


Commando Man

Commando Man
(コマンドマン Komando Man)
Commando Man worked as a mine-sweeping robot that remote-detonated the mines before contracting Roboenza. His Commando Bomb fires out a missile that travels a straight path. Commando Bomb

C. Bomb


Chill Man

Chilled Man
(チルドマン Chirudoman)
Chill Man worked as an arctic nature observation robot who looked out for melting glaciers caused by global warming until he contracted Roboenza. His Chill Spike fires a gel that freezes when it hits a surface and sends icy spikes towards his opponents. Chill Spike

C. Spike


Sheep Man

Sheep Man
(シープマン Shīpuman)
Sheep Man worked as a sheep-herding robot and then static resistance test division. Before he can change jobs after noticing his wool getting filled with static, Sheep Man contracted Roboenza. His Thunder Wool emits a wool-shaped cloud that brings down thunderbolts. Thunder Wool

T. Wool


Strike Man

Strike Man
(ストライクマン Sutoraiku Man)
Strike Man is a baseball-themed robot that worked as a batting practice robot before he contracted Roboenza. His Rebound Striker enables him to throw a ball that gets faster every time it bounces off a surface. Rebound Striker

R. Striker


Nitro Man

Nitro Man
(ニトロマン Nitoro Man)
Nitro Man is a robot who can turn into a motorcycle and worked as a stunt robot in many TV shows and movies before contracting Roboenza. His Wheel Cutter enables him to shoot razor wheels at this opponents. Wheel Cutter

W. Cutter


Solar Man

Solar Man
(ソーラーマン Sōrā Man)
Solar Man worked in a sunlight researched lab before he contracted Roboenza. His Solar Blaze can shoot a fiery orb that splits into two directions when shot from his head. Solar Blaze

S. Blaze

Mega Man 11 Robot MastersEdit

These Robot Masters have different manufacturers until they were captured during Dr. Light's maintenance on them and reprogrammed to serve Dr. Wily who also equipped them with his Double Gear System device. After Dr. Wily's plot is thwarted, Dr. Light and a Double Gear System-enhanced Auto recovered their bodies and worked to rebuild them and restore them to normal.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Gear Name Weapon

Block Man

Block Man
(ブロックマン Burokkuman)
"I'll drop you like a ton of bricksǃ" – Block Man

Block Man is a stout robot manufactured by Nakaume Heavy Machinery that was used for exterior construction until he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. His Block Dropper can spawn four heavy blocks in the air and fall to strike his opponents.

He is voiced by Kazutomi Yamamoto in the Japanese version and by Marc Swint in the English dub.

Power Gear Block Dropper

B. Dropper


Fuse Man

Fuse Man
(ヒューズマン Hyūzuman)
"High voltageǃ" – Fuse Man

Fuse Man is an electrical robot created by O.D.A. Electronics to manage electronic equipment in a power plant until he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. His Scramble Thunder launches a sphere of electricity that will cling on to any surface and be controlled in any direction.

He is voiced by Makoto Furukawa in the Japanese version and by Todd Haberkorn in the English dub.

Speed Gear Scramble Thunder

S. Thunder


Blast Man

Blast Man
(ブラストマン Burasutoman)
"Explosion... is ARTǃ" – Blast Man

Blast Man is a robot created by B.B. Bomb Company where he works providing special effects for movies until he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. His Chain Blast creates floating explosives that detonate at any time.

He is voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka in the Japanese version and by Chris Hackney in the English dub.

Power Gear Chain Blast

C. Blast


Acid Man

Acid Man
(アシッドマン Ashiddo Man)
"Welcome to my chemical paradise." – Acid Man

Acid Man is a chemist robot created by Mecha-Chuchets Institute of Robology and was given a mad scientist personality when he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. His Acid Barrier creates a shield of acid around him that can be shot out towards his opponents.

He is voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi in the Japanese version and by Christopher Corey Smith in the English dub.

Speed Gear Acid Barrier

A. Barrier


Tundra Man

Tundra Man
(ツンドラマン Tsundora Man)

Tundra Man is a robot created by Cossack Robot Laboratories where he works to monitor the environmental changes in the coldest environments until he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. His Tundra Storm creates a column of icy cold that destroys his opponents above and below him.

He is voiced by Shinji Kawada in the Japanese version and by Michael T. Coleman in the English dub.

Speed Gear Tundra Storm

T. Storm


Torch Man

Torch Man
(トーチマン Tōchiman)
"Fall... to the fist of flameǃ" – Torch Man

Torch Man is a robot created by Tsubakuro Precision Machining where he was used as an outdoor advisor to caution people about fire safety until he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. His Blazing Torch can fire a ball of red hot fire diagonally into the air.

He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in the Japanese version and by Jon Bailey in the English dub.

Power Gear Blazing Torch

B. Torch


Impact Man

Pile Man
(パイルマン Pairuman)

Impact Man (also called Pile Man in the Japanese version) is a robot created by Nakaume Heavy Machinery where he works as a construction robot that specializes in piling until he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. When using the Power Gear, Impact Man can turn into a jackhammer. His Pile Driver enables him to send his spike into his opponents.

He is voiced by Masaki Terasoma in the Japanese version and by Jesse Merlin in the English dub.

Power Gear Pile Driver

P. Driver


Bounce Man

Rubber Man
(ラバーマン Rabāman)
"I bet you can't bounce like thisǃ" – Bounce Man

Bounce Man (also called Rubber Man in the Japanese version) is a robot created by a joint R&D done by Rebound Rubber and Momo's Robot Farm where he works as a crash test robot where his bounciness and rubber skin enabled him to become a fitness instructor as well. Even though he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, Bounce Man still maintains his cheerful and childlike personality. His Bounce Ball shoots three bouncy balls that can be tilted up and down before exploding.

He is voiced by Yukari Tamura in the Japanese version and by Bonnie Gordon in the English dub.

Speed Gear Bounce Ball

B. Ball

Mega Man & Bass Robot MastersEdit

Besides Tengu Man and Astro Man, the following Robot Masters were used by King in his robot revolution. Some of them were created by King while others were modified by King.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon

Dynamo Man

Dynamo Man
(ダイナモマン Dainamoman)
Dynamo Man used to work at a power plant as a tour guide for school field trips until he was modified by King. His Lightning Bolt will summon lightning that strikes the area. Lightning Bolt

L. Bolt


Cold Man

Cold Man
(コールドマン Kōrudoman)
Cold Man was originally a refrigerator used at Dr. Light's laboratory to store prehistoric DNA until King modified it into a robot. His Ice Wall creates a spiky wall of ice that he pushes towards his opponents. Ice Wall

I. Wall


Ground Man

Ground Man
(グランドマン Gurandoman)
Ground Man was created by King to excavate the ruins and can turn into a drill-shaped vehicle where he can't be harmed in this form. His Spread Drill is a drill-like missile that can split into three smaller drills. Spread Drill

S. Drill


Pirate Man

Pirate Man
(パイレーツマン Pairētsuman)
Pirate Man was created by King to attack the cargo vessels at sea. His Remote Mine is a remote-controlled bomb that can be detonated at any time. Remote Mine

R. Mine


Burner Man

Burner Man
(バーナーマン Bānā Man)
Burner Man was created by Wily to bring harm to the natural environments. His Wave Burner is a short-ranged flamethrower. Wave Burner

W. Burner


Magic Man

Magic Man
(マジックマン Majikkuman)
Magic Man is former circus performer until he sided with King to show off his magic talents. His Magic Card can steal energy from his opponents in order to restore his health. Magic Card

M. Card


The Stardroids (known as the "Space Rulers" in Japan) are a group of alien Robot Masters featured in Mega Man V. Hailing from an ancient alien civilization, Dr. Wily discovered them in some ruins and reactivated them as part of his plans to dominate the Earth.

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon


(アース Āsu)
Terra is the first Stardroid that Mega Man encounters, and fills a similar role to the Mega Man Killers of the previous games. Terra defeats him easily, since his Mega Buster cannot damage him until Dr. Light upgrades him with the Mega Arm (which replaces his standard charge shot with a grabbing attack). After Mega Man defeats the eight other Stardroids, he encounters Terra again, this time with the ability to destroy him. His name is based on Earth and the third planet of Solar System. His main attack is the Spark Chaser, a laser which can home in enemies and damage them multiple times. He can also teleport and fire a circle projectile that will freeze Mega Man. Terra's attitude towards Mega Man is not unlike that of Bass. Spark Chaser

S. Chaser



(マーキュリー Mākyurī)
Mercury is one of the first group of Stardroids. His name is based on the Roman messenger god of trade and the first planet of the solar system. His main attack is the Grab Buster (Snatch Buster in Japan), a projectile that can steal energy or power-ups from Mega Man and he can transform into liquid metal hopping in thrice and repeat the process. He can also steal power-ups and P-chips from careless players. Grab Buster

G. Buster



(ビーナス Bīnasu)
Venus is in the first group of Stardroids. He is named after the Roman goddess of love and the second planet of the solar system. His main attack is the Bubble Bomb, a weapon that behaves similarly to Burst Man's Danger Wrap from Mega Man 7. If it is small, it travels in one direction until it explodes, however large bubbles remain stationary explosive traps. His design is based on a crab and similar to that of Toad Man from Mega Man 4. Bubble Bomb

B. Bomb



(マース Māsu)
Mars is in the first group of Stardroids. He is named after the Roman god of war and the fourth planet of the solar system. His main attack is the Photon Missile, a powerful rocket that can tear through almost any enemy once up to speed. These are fired through a large launcher protruding from his head, similar to the rocket launcher Napalm Man from Mega Man 5 possesses. Also like Napalm Man, he is also equipped with autocannons for hands and shoulder-mounted missile batteries. Mars can also transform into a fully invulnerable tank and lay landmines while in this form. He is one of the more dangerous Stardroids. Photon Missile

P. Missile



(ジュピター Jupitā)
Jupiter is in the second group of Stardroids. He is based on the Roman supreme deity and the fifth planet of the solar system. His main attack is the Electric Shock, a massive thunderbolt channeled through his body. When Mega Man acquires it, the weapon functions like a tazer. He can also fire electric sparks from his arms. Jupiter was originally designed with a high-yield electron bomb in his arsenal, however his fear of explosives led him to avoid using it. According to his CD data in Mega Man & Bass, he has a rivalry with Gyro Man, supported by his quote ("Clear my way, propeller scum!"). Electric Shock

E. Shock



(サターン Satān)
Saturn is in the second group of Stardroids. He is based on the Roman god of agriculture and harvest and the sixth planet of the solar system. His main attack is the Black Hole, summoned by the ring he carries. He can also use the ring as a powerful means of attack, stop time, and fire off rings of shots from his body. He is another rather dangerous Stardroid. Black Hole

B. Hole



(ウラノス Uranosu)
Uranus is in the second group of Stardroids and the strongest of the group. His name is based on the Greek mythological god of the skies, ancestor of gods, and the seventh planet of the solar system. His main attack is the Deep Digger, which functions similarly to Guts Man's Super Arm from the original Mega Man in that it requires external ammunition in the form of special blocks to use. Uranus is so heavy he can cause massive cave-ins simply by jumping repeatedly. His defense is so incredibly tough that even a fully charged Mega Arm can deal only minimal damage. Deep Digger

D. Digger



(プルート Purūto)
Pluto is in the second group of Stardroids. He is named after the Roman god of the underworld and the most popularly well-known dwarf planet. His main attack is the Break Dash, a rapid dash that can be performed on the ground or in midair and grants the user invulnerability while using it. He can also use his claws to fire off shockwaves and homing energy blasts. His style is similar to Neon Tiger in Mega Man X3. Slash Man from Mega Man 7 is revealed to be based on him. Break Dash

B. Dash



(ネプチューン Nepuchūn)
Neptune is in the first group of Stardroids. He is named after the Roman god of water and sea and the eighth planet of the solar system. His main attack is the Salt Water, which resembles and is reminiscent of Toxic Seahorse's Acid Burst from Mega Man X3. He jumps back and forth between walls causing corrosive water to drop down on Mega Man and uses his own attack whenever Mega Man gets near him. Salt Water

S. Water



(サンゴッド Sangoddo)
Sunstar is an ancient and powerful robot Dr. Wily discovered alongside the Stardroids, though he is not officially considered part of the group. Wily reactivates Sunstar in a last attempt to destroy Mega Man, but flees when the robot attacks him. Sunstar has several attacks, including large laser beams, a buzzsaw-like move, floor-destroying flames, and a rain attack similar to Toad Man's Rain Flush. Upon defeating Sunstar, Mega Man offers to bring him back to Dr. Light's lab, convincing him that humans and robots can coexist peacefully. However, Sunstar refuses his offer, and Mega Man is forced to escape without him as Sunstar prepares to self-destruct, destroying Wily's space fortress in the process. Various (Unobtainable)

V. (Unobtainable)

Mega Man X charactersEdit

The following is a list of recurring characters appearing in the Mega Man X series of video games developed and published by Capcom. Unless otherwise stated, each of these characters is a reploid; an artificially intelligent android. Names are organized in order of appearance, and characters who only appear in a single game are covered in the article for the corresponding game.

Maverick HuntersEdit

The Maverick Hunters (Irregular Hunters イレギュラーハンター in Japan) are a group of Reploids who protect humans and other Reploids from Mavericks and the heroes of the Mega Man X series, and the protagonists of each game are prominent Maverick Hunters. When they are introduced in Mega Man X, they have already existed for quite a while, having been previously founded by Dr. Cain (who has since retired). From Mega Man X on, they battle Sigma and the other Mavericks.


In the original game Mega Man X, he is the template on which all non-Light model Reploids (except Zero) are based, and he battles against Mavericks to protect humans and assuage his guilt for his part in their creation. He was created by Dr. Light sometime in 20XX. Light named him X after the variable "x" which, in algebraic terms, represents limitless possibility, as do X's advanced systems.

Light feared the ramifications of giving robots free will, so he chose to seal X inside a capsule for 30 years to test the integrity and reliability of X's systems.[21] Unfortunately, this landed well beyond Dr. Light's predicted life expectancy, and he died before X's diagnostics were complete. X was discovered in his capsule 100 years later by another scientist, Dr. Cain, who attempted to emulate X's technology and, with X's help, produced the first mass-produced Reploids: humanoid androids based upon X's designs. When Reploids began to rebel against humanity (such rebels are termed Mavericks), the Maverick Hunters were formed to combat them, under the leadership of Sigma, the strongest and most advanced Reploid created at that time, as well as the first Reploid created by Cain. This proved to be disastrous when Sigma himself was eventually infected with the Maverick Virus, and went Maverick himself, taking most of the Maverick Hunters with him as he leads a massive revolt. X, feeling guilty for being the catalyst of the Maverick outbreak, takes it upon himself to help put a stop to Sigma and his plans, and teams up with Zero, one of the last remaining Hunters, in an attempt to find Sigma and put a stop to his revolt.

X appeared in the Mega Man episode "Mega X" voiced by Michael Donovan. He follows Vile and Spark Mandrill to the present to stop them from taking Lightanium back to their own time to help Sigma finance his wars against humans. Like Mega Man, X has the ability to copy weapons from enemies by touching them, as he is seen copying Snake Man's weapon to destroy Dr. Wily's plasma cannon. Unlike Mega Man, X seems to be able to copy a weapon multiple times-Mega Man can only use a copied weapon once (as he only copies it once), while X was seen copying and using Snake Man's weapon three times.

An X outfit can be unlocked and worn by the character Frank West in Dead Rising, who also uses it as part of his hyper combo in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars and also appears as Frank's DLC costume in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. X himself also appears in Zero's ending. Also, X appears as a cameo in Zero's appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. One of Zero's alternate color schemes is based on X's and later in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with another one that resembles X's white armor from the first game, and even a DLC costume with the look of X. X also appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as part of Mega Man's Final Smash. Mii Gunners also have access to X's armor through paid DLC in both versions. X is also seen along with Zero in Project X Zone and its sequel. X himself is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Puzzle Fighter.


Originally intended to be the protagonist of Mega Man X,[22] he was recast as the mentor and, later, partner of X in favor of an X who looked "more like Mega Man". He is a top class Maverick Hunter who undergoes constant inner turmoil regarding his mysterious past and purpose, of which he seems to see glimpses of in nightmares, and the fact that the Virus does not affect him like it does other reploids, who have their programs corrupted and turn erratic and violent and bent on human destruction, becoming "Maverick". Quite the contrary, it in fact makes him stronger, and causes him absolutely no ill effects, much to his grief and fear. In Mega Man X to X3, his main weapon is the Z-Buster, with the Z-Saber being introduced to his arsenal in X2 and being usable by both Zero and X in X3, but as more of a sub weapon. In Mega Man X4 onwards, Z-Saber becomes his main weapon, and the buster his sub weapon (It actually has not been seen in use since X6, but a similar weapon called Buster Shot is one of his weapons in the Mega Man Zero series). Zero can also wield other weapons as well as seen in X7, X8, and the Zero series. He was actually created by Dr. Wily as his "masterpiece" in order to replace Bass and later destroy X, Light's masterpiece, thus settling his grudge rivalry with Light, and prove his superiority. In Mega Man X6 Zero's ending, he is shown some time in the future, entering a sleep capsule where he will awaken 102 years later on 15 August, likely setting the stage for the Mega Man Zero series, in which Zero becomes the main character. This would be the first of two times Zero seals himself away. Zero is a playable character in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and Project X Zone and its sequel.


Axl (アクセル, Akuseru), a black and red-armored reploid with an X-shaped scar above his nose. With the attributes of a child in X7, he is a fairly recent introduction. Having first appeared in Mega Man X7, he displays the unusual ability known as A-Trans allows which allows him to take on the appearance and abilities of any reploid he defeats which matches his size, an ability that is initially unique that allows him to explore normally inaccessible areas. Axl is also armed with a pair of handheld blaster pistols (although, in most cases Axl only uses one), which he calls Axl Bullets, and the ability to hover in midair and roll through enemy shots. While his gameplay style was originally similar to X, in Mega Man X8, Axl's gameplay had been reworked to create his own distinctive fighting style. His shots now have intense rapid-fire abilities and can fire in any direction, (similar to Bass from the Classic Mega Man series) and instead of copying the same Maverick weapons like X can, Axl instead gains a new type of gun for each boss he defeats which has unlimited ammo (unlike X7 where Axl could only receive three new guns which he switches to when he uses the Maverick weapons that come with them), and these special guns can be fired in the same way as Axl's regular attacks (multi-directional and rapid-fire). While overall the weakest in attack, Axl's fighting style relies more on rapid-fire than power.

Axl is introduced in Mega Man X7, having just left the mercenary Red Alert Syndicate and seeking membership in the Maverick Hunters. The Red Alert Syndicate, which hunts Robots and also takes on less savory assassination jobs, has been infiltrated by Sigma, and confronts the Maverick Hunters. X, Zero, and Axl work together to defeat Red Alert, and destroy Sigma, but in so doing, destroy both Red Alert, and its leader, Red, the only one Axl knows of who knows about his origins. He has a very special ability called Copy Shot, which allows him to disguise himself as certain non-boss enemies with A-Trans, the enfusing of the enemy's DNA data. In Mega Man X: Command Mission, Redips, initially the leader of the maverick hunters, also has the ability to transform. In MMX:CM, Axl's Action Trigger allows him to turn into defeated bosses such as Wild Jango, Silver Horn, Mad Nautilus, Mach Jentra, Incentas, Depth Dragoon, Rafflesian, and Ninetails. His Hyper Mode, Stealth Mode, allows him to avoid enemy attacks, similar to that of Spider's Hyper Mode, Trickstar.

Mega Man X8 reveals that Axl is a prototype for a next-generation reploid. These next-generation reploids all have the ability to copy other reploids through a chip that contains a reploid DNA database, and, due to its DNA changing nature, prevents them from going Maverick, as harmful changes are simply reverted. These next-generation reploids are pawns in two different plots:

  • With the copy chip containing a copy of Sigma's DNA within the library of hundreds of others, they inherit Sigma's mindset and way of thinking, thus giving them the freedom to go Maverick at will. Sigma wants to destroy the old world and start a new age with his "children"
  • Lumine, leader of the next-generation reploids and the one whom all of the next-generation reploids are based on, also plans to use them to destroy all the humans and old-model reploids so he can repopulate the Earth with next-generation reploids, fulfilling Sigma's ambition.

X, Zero, and Axl defeat them both, but when Lumine is defeated, he lashes out in his death throes, cracking the blue crystal on the red headpiece of Axl's helmet, knocking him unconscious, and X carries him out with Zero. This scene is not unlike the scene in X4 where Sigma and Zero fight in which Zero's "virus" is transferred to Sigma. Axl's ending of the game shows an ominous purple sparkle in his broken headgem, and Axl, unconscious, groans a bit, yet the significance of the sparkle is not yet known. Eventually, Axl is somehow revived, possibly to indicate that next-generation reploids have the ability to revive themselves while at death's door, and joins the fight along with X and Zero in Mega Man X: Command Mission. According to popular belief, the name "Axl" is a pun on the name Axl Rose from the hard rock band Guns N' Roses.

In Mega Man ZX Advent, there was a black biometal named Model A. Before the end of the game, Master Albert claimed that it is "Model Albert", as it contains his plan and ability, but the design of the Biometal is heavily based on Axl, using the left and right side hand guns and carrying the A-Trans ability, which creates some speculation about Model A's true identity. Model A is voiced by Yu Kobayashi in the game's Japanese version and by Katie Adler in its English version.

Axl also appears in Zero's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. Even though he doesn't appear, one of Zero's alternate color schemes in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is based on Axl.

Dr. Light (future version)Edit

In his later years, Dr. Thomas Light, worrying about the future of Earth, developed his magnum opus, the battle robot Mega Man X. As the "X" in its name signified, this battle robot was given "limitless evolutionary potential": the power to grow and evolve as he fights.

To assist X in his future battles, Dr. Light developed a great number of armors, and after an incident occurred where an unknown computer virus came from space and caused robots to become violent and riotous, he also hypothesized that X could battle robots infected by viruses. To that end, he equipped X with the perfect virus counter-measure.

However, X was not just a battle robot. He was also intended to be a new generation of "thinking robot", having advanced mental capacities roughly the same as a human's. Dr. Light made X so that utilizing his conscience, he is capable of thinking, feeling, and making his own decisions through the "act of worrying", which he considered a new epoch in robotics. Because of these advanced mental capabilities, X presented many problems inconceivable in existing robots. As this was the first time that this experiment had succeeded, there was a danger that X may worry over or question even the absolute requirement for robots, "Robots may not harm humans". If the act of worrying extended to matters that by the nature of robots must not be questioned, it would be disastrous. Dr. Light figured that in the worst case, if a robot were to harm humans deliberately, humankind would tremble with fear the like of which was unknown even in the days of the "Dr. Wily" incidents. As such, also taking into account X and his armors' combat capabilities, Dr. Light concluded that X was an extremely dangerous being that could become a threat to mankind. To determine X's reliability, Dr. Light considered subjecting X's cognitive program to 30 years of ethical testing, but because human life is short and fleeting, Dr. Light would never live to confirm the safety of the X project. It is for that very reason that he decided to seal X away in a capsule, hoping that he would be discovered in a far flung future, urging through a warning that the capsule should not be opened before the aforementioned 30 years had passed.

Though that was his logical conclusion, his feelings had always considered his final creation as a hero that would fight for justice and peace for all people; not as a robot potentially dangerous to humankind. Because of this, he talked to X about how he feared that humanity was not yet ready to accept him. According to him, humanity was not yet mature, and they would judge X's name, limitless potential, and human like mental capabilities as something to be feared. Making clear his true intentions before sealing X away, Dr. Light continued telling him that he considered X as the world's one true hope, somebody that could guide the people of the future. These same feelings he also left in a message to whoever would find X, but at the same time also expressing his concern that X would be swept up in a war called "progress". As Dr. Light himself expressed, there was little chance he would live another 30 years to see X come into the world. The construction took a very long time, to the point that Dr. Light had aged considerably by the time of his completion. His health failing, he died soon after sealing X away. He continues to live on, however, as a sentient hologram, who aids X in his battles by upgrading his armor with stronger enhancements.

Doctor Light's holographic form appears as a non-playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. In the game's story, he provides support for the heroes as they battle Ultron Sigma's forces.[23]

Dr. CainEdit

Dr. Cain, a human archaeologist-turned-robot expert, serves a vital, yet shrinking role in the Mega Man X games and their backstories. In the story of Mega Man X (told in the form of Dr. Cain's journals), Dr. Cain discovers the dormant Mega Man X in the ruins of Dr. Light's lab. After awakening X, Cain invents Reploids, sapient robots based on X's design, with the most notable being Sigma. Sigma, being the most advanced robot at the time, was placed as the head of the Maverick Hunters (Irregular Hunters in the Japanese version), a group of reploids dedicated to destroying any reploid that violated the three rules of robotics.

Dr. Cain's role in later games diminishes. In Mega Man X2 he rebuilds Zero after X recovers his parts from the X-Hunters. In X3, he has next to no role, only appearing when you lose Zero, in the scene in which Zero says he cannot fight any more. X3 marked his final appearance in game. The American Manual to Mega Man X4 has a note stating that he in fact was responsible for the creation of Doppler and Repliforce, however, this was added by the localization team, and not present in the original Japanese manual, and is thus, not to be considered canon.

In Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, a remake of Mega Man X, his role is expanded on slightly, showing Sigma giving periodic reports to Cain on Maverick Hunter activities, and X's progress. He is shown to periodically connect to a large machine when he eats, possibly a dialysis machine, or to aid in digestion, as concept artwork of Cain shows that while he has 4 ports on his back to connect to the machine, he is fully capable of standing upright with his cane. When Sigma launches the missile strike at the city, his home is seen engulfed in a nearby explosion, and he fades to white while musing over how Reploids were created by humanity and humankind was too arrogant. His death in this version of events is heavily implied since a missile struck his home.

While responsible for awakening and assisting X, his invention of Reploids was the direct cause of all the major wars throughout the X, Zero, and ZX games, resulting in rapid, dramatic changes of society that are often for the worst, despite his background in archaeology and botany.

Another note is that his name is Cain, the biblical man who betrayed and killed his brother, Abel. In a similar fashion, Dr. Cain unintentionally betrayed humanity to doom and destruction for generations to come in his creation of Reploids. The city that he lives in, and the Main maverick Hunter base was stationed in Maverick Hunter X, also, was aptly named, "Abel City"

It should also be mentioned that in the original SNES series that Cain never died. He appears in Mega Man X2 and X3, perfectly healthy and advising X and Zero on their next moves. However, he doesn't appear in any game beyond Mega Man X3, with the exception of a brief mention in Mega Man X4.


Iris was developed by Repliforce scientists as half of the "Perfect Soldier program". Colonel, her brother, was the other half. Her half was of the compassionate and peaceful one, and Colonel's was of the strong-willed Reploid warrior. Repliforce scientists had struggled to make these two factors into one Reploid, but the differences were irreconcilable, so they split them into brother and sister Reploids.

Iris trains with the Maverick Hunters, and during this time she develops feelings for Zero. Later, she acts as a navigator at the Maverick Hunter Headquarters, instructing Zero on where to go for his missions. Despite her willingness to instruct Zero, she constantly urges him to refrain from fighting, especially against her brother. When her brother is later destroyed, the pain drives Iris mad and she makes a trip to the Final Weapon. She waits for Zero in a laboratory, where she uses Colonel's fighting will to gain a powerful body armor. Zero defeats her, and Iris dies from program failure caused by attempting to use her brother's fighting will on her systems; the systems clashed and caused Iris terrible pain as she fought against Zero. Before she dies, she tells Zero that she wishes for a world where there are only Reploids, and wishes to be with him in that world. Her death causes Zero to question his beliefs and causes him much grief and pain. Later Sigma taunts Zero before their battle, saying that Iris is waiting for him. After the Final Weapon is destroyed and Zero is on his way back to Earth, he thinks about the friends he couldn't save, especially Iris.

Iris makes a cameo in Mega Man X5, when using Zero to destroy Sigma's latest incarnation. She also appears as X's and Zero's guide in Mega Man Xtreme 2 for the Game Boy Color. An alternate universe version of her appears in Mega Man Battle Network 6, and plays a significant role in the storyline.

Iris also has a cameo appearance in Project X Zone, a 2012 crossover game for the 3DS. In Chapter 29, she is brought to The World from the .hack series and used as bait by Vile to cause Zero anguish over her death. Though the non-Mega Man X characters are confused about the situation with Iris, they still realize that Zero is in trouble and come to his rescue. Once Zero has recovered and remembers his duties as a Hunter right after defeating Vile, he tells Iris that her dream is not possible. At that moment Aura (the AI from .hack) tells her she is not supposed to be present, thus causing her to fade. As she vanishes, she tells Zero that the situation between them has been resolved and to never give up. After she disappears, Zero with a renewed spirit declares that he will see her again one day, finally giving him closure over her death.


Alia is a character in the Mega Man X series. She acts as a Navigator for the Maverick Hunters in Mega Man X5 and onwards.

Alia began her career as a simple researcher in Reploid engineering. She and her colleague Gate whom she was said to have feelings for, were ahead of their time in their research on Reploids, though she contends that Gate was always a better programmer than she was. However, Gate's inability to follow the rules made him a social outcast, and his creations were systematically destroyed, sometimes even with the assistance of Alia herself. She soon mastered all programming languages and was chosen on these merits to be a spotter for the Hunters. In Mega Man X5, Alia then served as the Hunters' spotter (navigator) during the Sigma Virus outbreak, while simultaneously lending her technical talents to the cause by uploading and letting X utilize his two new armors, the Falcon and Gaea armor. She supported the Hunters throughout the ordeal until it was resolved. And most of the time, she worries for her comrades.

In Mega Man X6, she spotted X and Zero as they dealt with the Nightmares, and her past with Gate came back to haunt her. Though feeling guilty throughout the happenings, she assisted the Hunters in bringing Gate to justice. When Gate was defeated, though, X brought his remains to Alia, and she said she would do her best to repair him, although it's unknown if she ever succeeded or not. As the Earth Recovery proceeded, Alia continued to act as a Hunter navigator. Her skills were brought to good use when Axl escaped from the Red Alert Syndicate, a new hunter organization that had risen to power, in the Mega Man X7 installment. With X having retired from the Hunters, he assisted Alia with her work at the base. During the crisis, Alia continued to guide Zero and Axl – and X, once he decided that he needed to help out – on their missions, eventually helping them locate Red Alert's base.

In Mega Man X8, Alia continued her spotter position, assisted by two new navigators (Layer and Palette). Working in tandem, she assists in the discovery of the new generation chips and Sigma's plot. Alia is also a secret unlockable character in the game and is similar to her counterpart, X in terms of controls. She has her own arm cannon, the Alia Buster, and a Weapon Copy system, but lacks X's armor and its abilities.


Layer is a navigator alongside Alia and Pallette in X8. She appears as a tanned reploid with long violet hair set in a hime cut. Her high processing power allows her to quickly determine enemy abilities. For the most part, Layer appears to be the oldest navigator, staying calm and collected. However, she seems to show more concern for Zero, even blushing when talking to him. Palette's comment on how she "waited the whole time for him" seems to imply that she has a crush on him. Zero, however, does not seem to notice this. Layer is also a secret unlockable character in the game, and has gameplay similar to Zero's. She has her own sword weapon, the "Layer Rapier", allowing her to use the same abilities as Zero, but she cannot use his "Black Armor".


Palette is another navigator alongside Alia and Layer in X8, appearing as a reploid with blonde hair and turquoise armor. She excels at finding hidden routes at facilities, often allowing X to find Dr. Light's armor capsules. She appears to be the most playful of the navigators, and hates being ignored. Palette is also an unlockable character in the game, taking after Axl's playstyle. She cannot, however, use Axl's copy ability.


Douglas is a mechanic for the Maverick Hunters. In Mega Man X5, he constructed power-up parts (or "modules") for X and Zero and reinforced the Enigma Cannon and Space Shuttle with the parts they gathered from the Mavericks. During the Nightmare outbreak (X6), Douglas helped X and Zero by refining power-up parts for them. Although he is still employed by the Maverick Hunters, he has not appeared in-game for a while. He is a somewhat eccentric character who prefers to look on the lighter side of things. He can fix about anything.


Signas is the newest leader and commander of the Maverick Hunters, introduced in X5. He was originally a private investigator before being assigned to the Maverick Hunters. Signas commands every mission executed by the Hunters, and he often plans out major operations, overseeing them carefully. Very loyal to humans and reploids, Signas will stop at nothing to ensure that all Mavericks are eliminated, as he has already proven to be a worthy leader and valuable Hunter. He has the most advanced CPU of all current Reploids and is somewhat similar to Colonel from X4 in appearance. *Not to be mistaken with Sigma


Maverick (Irregular (イレギュラー, Iregyurā) in Japan) refers to Reploids who turned against humanity due to the effects of the Maverick Virus or of their own accord, depending on the individual.

The Mavericks also appeared as the main villains in the Worlds Unite crossover from Archie Comics, which took place between the Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, Mega Man, and Sonic Boom comic lines. Following the events of X7, Sigma traveled back in time to Sonic the Hedgehog's home world, and later cloned the vast majority of the Mavericks featured in the series. The only exceptions are those featured in Command Mission and a handful from the other games.


Sigma (シグマ, Shiguma) is the primary antagonist of the Mega Man X series, considered to be the finest reploid of the time with circuitry designs meant to keep him from going Maverick. He was once the leader of the Maverick Hunters, but during a mission, he came into contact with Zero, who at the time was under the influence of the Zero Virus and had been running berserk. During their battle, Zero inflicts severe damage to Sigma and almost manages to kill him, but when he is paralyzed by a horrible pain emanating from the crystal on his helmet due to the virus's control, Sigma manages to gain the upper hand and shatters the crystal with one well placed punch, knocking Zero unconscious but inadvertently becoming infected with the Zero Virus. Although Sigma was initially stable after the incident, the virus soon took its hold, and he went Maverick himself and declared war on humans. He was defeated by X and Zero numerous times before being finally defeated on the moon in Mega Man X8, where they believed the Zero Virus will eventually die out. He is voiced by Mugihito from Mega Man X4 through Maverick Hunter X in Japanese, Charlie Fontana in the English adaptation of X4, Walter Roberts in the English adaptation of X7, Dave Pettitt in the English adaptation of X8, and Gerald Matthews in the English adaptation of Maverick Hunter X.

Sigma appears as a tall, bald humanoid in most of his forms. Although he has been destroyed countless times, Sigma's programming is able to survive the encounters in viral form, allowing him to build new bodies. It is implied that he grows more insane with each transformation, the most dramatic example being in X6: by that point, he's a mere zombified shell, barely coherent, screaming in broken sentences, and only out for blood; he only looks to destroy X and Zero simply for them being there. He manages to develop his data into the Sigma Virus, which allows him to easily infect numerous Reploids. He is fond of transforming himself into a larger and stronger form after his first normal form is defeated. He is a capable military leader, rendering him a devious and strategic opponent and allowing him to turn various Reploids, Mavericks, even other Maverick Hunters to his side, which is especially shown in X4, where he pushes the Repliforce and Maverick Hunters into nearly destroying each other. After his defeat in Mega Man X8, Lumine claims that Sigma is dead for good and will be unable to ever return, though it could be implied that the one that was destroyed is actually a clone, and that Lumine is the real Sigma in disguise.

Sigma appears as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite via downloadable content and is voiced by Chris Tergliafera. Sigma is also one of the game's main antagonists alongside Ultron, with the two using the Infinity Stones to merge and become "Ultron Sigma".[24]


Vile (VAVA (ヴァヴァ) in Japanese) is a recurring major villain in the Mega Man X series, and frequently reappears as a mid-game boss. He has a distinctive helmet with a T-shaped visor, similar to that of Boba Fett. Vile is introduced in Mega Man X, where he is a former Maverick Hunter now serving Sigma as his right-hand man. When he first fights X (while in his ride armor) in Mega Man X, Vile reveals the fact that he is stronger and more powerful than X and his "antiquated weapons". He and X fought, and X was almost defeated, but Zero came to his rescue by blasting the arm from Vile's ride armor. Vile escapes and vows to confront X and Zero later. When Zero later tells X that he has found Sigma's fortress, they split up. Zero and Vile meet at the fortress entrance just as X arrives. They battle (with Vile in his repaired ride armor), and by the time X confronts Vile, he has captured Zero. X is then again nearly defeated by Vile. Zero once again comes to the rescue, as he regains strength, jumps on Vile's back, and destroys Vile's ride armor. The resulting explosion also destroyed Zero's legs, fatally damaging him. With Vile's ride armor destroyed, X defeats Vile, enraged, and continues on into Sigma's fortress. Zero gives X his arm cannon before he dies (only if the player did not obtain arm cannon upgrade hidden in the game).

In Mega Man X3 Vile is sent along with Bit and Byte to destroy X. There is little dialogue from Bit and Byte, showing that they don't have much of a personality, unlike Vile, who even states to Dr. Doppler that he has a score to settle with X, apparently angry about being destroyed in the first installment of the Mega Man X games. In the first Mega Man X game Vile controls a large mobile carrier, and in X3, he uses a similar carrier, although according to Vile the carrier is the new "Goliath" model. Vile also uses a carrier in X8, but unlike in the first and third games, he switches in and out of his carrier, giving the battle a bit more variety. The first encounter with Vile in X3 takes place in what appears to be a recently abandoned factory. Vile's plan is to blow up the factory with X still inside, and will either retreat from battle or be destroyed depending on the player's actions. Vile's last words to X are that he will haunt him till the day that he dies, before being destroyed himself.

Vile returns yet again In Mega Man X8, and tries to convince Mega Man X, along with Zero and Axl to "give up", whether or not he was being serious in this attempt, or just taunting them is unknown. After being defeated at the final stage in Hard Mode, when the primary playable character exits through the door, Vile makes a last-ditch effort to take whatever secondary playable character left behind with him while the other character is forced to go through the rest of the stage alone until the two are reunited during the Sigma fight. His ultimate fate is unknown, but it is implied that the other character destroyed him. In Easy or Normal Mode, Vile is simply destroyed upon his defeat.

Vile is a playable character in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, and in his version of the single-player story he is recast as a loose cannon who is freed from imprisonment by Sigma to wreak havoc (his change of allegiance is reflected in his appearance; unlike in the original Mega Man X, the symbol on his forehead is a V instead of Sigma's stylized Σ). He turns against Sigma's Mavericks, but in his final battle, instead of fighting Sigma, he confronts both X and Zero, though he ends up being destroyed in the end. In Vile mode on Maverick Hunter X, Vile gets a very large amount of weapons for his carrier, his legs and his arms. It was discovered in X mode on Maverick Hunter X that Vile uses his ride armor all the time and almost never gets off of it, which protected Vile when Zero wrestled him, so instead of destroying Vile, like Zero hoped, he only destroyed Vile's ride armor, leaving Vile himself unaffected.

He made a one-episode appearance in the 1994 Mega Man cartoon by Ruby-Spears voiced by Lee Tockar. In this appearance, he was surprisingly similar to his game's counterpart in terms of appearance, when compared to many of the other characters. The addition of a neck and a taller, slightly more detailed head are the main differences, although whenever he is about to attack, he grabs his shoulder cannon and aims manually, unlike the games (with the exception of his Maverick Hunter X ending, which came out years after the cartoon was made). Mega Man didn't stand a chance against Vile because the shots from his arm cannon were just deflected off of Vile's armor. His personality is vastly different; in the games he is relatively crazy, possibly psychotic, but in the cartoon he is a collected character and has a deep, calm voice. He's very arrogant, often calling Mega Man "puny", and when he hears Dr. Wily come up with what he views a good plan, Vile says "not bad, for a puny human". His actual objective was to steal Lightanium rods developed by Dr. Light, which according to X were worth billions in the future, and which Sigma planned to use them to fund his war against the humans. Vile is also heavily implied to have a grudge against X, though the reasons behind their rivalry have never been explored. During the episode, Vile entered an alliance with Wily into obtaining the Lightanium rods in exchange for the Plasma energy that Wily needs to power up a new blaster weapon to conquer the world. Eventually, Mega Man and his X counterpart stop them in their paths by destroying the blaster weapon, and X pushes both Vile and Spark Mandrill back to their time while Wily and his cohorts escape the scene.

Although Vile is a recurring villain in the Mega Man X series, he is a different color in each game; purple in the first, blue in the third, and green in the eighth.


The X-Hunters, known as the Counter Hunters (カウンターハンター, Kauntā Hantā) in Japan, are a group of three Mavericks who are formed to counter the Maverick Hunters and tasked to destroy X, and are the main antagonists of Mega Man X2. The members of the group are Violen (バイオレン, Baioren), the muscle and enforcer, Serges (Sagesse (サーゲス, Sāgesu) in Japan), the brains and scientist, and Agile (アジール, Ajīru), the speed and military strategist. They are among the few remaining followers in the Maverick rebellion and led a rebellion of their own after Sigma's death and took over the North Pole. They were also in possession of Zero's parts, which apart of their Unification Plan to rebuilt Zero as a Maverick, and they challenge X in a dual for the parts after some of their Mavericks were defeated. Each member is found in a secret area of a stage and will move to another stage. After X beat each of the X Hunters, he recovered all three parts and has a final battle with them at their lair. One by one, all of the X Hunters were destroyed and eventually X confronts a newly revived Sigma.

Dr. DopplerEdit

Dr. Doppler (Dr.ドップラー, Doppurā) is the main antagonist of Mega Man X3. Dr. Doppler is depicted as a Reploid researcher who supposedly discovered a cure for Maverick Reploids, and even founded a city, Dopple Town, in honor of it. When the supposedly cured reploids began causing riots in Dopple Town, the Maverick Hunters held Doppler accountable. After X and Zero defeats him, Doppler reveals that he was corrupted by the viral form of Sigma, who ordered him to create a new body for him. Eventually, Zero would learn that Dr. Doppler has the true antivirus, and applies it to his Z-Saber to finish off Sigma and get X and himself out of Doppler's exploding laboratory. (Alternatively, if Zero is injured, Dr. Doppler uses his own body as the true antivirus and sacrifices himself.) Dr. Cain was his friend.

Dr. Doppler also plays a role in Carddass-exclusive storyline series called Rockman X: Mega Mission, where he unleashes his own virus, the Limited Virus, which is responsible for revival of some of Mavericks that X had previously defeated in previous games, as well as a copy of X himself (written as イクス, Ikusu), also known as iX by the fans to distinguish it from the original.

Nightmare PoliceEdit

The Nightmare Police (ナイトメアポリス, Naitomea Porisu) is duo of Reploids who were the law enforcement in Dopple Town formed by Dr. Doppler to protect it before the uprising and joining his army, consisting of Bit (Vajurila FF (ヴァジュリーラFF, Vajurīra FF) in Japan), the faster of the two, and Byte (Mandarela BB (マンダレーラBB, Mandarēra BB) in Japan), the stronger of the two. Doppler sent them to destroy X and Zero. They are found and fought in any of the eight stages in Mega Man X3. If at least one of them is defeated but not destroyed, they combine to form Godkarmachine O Inary (ゴッドカルマシーン・O・イナリー, Goddokarumashīn O Inarī) in the first stage of Doppler's fortress, which is an upgrade from Doppler after their first defeat.


Double (ダブル, Daburu) was a supporting character in Mega Man X4. He quickly befriended X during his mission and acted as his mission operator, but as X headed off to the Final Weapon, Double revealed his true purpose: he was a spy sent by Sigma to infiltrate the Maverick Hunters, unveiling his true personality as a combat-loving sadist, cruelly taunting X about his naivety when he was defeated. After slaughtering some Maverick Hunters in their headquarters, Double went after X inside the Final Weapon, and revealed his true form to him, causing a disbelieving X to realize he was betrayed, and confronted him in combat. However, X managed to destroy him.

As his name suggests, Double has two forms: the first is a short, overweight amicable form, but his second and true form is a much taller, thinner and stronger battle-ready Reploid, with sabers within the top of his hands and a gelatin-like substance present in his body. His name is also believed by some to signify that he is a double agent. Double's weakness is, coincidentally, the Double Cyclone.


Dynamo (ダイナモ, Dainamo), introduced in Mega Man X5 and later recurring in Mega Man X6 as an optional boss, is a Reploid mercenary who works for Sigma.

Dynamo portrays a very cocky and arrogant character. He was hired by Sigma to help his execution of the plan to spread the Maverick virus all over Earth. Once Sigma had executed the plan, Dynamo's job was to slow down the progress of X and Zero as they gathered parts for the Enigma cannon and the Shuttle, both of which were intended to stop the colony's crash, which was an integral part of Sigma's plan. Despite his arrogant claims, he escaped in a fit of cowardice when X and Zero defeated him, bringing him to the realization that he could die. This showed that he was still intelligent and hasn't turned Maverick, as most Mavericks would refuse to back down and fight till their destruction. With Sigma no longer around to protect him during Mega Man X6, he attempted gathering Nightmare Souls to enhance his power. However, he still failed miserably at fighting X and Zero, and escaped from them again. For unknown reasons, he has made no subsequent appearances after X6.

In X5, Dynamo is somewhat notable as the only boss other than the eight Mavericks that gets his own intro sequence.


Gate (ゲイト, Geito) is the main antagonist of Mega Man X6 and a researcher who formerly worked with Alia. Bearing knowledge far ahead of his peers, Gate ended up being exiled from the research community when his colleagues, including Alia, conspired to destroy Gate's Reploids out of fear for their power and inability to be analyzed. Months later following the crash of Eurasia, Gate discovered a piece of Zero's DNA and became infected by traces of the Maverick virus within it. Obsessed with building his own utopia for only the most supreme Reploids, Gate created the Nightmare Virus and the Zero Nightmare (a distorted and deranged clone of Zero) to instill fear in the population, then revived his Reploids as the "Nightmare Investigators" that would supposedly protect them but in reality lead them to their deaths.

As X investigates the Nightmare Virus and rescues the Reploids, he learns more about Gate and Alia's past with him. Eventually, Gate reveals himself and challenges X to a showdown in his secret laboratory, where he confronts him in a suit of invincible golden armor. After his defeat, Gate reveals that he had also salvaged Sigma and reactivates him, who in turn kills Gate. X later brings Gate's body back with him, leaving the final (unrevealed) decision of his fate to Alia out of respect for their former friendship.


Isoc is Gate's chief assistant in Mega Man X6. He is first seen giving a rousing speech to the Reploids and recruiting them as Nightmare Investigators. His actual goal, however, is to observe the effects of the Nightmare Virus and report them to Gate for further refinements. Isoc also shows an obsession with Zero, claiming that he knows everything there is to know about him.

After Gate's death, X and Zero find Isoc's body lying on the floor. Though functional, all data in his body has been erased, and it remains unknown as to what may have happened to him.

High MaxEdit

High Max is an antagonist in Mega Man X6. He was created by Gate as the ultimate Reploid, using DNA taken from Zero to make him incredibly powerful and resistant to damage (though this resistance can be overwhelmed with enough force). As the leader of the Nightmare Investigators, High Max is assigned the task to seek and destroy the Zero Nightmare as part of Gate's farce to lead the "low-grade" Reploids to their deaths through blind trust.

He initially attacks X when the Zero Nightmare is spotted nearby and accuses him of being in connection with the copy. After the Zero Nightmare is destroyed, High Max can be confronted in any of the eight stages. If defeated, he retreats and Isoc appears to cover his escape. High Max appears one final time in Gate's laboratory and is completely destroyed in battle.


Red appears in Mega Man X7 as the leader of Red Alert, an anti-Maverick mercenary group that had risen to prominence in place of the overworked and underequipped Maverick Hunters. He was the one who adopted and trained Axl, who looked up to Red as a father figure. After Red met with a mysterious "Professor" (Sigma) who claimed that he could increase his power, he began acting unusual and Axl took it as a sign to flee for his life, ultimately seeking asylum with the Maverick Hunters. Upon learning this, Red demanded that Axl be returned to him and set loose several Mavericks that Red Alert has captured, with the deal being that whichever group can defeat the Mavericks will gain custody of Axl.

After eliminating the bosses, X, Zero, and Axl infiltrate Red Alert's Crimson Palace and fight Red in a battle to the death. Later, after defeating Sigma, Red appears again to finish X and Zero off, but is revealed to be Axl in disguise as he delivers the final blow on the Hunters' oldest enemy.


Lumine is the main antagonist of Mega Man X8. Due to being a new generation Reploid, he can transform into other Reploids. Lumine is introduced as the director of the Jakob project, the Orbital elevator in the beginning of X8. He was soon kidnapped by Vile, due to his knowledge of the elevator. After defeating Sigma (originally thought to be the instigator of the events of the game once more) on normal or hard mode, Lumine is revealed to have been manipulating a weakened Sigma this time around, though he really means that he is essentially Sigma himself, and is carrying out his plans. He knows that Sigma could not do what he did in the whole series forever. He goes onto claim that this was Sigma's final death and that would be unable to return.

Lumine then reveals his own plan; to exterminate all humans and old generation Reploids and create a new world only for the new generation models. Lumine is fought in his normal form and then in an angelic form in a heavenly arena. After his defeat, he strikes Axl with what appears to be a tentacle and shatters the orb on his head, and appears to lodge a piece of the tentacle in the gem of his helmet.

Maverick BossesEdit

Mega Man X MavericksEdit
Name Japanese Name Basis Weapon
Chill Penguin Icy Penguigo (アイシー・ペンギーゴ, Aishī Pengīgo) King penguin Shotgun Ice (ショットガンアイス, Shottogan Aisu)
Spark Mandrill Spark Mandriller (スパーク・マンドリラー, Supāku Mandorirā) Mandrill Electric Spark (エレクトリックスパーク, Erekutorikku Supāku)
Armored Armadillo Armor Armarge (アーマー・アルマージ, Āmā Arumāji) Screaming hairy armadillo Rolling Shield (ローリングシールド, Rōringu Shīrudo)
Launch Octopus Launcher Octopuld (ランチャー・オクトパルド, Ranchā Okutoparudo) East Pacific red octopus Homing Torpedo (ホーミングトーピード, Homingu Topido)
Boomer Kuwanger (ブーメル・クワンガー, Būmeru Kuwangā) Stag beetle Boomerang Cutter (ブーメランカッター, Būmeran Kattā)
Sting Chameleon Sting Chameleao (スティング・カメリーオ, Sutingu Kamerīo) Meller's chameleon Chameleon Sting (カメレオンスティング, Kamereon Sutingu)
Storm Eagle Storm Eagleed (ストーム・イーグリード, Sutōmu Īgurīdo) Northern goshawk Storm Tornado (ストームトルネード, Sutōmu Torunēdo)
Flame Mammoth Burnin' Noumander (バーニン・ナウマンダー, Bānin Naumandā) Naumann's elephant Fire Wave (ファイヤーウェーブ, Faiyā Wēbu)
Mega Man X2 MavericksEdit
Name Japanese Name Basis Weapon
Wheel Gator Wheel Alligates (ホイール・アリゲイツ, Hoīru Arigeitsu) American alligator Spin Wheel (スピンホイール, Supin Hoīru)
Bubble Crab Bubbly Crablos (バブリー・クラブロス, Baburī Kuraburosu) Christmas Island red crab Bubble Splash (バブルスプラッシュ, Baburu Supurasshu)
Flame Stag Flame Stagger (フレイム・スタッガー, Fureimu Sutaggā) White-tailed deer Speed Burner, known in Japan as Rushing Burner (ラッシングバーナー, Rasshingu Bānā)
Morph Moth Metamor Mothmenos (メタモル・モスミーノス, Metamoru Mosumīnosu) Bagworm moth Silk Shot, known in Japan as Scrap Shoot (スクラップシュート, Sukurappu Shūto)
Magna Centipede Magne Hyakulegger (マグネ・ヒャクレッガー, Magune Hyakureggā) Common centipede Magnet Mine (マグネットマイン, Magunetto Main)
Crystal Snail Cristar Mymine (クリスター・マイマイン, Kurisutā Maimain) Garden snail Crystal Hunter (クリスタルハンター, Kurisutaru Hantā)
Overdrive Ostrich Sonic Ostreague (ソニック・オストリーグ, Sonikku Osutorīgu) Common ostrich Sonic Slicer (ソニックスライサー, Sonikku Suraisā)
Wire Sponge Wire Hetimarl (ワイヤー・ヘチマール, Waiyā Hechimāru) Luffa Strike Chain (ストライクチェーン, Sutoraiku Chēn)
Mega Man X3 MavericksEdit
Name Japanese Name Basis Weapon
Blast Hornet Explose Horneck (エクスプローズ・ホーネック, Ekusupurōzu Hōnekku) Oriental hornet Parasitic Bomb (パラスティックボム, Parasutikku Bomu)
Blizzard Buffalo Frozen Buffalio (フローズン・バッファリオ, Furōzun Baffario) American bison Frost Shield (フロストシールド, Furosuto Shīrudo)
Toxic Seahorse Acid Seaforce (アシッド・シーフォース, Ashiddo Shīfōsu) Spiny seahorse Acid Burst, known in Japan as Acid Rush (アシッドラッシュ, Ashiddo Rasshu)
Tunnel Rhino Screw Masaider (スクリュー・マサイダー, Sukuryū Masaidā) Rhinoceros Tornado Fang (トルネードファング, Torunēdo Fangu)
Volt Catfish Electro Namazuros (エレキテル・ナマズロス, Erekiteru Namazurosu, Elekiter Namazuros) Electric catfish Triad Thunder (トライアードサンダー, Toraiādo Sandā)
Crush Crawfish Scissors Shrimper (シザーズ・シュリンプァー, Shizāzu Shurinpuā) Clawed lobster/Shrimp Spinning Blade (スピニングブレード, Supiningu Burēdo)
Neon Tiger Shining Tigerd (シャイニング・タイガード, Shainingu Taigādo) Bengal tiger Ray Splasher (レイスプラッシャー, Rei Supurasshā)
Gravity Beetle Gravity Beetbood (グラビティ・ビートブード, Gurabiti Bītobūdo) Japanese rhinoceros beetle Gravity Well, known in Japan as Bug Hole (バグホール, Bagu Hōru)
Mega Man X4 MavericksEdit
Name Japanese Name Basis Weapon X obtains Weapon Zero obtains Affiliation
Web Spider Web Spidus (ウェブ・スパイダス, Webu Supaidasu) Orb-weaver spider Lightning Web (ライトニングウェブ, Raitoningu Webu) Raijingeki (雷神撃, lit. "Raijin Attack" or "Thunder God Attack") Repliforce
Split Mushroom Supuritto Mashurāmu (スプリット・マシュラーム, Supuritto Mashurāmu) Mushroom Soul Body (ソウルボディ, Souru Bodi) Kuuenbu (空円舞, lit. "Air Waltz") and Kuuenzan (空円斬, lit. "Air Circling Slash") Mavericks
Cyber Peacock Cyber Kujacker (サイバー・クジャッカー, Saibā Kujakkā) Peafowl Aiming Laser (エイミングレーザー, Eimingu Rēzā) Rakuhouha (落鳳破, lit. "Falling Feng Crush") Mavericks
Storm Owl Storm Fukuroul (ストーム・フクロウル, Sutōmu Fukurouru) Horned owl Double Cyclone (ダブルサイクロン, Daburu Saikuron) Tenkuuha (天空覇, lit. "Aether Rule") Repliforce
Air Force
Magma Dragoon Magmard Dragoon (マグマード・ドラグーン, Magumādo Doragūn) Japanese dragon Rising Fire (ライジングファイア, Raijingu Faia) Ryuenjin (龍炎刃, lit. "Dragon Flame Blade") Mavericks
Frost Walrus Frost Kibatodos (フロスト・キバトドス, Furosuto Kibatodosu) Walrus/Steller sea lion Frost Tower (フロストタワー, Furosuto Tawā) Hyouretsuzan (氷烈斬, lit. "Ice Fury Slash") Repliforce
Polar Forces
Jet Stingray Jet Stingren (ジェット・スティングレン, Jetto Sutinguren) Stingray Ground Hunter (グランドハンター, Gurando Hantā) Hienkyaku (飛燕脚, lit. "Flying Swallow Legs") Repliforce
Slash Beast Slash Beastleo (スラッシュ・ビストレオ, Surasshu Bisutoreo) Lion Twin Slasher (ツインスラッシャー, Tsuin Surasshā) Shippuuga (疾風牙, lit. "Hurricane Fang") Repliforce
Mega Man X5 MavericksEdit
Name Japanese Name Original English Name Basis Weapon X obtains Weapon Zero obtains
Crescent Grizzly (クレッセント・グリズリー, Kuressento Gurizurī) Grizzly Slash Grizzly bear Crescent Shot (クレッセントショット, Kuressento Shotto) C-Sword, known in Japan as Mikazukizan (三日月斬, lit. "Crescent Moon Slash/Three Day Moon Slash")
Tidal Whale Tidal Makkoeen (タイダル・マッコイーン, Taidaru Makkoīn) Duff McWhalen Whale Goo Shaver, known in Japan as Gel Shaver (ジェルシェイバー, Jeru Sheibā) F-Splasher, known in Japan as Hisuishou (飛水翔, lit. "Flying Water Soar")
Volt Kraken (ボルト・クラーケン, Boruto Kurāken) Squid Adler Kraken/Giant squid Tri-Thunder (トライサンダー, Torai Sandā) E-Blade, known in Japan as Denjin (電刃, lit. "Electric Blade")
Shining Firefly Shining Hotarunicus (シャイニング・ホタルニクス, Shainingu Hotarunikusu) Izzy Glow Firefly Flash Laser, known in Japan as Will Laser (ウイルレーザー, Uiru Rēzā) C-Flasher, known in Japan as Messenkou (滅閃光, lit. "Destruction Flash")
Dark Necrobat (ダーク・ネクロバット, Dāku Nekurobatto) Dark Dizzy Vampire bat Dark Hold (ダークホールド, Dāku Hōrudo)
Spiral Pegasus Spiral Pegacion (スパイラル・ペガシオン, Supairaru Pegashion) The Skiver Pegasus Wing Spiral (ウイングスパイラル, Uingu Supairaru) W-Shredder, known in Japan as Shippū (疾風, lit. "Hurricane")
Burn Dinorex (バーン・ディノレックス, Bān Dinorekkusu) Mattrex Tyrannosaurus Ground Fire (グランドファイア, Gurando Faia) Quake Blazer, known in Japan as Danchien (断地炎, lit. "Severing Earth Flame")
Spike Rosered (スパイク・ローズレッド, Supaiku Rōzureddo) Axle the Red Rose Spike Ball, known in Japan as Spike Rope (スパイクロープ, Supaiku Rōpu) Twin Dream, known in Japan as Sougenmu (双幻夢, lit. "Twin Phantasm")
Mega Man X6 MavericksEdit
Name Japanese Name Basis Weapon X obtains Weapon Zero obtains
Commander Yammark (コマンダー・ヤンマーク, Komandā Yanmāku) Dragonfly Yammar Option (ヤンマーオプション, Yanmā Opushon)
Ground Scaravich (グランド・スカラビッチ, Gurando Sukarabicchi) Dung beetle Ground Dash (グランドダッシュ, Gurando Dasshu) Sentsuizan (旋墜斬, lit. "Whirling Crash Slash")
Blaze Heatnix (ブレイズ・ヒートニックス, Bureizu Hītonikkusu) Phoenix Magma Blade (マグマブレード, Maguma Burēdo) Shoenzan (翔炎山, lit. "Soaring Flame Mountain")
Blizzard Wolfang (ブリザード・ヴォルファング, Burizādo Vorufangu) Wolf Ice Burst (アイスバースト, Aisu Bāsuto) Hyoroga (氷狼牙, lit. "Ice Wolf Fang")
Rainy Turtloid (レイニー・タートロイド, Reinī Tātoroido) Turtle Meteor Rain (メテオレイン, Meteo Rein) Ensuizan (円水斬, lit. "Circling Water Slash")
Metal Shark Player Metalshark Prayer (メタルシャーク・プレイヤー, Metarushāku Pureiyā) Hammerhead shark Metal Anchor (メタルアンカー, Metaru Ankā) Rakukojin (落鋼刃, lit. "Falling Steel Blade")
Shield Sheldon Shieldner Sheldon (シールドナー・シェルダン, Shīrudonā Sherudan) Giant clam Guard Shell (ガードシェル, Gādo Sheru)
Infinity Mijinion (インフィニティー・ミジニオン, Infinitī Mijinion) Water flea Ray Arrow, known in Japan as Arrow Ray (アローレイ, Arō Rei) Rekkoha (裂光覇, lit. "Rending Light Rule")
Mega Man X7 MavericksEdit
Name Japanese Name Basis Weapon X obtains Weapon Axl obtains Weapon Zero obtains
Soldier Stonekong (ソルジャー・ストンコング, Sorujā Sutonkongu) Gorilla Gaea Shield (ガイアシールド, Gaia Shīrudo) Gokumonken (獄門剣, lit. "Prison Gate Sword")
Tornado Tonion Tornado Debonion (トルネード・デボニオン, Torunēdo Debonion) Onion Volt Tornado, known in Japan as Voltornado (ボルトルネード, Borutorunēdo) Volt Tornado, known in Japan as Voltornado (ボルトルネード, Borutorunēdo) and Ray Gun (レイガン, Rei Gan) Raijinshou (雷神昇, lit. "Raijin Rise" or "Thunder God Rise")
Splash Warfly (スプラッシュ・ウオフライ, Supurasshu Uofurai) Flying fish Splash Laser (スプラッシュレーザー, Supurasshu Rēzā) Suiretsusen (水烈閃, lit. "Water Fury Flash") and D Glaive
Flame Hyenard (フレイム・ハイエナード, Fureimu Haienādo) Spotted hyena Circle Blaze (サークルブレイズ, Sākuru Bureizu) Circle Blaze (サークルブレイズ, Sākuru Bureizu) and Double Bullet (ダブルバレット, Daburu Baretto) Bakuenjin (爆炎陣, lit. "Bursting Flame Array")
Ride Boarski Hellride Inobusky (ヘルライド・イノブスキー, Heruraido Inobusukī) Wild boar Moving Wheel (ムービンホイール, Mūbin Hoīru) Zankourin (斬光輪, lit. "Slashing Light Ring")
Snipe Anteator Snipe Ariquick (スナイプ・アリクイック, Sunaipu Arikuikku) Giant anteater Sniper Missile (スナイパミサイル, Sunaipā Misairu) Hieijin (飛影刃, lit. "Flying Shadow Blade")
Wind Crowrang Wind Karasting (ウィンド・カラスティング, Windo Karasutingu) Jungle crow Wind Cutter (ウィンドカッター, Windo Kattā) Souenbu (双燕舞, lit. "Twin Swallow Dance") and V Hanger
Vanishing Gungaroo Vanishing Gungaroon (バニシング・ガンガルン, Banishingu Gangarun) Kangaroo Explosion (エクスプロージョン, Ekusupurōjon) Explosion (エクスプロージョン, Ekusupurōjon) and G-Launcher (Gランチャー, G Ranchā) Hadangeki (波断撃, lit. "Wave Severing Attack")
Mega Man X8 MavericksEdit
Name Japanese Name Basis Weapon X and Alia obtain Weapon Zero and Layer obtain Weapon Axl and Palette obtain
Bamboo Pandamonium Bamboo Pandemonium (バンブー・パンデモニウム, Banbū Pandemoniumu) Giant panda Green Spinner (グリーンスピナー, Gurīn Supinā) Youdantotsu (葉断突, lit. "Leaf Severing Thrust") Blast Launcher (ブラストランチャー, Burasuto Ranchā)
Optic Sunflower Optic Sunfloward (オプティック・サンフラワード, Oputikku Sanfurawādo) Sunflower Shining Ray (シャイニングレイ, Shainingu Rei) Tenshouha (天照覇, lit. "Amaterasu/Heaven Shine Rule") Ray Gun (レイガン, Rei Gan)
Dark Mantis Darkneid Kamakil (ダークネイド・カマキール, Dākuneido Kamakīru) Mantis Shadow Runner (シャドウランナー, Shadou Rannā) Rasetsusen (螺刹旋, lit. "Swirling Temple Whirl") Black Arrow (ブラックアロー, Burakku Arō)
Gravity Antonion Gravitate Ant-Onion (グラビテイト・アントニオン, Gurabiteito Antonion) Ant Squeeze Bomb (スクィーズボム, Sukuīzu Bomu) Juuhazan (重波斬, lit. "Heavy Wave Slash") Spiral Magnum (スパイラルマグナム, Supairaru Magunamu)
Earthrock Trilobyte Earthrock Torirovich (アースロック・トリロビッチ, Āsurokku Torirobicchi) Trilobite Crystal Wall (クリスタルウォール, Kurisutaru Wōru) Rekkyoudan (烈鏡断, lit. "Violent Mirror Severing") Bound Blaster (バウンドブラスター, Baundo Burasutā)
Gigabolt Man-O-War Gigabolt Dokragen (ギガボルト・ドクラーゲン, Gigaboruto Dokurāgen) Portuguese man o' war/Moon jellyfish Thunder Dancer (サンダーダンサー, Sandā Dansā) Raikousen (雷光閃, lit. "Lightning Flash") Plasma Gun (プラズマガン, Purazuma Gan)
Avalanche Yeti Ice-Snow Yetinger (アイスノー・イエティンガー, Aisunō Ietingā) Yeti Drift Diamond (ドリフトダイヤモンド, Dorifuto Daiyamondo) Hyouryuushou (氷龍昇, lit. "Ice Dragon Rise") Ice Gatling (アイスガトリング, Aisu Gatoringu)
Burn Rooster Burn Kokekokker (バーン・コケコッカー, Bān Kokekokkā) Red junglefowl Melt Creeper (メルトクリーパー, Meruto Kurīpā) Enkoujin (焔降刃, lit. "Blaze Dropping Blade") Flame Burner (フレイムバーナー, Fureimu Bānā)

Mega Man Battle Network charactersEdit

The following is a list characters from both the Mega Man Battle Network series of video games, and the MegaMan NT Warrior (Rockman EXE) anime and manga.


Lan HikariEdit

Lan Hikari (光 熱斗, Hikari Netto), is a fifth-grade student with a strong bond with his NetNavi, MegaMan. He is the son of Yuichiro Hikari and Haruka Hikari, and the grandson of Tadashi Hikari. He had a twin brother, Hub Hikari, who died when they were young, and it is later revealed that MegaMan.EXE is actually Hub reincarnated as data. MegaMan.EXE has a .1% modified difference in his DNA to avoid a connection between the two, but it is eventually erased, which causes them to become synchronized.

He is voiced by Alex Doduk and Brad Swaile[25] in the English version of the anime and Kumiko Higa in the Japanese version of the anime.

Lan is a typical carefree, happy-go-lucky youth in search of adventure and fun. However, he is quick at noticing the smallest details thus enabling him to think calmly during a sticky situation. Lan is also known as to be dense when things aren't Net related. He frequently NetBattles, and places the prospect of completing menial tasks like homework behind him. Despite his seemingly carefree attitude, Lan is always prompt to do the right thing, either for the world, or simply for a friend. He is talented on inline skates in every version of the franchise and commonly decorates his room with soccer-themes. Lan can be quite rash at times, but his actions sometimes have a positive effect.

In the anime, Lan eventually becomes a NetSaver (Net Savior), aiding the NetPolice in stopping crimes. This responsibility leads Lan on many missions involving the Darkloids and the Dark Chips in Axess, and his duties are expanded in Stream, as he becomes one of the Cross Fusion members opposing Duo.

Both the names LAN and Netto are references to networks, while the name Hikari, which is Japanese for 'light', is a reference to the main series' Dr. Light.


MegaMan.EXE (ロックマン.EXE, Rokkuman.Eguze, Rockman.EXE in the original) (Mega Man) is the main NetNavi protagonist of the series. He is very close to his operator, Lan, and it is later revealed that he is actually Hub Hikari (光彩斗, Hikari Saito), Lan's twin brother reincarnated as data. Hub died during early infancy from a rare heart disease, but their father, Yuichiro, managed to use Hub's DNA in his project to create the perfect NetNavi. Completely syncing DNA would cause them to connect and feel each other's pain, so MegaMan.EXE's eye color is different, though the difference is later removed in order to save MegaMan.EXE's life. He later spends much of his time in the real world by using a "CopyBot" as a body. In the anime, it is not revealed that he is not Lan's twin but his close friend.

He is voiced by Andrew Francis[25] in the English version, and Akiko Kimura in the Japanese version of the anime.

MegaMan.EXE is sometimes accused of being uptight by Lan because of his constant lecturing. He is usually optimistic even in the worst of times, and extremely determined. He is also usually very polite with other characters, where even in a bad situation unrelated to him he'll feel the need to apologize and make peace with others. Outside of that, however, he often cracks jokes about "not being around" for Lan to wake him up, help with his homework, or if he can't win a NetBattle because he couldn't find a good BattleChip. MegaMan.EXE's basic weapon is his Megabuster, and he can use various chips to enhance its abilities. He also has the special ability to "Style Change", which allows him to use different elements and abilities specific to the corresponding transformation, and later replaces it with "Soul Unison", which allows him to use the abilities of a friendly Navi. After being tainted by dark energy, he gains "Chaos Unison." After absorbing one of the Cybeasts, he gains the ability to take on their attributes. Falzar gives MegaMan.EXE the ability to fly and a special "Talon Buster", while Gregar gives him stronger armor and the "Vulcan Buster." The name Rockman EXE might come from the original MegaMan character, Rock Light. As shown in the anime, MegaMan.EXE has a secret fear of ghosts.

MegaMan.EXE appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as part of Mega Man's Final Smash.

Mayl SakuraiEdit

Mayl Sakurai (桜井 メイル, Sakurai Meiru) is a classmate and close friend of Lan, and the operator of Roll.EXE (ロール, Rōru). The two are next-door neighbors, and are often perceived to be a couple, though in all incarnations, Lan is clueless towards Mayl's affections. During the epilogue following the sixth game in the series, it is revealed that Lan and Mayl are married and have a child together named "Patch" ("Raito"). The two have always been very close growing up. Mayl, being the more mature and intelligent of the two, is often having to beat some sense into Lan when he gets himself into trouble. The two do occasionally have oppositions, but the bickering only brings them closer. Mayl sometimes shows that she may have romantic feelings towards her lifetime friend. Roll and Megaman's relation strongly parallels that of Lan and Mayl's, though Roll is much more blatant with her affection towards Megaman. She was renamed Maylu Sakurai in the English anime and manga. It is revealed in the 5th game, when the character observes Mayl's house in a Visionburst 11 years in the past, that Mayl's father is Netopian making her at least half Netopian.

Maylu is voiced by Brittney Wilson[25] in the English anime and by Kaori Mizuhashi in the Japanese anime.

Mayl's name is a pun on the wasei-eigo word, 'mail'.


Roll.EXE is the main female NetNavi of the series. Though she finds herself in many damsel in distress situations, she is combat-enabled and often assists MegaMan in both the games and the anime. In Battle Network 4: Red Sun, MegaMan and Roll battle each other during the Eagle Tournament. Her combat abilities include Roll Flash, an attack where she uses her antenna to whip the enemy, and Roll Arrow, which is capable of breaking loaded BattleChips; the anime adds Roll Blast, an attack where she fires several heart-shaped projectiles, to her repertoire.

She is voiced by Lenore Zann and Sharon Alexander[25] in the English anime.

Roll.EXE came from Roll from the original series of MegaMan. Roll was MegaMan's sister in the original series, while in Battle Network she is a close friend and later romantic interest of MegaMan. It is revealed in the ending of Mega Man Battle Network 6 that Roll and Mega Man become a couple and create a "son" dubbed Mega Man Junior.

Dex OyamaEdit

Dex Oyama (大山 デカオ, Ōyama Dekao), in Japan is a classmate and friend of Lan, and the operator of GutsMan.EXE (ガッツマン, Gattsuman). He is often portrayed as a bully with a soft spot. Dex has a younger brother named Chisao, who is seen infrequently in Battle Network, and a recurring character in the anime. In later anime episodes, Dex gives up NetBattling in order to focus on his new career as a curry chef. Renamed Dex Ogreon in the English anime and manga.

Dex is voiced by Tony Sampson[25] in the English anime.


GutsMan.EXE is a large and strong Navi who believes that he and his operator are the greatest NetBattlers in the world. He is known as Guts Man in original series of Mega Man. GutsMan.EXE is also shown to have a huge crush on Roll in the anime, mirroring Dex's feelings for Maylu.

He is voiced by Scott McNeil in the English dub.[25]

GutsMan.EXE came from the robot Guts Man in the original series of MegaMan.

Yai AyanokojiEdit

Yai Ayanokoji (綾小路 やいと, Ayanokōji Yaito) in Japan and Yai Ayano in the English anime and manga, is a rich classmate and friend of Lan's, and the operator of Glyde.EXE (グライド, Guraido), which from MegaMan Battle Network 2 onward, is spelled as "Glide". She is considerably younger than the other main characters, as she skipped a few grades due to her intelligence, and (in the anime) operates out of her father's company, AyanoTech (Gabcom), the original name of which is a play on the name of Capcom, the original creators of most of the MegaMan / Rockman series. In the anime (and sometimes the games), she is known for her large forehead, her gigantic blonde braids, as well as her love of strawberry milk, and secretly adores Chaud after he helped guide her out of a stuck elevator.

She is voiced by Jocelyne Loewen in the English dub.


Glyde.EXE is a jet-themed cyber-butler armed with rare and powerful chips to help defend himself. He is based on Glyde of the Mega Man Legends series.

Glyde.EXE is voiced by Ted Cole in the English dub.[25]

Chaud BlazeEdit

Chaud Blaze (伊集院 炎山, Ijūin Enzan) in Japan, is the son of IPC's (BlazeQuest in the English anime) president (Shuuseki Ijuin), and the operator and creator of ProtoMan.EXE, known in Japan as Blues.EXE (ブルース.EXE, Burūsu.Eguze). His mother died while he was still young, and Chaud was forced into becoming the vice-president of his father's corporation, a position which contributed to his initial cold attitude towards Lan Hikari. As the series progresses, he gains more respect for Lan, and also begins to open up to others, smiling more often. He does not, however, lose his serious outlook during battle, nor does he act impulsively before thinking.

Chaud is voiced by Bill Switzer and then by Scott Perrie in the English dub.[25]

In the games, Chaud is an Official NetBattler, who meets Lan while investigating a water shortage caused by WWW. He was introduced as a ruthless operator who took his job seriously and would delete any Navi who got in the way, and originally saw Lan as a pest, but they slowly became friends. Though only a couple years older than Lan, Chaud has progressed much more quickly through his education, and by the sixth (and final) game, he is already a college student. The ending of the sixth game reveals that he grows up to become a Worldwide leader of International Officials (IPC's president in the Japanese version). This incarnation of Chaud wears ProtoMan.EXE's Navi mark on the back of his vest for the first three games, unlike the anime and manga.

In the anime, Chaud retains his personality from the game, though his respectful side develops much quicker than in the aforementioned medium. He is the victor of the first series' N1 Grand Prix, defeating his opponents in mere seconds. In Axess, he becomes a Net Saver (Net Savior) and gains the ability to perform Cross Fusion with ProtoMan.EXE, but falls into depression after giving a Dark Chip to ProtoMan.EXE in order to defeat the Darkloid leader ShadeMan.EXE. Because the process ultimately transforms his Navi into Dark ProtoMan.EXE (Dark Blues), Chaud feels responsible for his friend's suffering, and sets out to rectify his mistake. Chaud continues to make regular appearances in Stream, Beast, and Beast+.

Chaud's Japanese name (Enzan) translates to "flame mountain". This reference was translated in his English name through "Chaud," a French word meaning "hot". The anime followed suit by naming the character Chaud Blaze. Furthermore, being a French word, "Chaud" is supposed to be pronounced with a silent "D," but it is incorrectly pronounced. In the English games, Chaud is the character's family name, though he is only referred to as Eugene during his introduction of himself in the first game. The anime changes Chaud to being his given name.

ProtoMan.EXE or Blues.EXEEdit

ProtoMan.EXE is based on Proto Man of the original Mega Man series, while also borrowing key traits from Zero of the Mega Man X series.

In the anime, he is voiced by David Kaye[25] in the English version, and Masaya Matsukaze in the original version of the series.


WWW (World Three)Edit

Formed by Lord Wily to take over the real world and cyberworld, the WWW is an organization that makes recurring appearances throughout the series, constantly met with defiance from Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE. Initially trying to conquer the internet by constructing the Life Virus (Dream Virus), Wily was forced to disband WWW's members and go into hiding after Lan and MegaMan.EXE foiled his plans. A former WWW member, the Professor, would resurrect the Life Virus as Life Virus R, while his servants spread the Zero Virus. Wily and WWW eventually resurfaced, aiming to steal the Tetra Codes, which would allow them to gain access to the SciLab network and claim the Alpha (Proto) network program, which had gone haywire years prior, causing devices connected to it to malfunction. Attempting to synchronize with Alpha once it was finally obtained, Wily was absorbed into its body along with Bass.EXE, though his consciousness was retrieved following the incident. The WWW was revived one final time at the series' end, with Wily's goal being destruction of both worlds with the aid of giant Copybot (Copyroid) versions of the Cybeasts, Gregar and Falzar. In the anime, WWW serves a similar purpose to its game counterpart, breeding terror and chaos throughout society via the net whilst searching for the "Ultimate NetNavi," later revealed to be PharaohMan. Unlike the events of the game, the original WWW members, and even Wily himself, align themselves with the protagonists instead of starting anew in the end. In Stream, however, WWW is revived by Tesla Magnus (Tesla Magnets) as Neo WWW. The original and newer groups often come into conflict with one another due to tensions over which is more powerful. Dark MegaMan and his Darkloid servants would take over after Neo WWW's last scheme, with the memories of its lower-ranking members erased.

Lord WilyEdit

Lord Wily can be seen as the primary antagonist of the Battle Network franchise. He himself appears as the main villain of Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Battle Network 3 and Mega Man Battle Network 6. He manipulates Sean Obihiro into leading the NetMafia Gospel in Mega Man Battle Network 2, and his son Dr. Regal is the main villain of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and Mega Man Battle Network 5. He becomes jealous when his robotics research is pushed aside in favor of Tadashi Hikari's breakthroughs in network technology, and devotes his life to destroying network society. Battle Network 6 reveals that, for a time, Wily had put aside his thirst for revenge; however, the death of Baryl's father caused him to reconsider.

He is voiced by Katsumi Chō in the Japanese version and by Paul Dobson in the English dub.

Mega Man Battle Network incarnationEdit
  • Mr. Match (known as Ken'ichi Hino (火野 ケンイチ, Hino Ken'ichi) in the Japanese version) – He is the operator of FireMan.EXE, HeatMan.EXE, and FlameMan.EXE, and appears in every game except for Battle Network 5. In Battle Network, he operates FireMan and fills the Hikari family's oven with viruses. In Battle Network 2, Match is not affiliated with Gospel, but instead lets Lan battle HeatMan.EXE at any time. In Battle Network 3, he rejoins WWW and operates FlameMan.EXE; he tricks Lan into installing several programs that raises SciLab's temperature to extreme levels. Match makes a cameo in BurnMan.EXE's scenario in Battle Network 4, and FireMan.EXE is a potential opponent in the Red Sun version of the game. In FireMan.EXE's scenario, Match plans to destroy DenDome but changes his mind when he notices a female hot dog stand owner that came to cheer for him. Finally, Match appears with HeatMan in Battle Network 6, where he is a college student that becomes one of Lan's teachers. In the anime, HeatMan.EXE was created by Mr. Famous from FireMan.EXE's data when FireMan.EXE was facing deletion at the hands of FreezeMan.EXE, and FireMan.EXE's data was re-created from HeatMan.EXE when he was facing deletion at the hands of PlantMan.EXE. In the English anime he has a Scottish accent, and FireMan.EXE is named TorchMan.EXE. Mr. Match is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in the Japanese version and by Trevor Devall in the English dub. FireMan.EXE/TorchMan.EXE is voiced by Kenji Katougi in the Japanese version and by Ross Douglas in the English dub. HeatMan.EXE is voiced by Issei Futamata in the Japanese version and by Brian Drummond in the English dub.
  • Mr. Higsby (known as Yamitarō Higure (日暮 闇太郎, Higure Yamitarō) in the Japanese version) – He is a collector of rare Battle Chips who owns his own chip shop, "Higsby's" (Higure-ya (日暮屋)). His NetNavi, NumberMan.EXE (ナンバーマン Nanbāman), operates a similar chip shop from the cyberworld in the anime. Originally, Higsby locks down Lan's school as part of a WWW operation in the games, or as a way to steal rare chips from Yai in the anime, but Lan manages to show Higsby the error of his ways. Higsby generally remains a background character from then on, but plays a more active role in Battle Network 4: Blue Moon, where his shop is in danger of foreclosure, and in Battle Network 5: Team Colonel as a member of the eponymous team. In the anime, Higsby has a crush on Ms. Mari, has no connections with WWW, and sees Maysa and Commander Beef as rivals for her affection; this fact is also briefly mentioned in Battle Network 5. Mr. Higsby is voiced by Yuji Ueda in the Japanese version and by Lee Tockar in the English dub. NumberMan.EXE is voiced by Yuji Ueda in the Japanese version and by Samuel Vincent in the English version
  • Maddy (known as Madoi Iroaya (色綾 まどい, Iroaya Madoi) in the Japanese version, Maddy in the English anime) – She is a WWW agent, and the operator of WackoMan.EXE (ColoredMan.EXE in Japanese media). She was the mastermind behind an incident where the traffic signals in the city were altered as to cause accidents. In the anime, she has a brief stint with Gospel, but found friendship with her fellow WWW operators. WackoMan.EXE was found in the TV series. WackoMan.EXE duplicates himself and tries to act strong, while he is a coward. Maddy is voiced by Junko Noda in the Japanese version and by Tabitha St. Germain in the English dub. ColorMan.EXE/WackoMan.EXE is voiced by Andrew Toth in the English dub.
  • Count Jack Zap (known as Jack Electel (ジャック・エレキテル, Jakku Erekiteru), a.k.a. Count Elec (エレキ伯爵, Elekki Hakushaku) in the Japanese version) – He is an agent of WWW, and the operator of ElecMan.EXE. In the anime, he is the brother of Gauss Magnus and fosters a rivalry with his brother due to their mother's preference of one over the other, and also randomly inserts Engrish phrases into his speech in the Japanese version. In Beast+, he is confronted by Ann Zap, his wife, on the subject of inheriting the assets of his estate. Count Zap is voiced by Kenta Miyake in the Japanese version and by Colin Murdock in the English dub. ElecMan.EXE is voiced by Suzuki Chihiro in the Japanese version and by Kirby Morrow in the English dub.
  • Yahoot (Mahajarma (マハ・ジャラマ, Maha Jarama) in the Japanese version) – He is a WWW agent, the operator of MagicMan.EXE, and Lord Wily's right-hand man. In the anime, Yahoot is the host of a yoga television show and later becomes the owner of the curry shop Maha Ichiban. His fate is revealed in Battle Chip Challenge, where he has quit his life of crime to help support his village in the nation of Edina. In the anime, however, he is considered to be the world's foremost authority on curry, and uses the profits from his curry shop (which Lan frequents) to fund the WWW's operations. Later on, he trains Dex to be a curry chef. Yahoot is voiced by Keiiche Sonobe in the Japanese version and by Ron Halder in the English dub. MagicMan.EXE is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in the Japanese version and by Paul Dobson in the English dub.
  • BombMan.EXE – BombMan.EXE (BlasterMan.EXE in the English dub) is a solo NetNavi that works for Lord Wily. He is voiced by Hidenari Ugaki in the Japanese version and by Nick Harrison in the English dub.
  • StoneMan.EXE – StoneMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi that works for Lord Wily. He is voiced by Hiroaki Ishikawa in the Japanese version and by Ward Perry in the English dub.
Mega Man Battle Network 2 solo NetNavisEdit

The following solo NetNavis appear in the WWW area.

  • PlanetMan.EXE – PlanetMan.EXE is a planet-themed NetNavi and the acting leader of the WWW area. In the anime, PlanetMan.EXE took over a moon base and trapped Commander Beef outside when he was sent to investigate. MegaMan.EXE and GutsMan.EXE went to the Moon. While GutsMan.EXE was occupied with the viruses, MegaMan.EXE confronted PlanetMan. With Lan using an extra code given to him by Mr. Famous, MegaMan.EXE used his AquaCustom form to delete PlanetMan.EXE and save Commander Beef. PlanetMan.EXE is voiced by Dave "Squatch" Ward in the English dub.
  • NapalmMan.EXE – NapalmMan.EXE (MoltanticMan.EXE in the English dub) is a solo NetNavi that works for PlanetMan.EXE. He guards the door in the WWW area that opens if the player has the V3 Navi BattleChips. In Battle Network 5, NapalmMan.EXE resurfaces where he comes under the control of a fireworks maker named Fyrefox. In the anime, NapalmMan.EXE is a NetNavi that works for Darkland who hypnotizes KnightMan.EXE into betraying Creamland so that the firewall can be destroyed and Darkland's NetNavis can invade. MegaMan.EXE thwarts this plan and deletes NapalmMan.EXE. In Stream, his Asteroid counterpart comes under the control of Fyrefox. NapalmMan.EXE is voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi in the Japanese version and by Brian Drummond in the English dub.
  • PharaohMan.EXE – PharaohMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi that works for PlanetMan.EXE. While he did appear as a secret boss in Battle Network, he appeared in Battle Network 2 in the WWW area where he tries to prevent MegaMan.EXE from advancing. In Network Transmission, PharaohMan.EXE guards the legendary WWW area. In the anime, PharaohMan.EXE is a powerful NetNavi that was created by Dr. Hikari and was put to rest after he was infected with a virus. He was awaken during MegaMan.EXE and ProtoMan.EXE's fight during the N1 Grand Prix tournament where his attack that was meant for ProtoMan.EXE deletes MegaMan.EXE. Afterwards, PharaohMan.EXE did random attacks. After he turned SharkMan.EXE, WoodMan.EXE, and SkullMan.EXE to stone, PharaohMan.EXE was confronted by ProtoMan.EXE until a recreated MegaMan.EXE showed up to help. While they managed to defeat PharaohMan.EXE, BombMan.EXE and StoneMan.EXE made off with PharaohMan.EXE. Lord Wily attempted to reprogram PharaohMan.EXE only for PharaohMan.EXE to self-destruct enough to cripple Lord Wily's base in order to avoid being made into Lord Wily's servant. Some of his data samples were used to create Bass.EXE and the Gospel Virus. PharaohMan.EXE is voiced by Fujiwara Keiji in the Japanese version and by Michael Kopsa in the English dub.
Mega Man Battle Network 3 incarnationEdit
  • Takeo Inukai (犬飼猛雄 Inukai Takeo) – He is a member of the WWW in the games, and Neo WWW in the anime. He is the operator of BeastMan.EXE. In Battle Network 3, he was once a zookeeper who had freed all of the animals in order to scare people. In AXESS, BeastMan.EXE (SavageMan.EXE in the English dub) is a Darkloid. In Stream, Inukai was a former animal trainer that was fired due to his harsh treatment of animals and used BeastMan to control them as vengeance. He also has a pet lion named Manosuke. He gained Asteroid BeastMan.EXE from Slur. Takeo Inukai is voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada in the Japanese version. BeastMan.EXE is voiced by Dai Matsumoto in the Japanese version and by Scott McNeil in the English dub.
  • Noboru Sunayama (砂山ノボル Sunayama Noboru) – He is a member of the WWW in the games, and Neo WWW in the anime. He is the operator of DesertMan.EXE. Sunayama was a television producer of DNN who, in Battle Network 3, created the N1 Grand Prix as a plot to defeat Chaud and ProtoMan on live TV to showcase the World Three's power. In AXESS, DeserMan.EXE is a Darkloid. In Stream, he worked for DNN and stole Wily memorabilia for Tesla. He gained Asteroid DesertMan.EXE from Slur. Noboro Sunayama is voiced by Ken Narita in the Japanese version. DesertMan.EXE is voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada in the Japanese version and by Ward Perry in the English dub.
  • Rei Saiko (西古レイ Saiko Rei, Ray Saiko in the English version of Battle Chip Challenge) – He is a WWW operator in the games, and a member of Neo WWW in the anime. He is the operator of FlashMan.EXE. He is the least acknowledged of the Neo WWW and, other than his introductory episode, where he operated a Navi-driven race car, all of his plots involve assistance to other members of the Neo WWW. In AXESS, FlashMan.EXE is a Darkloid. In Stream, Rei gained Asteroid FlashMan.EXE. Rei Saiko is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama in the Japanese version. FlashMan.EXE is voiced by Makoto Yasumura in the Japanese version and by Clay St. Thomas in the English dub.
  • Anetta (アネッタ Anetta) – She is the operator of PlantMan.EXE in the games, and Silk.EXE in the anime. In the games, she is a WWW agent and is brainwashed by Wily into believing that the cyberworld is destroying nature. In the anime, she had been plagued by illness for most of her life with Silk.EXE acting as her nurse while PlantMan.EXE (renamed VineMan.EXE in the English dub) is a Darkloid. Silk was deleted trying to save her from a burning hospital, but Anetta fostered a grudge towards Chaud due to her misconception of the situation. After discovering the truth, she becomes Yai's rival for Chaud's affections. Anetta is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the Japanese version and by Maryke Hendrikse in the English dub. PlantMan.EXE is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino in the Japanese version and by Scott Logie in the English dub.
  • BubbleMan.EXE – A solo NetNavi that works for Lord Wily and is DrillMan's "cousin." In AXESS, BubbleMan.EXE is a Darkloid that is loyal to ShadeMan. He is voiced by Chiyako Shibahara in the Japanese version and by Gabe Khouth in the English dub.
  • DrillMan.EXE – A solo NetNavi that works for Lord Wily and is DrillMan's "cousin." In the anime, DrillMan.EXE is owned by the assistant of a small company president and used to distract ProtoMan.EXE while he got away with a part needed for the new PET only for him to run into the WWW members. DrillMan.EXE is voiced by Trevor Devall in the English dub.
Mega Man Battle Network 6 incarnationEdit
  • Mayor Cain – He is the mayor of Cyber City and the benefactor of WWW. He later leads a split faction of the organization. Mayor Cain's grandfather was the one who created Falzar to counter the threat of Gregar which led to events that made his grandfather an outcast.
  • Joe Mach (Gō Mahha (麻波 剛, Mahha Gō) in the Japanese version) – He is Lan's teacher at Cyber Academy, but is later revealed to be BlastMan.EXE's operator as well as a WWW agent. He joined the organization because Wily once saved his daughter's life, but betrays WWW to save Lan.
  • Blackbeard (Captain Kurohige (キャプテン・クロヒゲ, Kyaputan Kurohige) in the Japanese version) – He is an animal trainer at Seaside Town's aquarium and the operator of DiveMan.EXE. He is a member of the WWW in Battle Network 6, and works for Wily of Beyondard in Beast. He and Yuika find themselves stranded in the world opposite of their own in Beast+, forming an alliance with BubbleMan to commit crimes.
  • Yuika (Chirol (チロル, Chiroru) in the Japanese version) – She is the operator of CircusMan.EXE. She is a member of the WWW in Battle Network 6, and works for Wily of Beyondard in Beast. She and Blackbeard find themselves stranded in the world opposite of their own in Beast+, forming an alliance with BubbleMan to commit crimes.
  • Vic (Tsuyuharu Nyūdo (入道 露晴, Nyūdo Tsuyuharu) in the Japanese version) – He is the operator of ElementMan.EXE. He is a member of the WWW in Battle Network 6, and is a troubled weather forecaster who is fired from his job in the anime. BubbleMan loans him a Miniroid, and he has ElementMan hack the Marine Land pool system to get revenge on Lan and co. when they unknowingly make fun of him.
  • Prosecutor Ito (Satoru Roppō (六方悟, Roppō Satoru) in the Japanese version) – A court prosecutor and the operator of JudgeMan.EXE. He is a member of the WWW in Battle Network 6, and wishes to eliminate NetCrime in the anime by unilaterally convicting Navis before they are taken into custody.
  • Baryl (Barrel, バレル Bareru) – He is the operator of Colonel.EXE, and an official NetBattler from Netopia who seeks Lan and MegaMan to form Team Colonel. However, in Battle Network 6, he joins the WWW (World Three). As a child, he was placed in Lord Wily's care while his father went to war; once Wily learned that Baryl's father was killed in combat, he raised Baryl as his own son. In the anime, Baryl lived twenty years before the start of Stream (and would die at the beginning of the series), leaving Colonel.EXE a solo Navi. With technology known as the Past Tunnel, he is able to communicate with the characters of the present time, and subsequently travel between timeframes. In the show, he is an old friend of Dr. Wily, while in the games is the doctor's adopted son.
  • Colonel.EXE (カーネル, Kāneru) – Operated by Baryl, Colonel.EXE is the head of an elite team of Navis who freed the net from Nebula's influence in Battle Network 5, and part of the WWW in Battle Network 6. He is a cold, ruthless Navi; it is later revealed late in the sixth game that his emotion data was separated from him and used to create a new Navi, Iris.EXE. His signature attacks include Screen Divide, where he performs different-shaped sword slashes, and Aspire Break, a hard-hitting finishing move.
MegaMan Network Transmission incarnationEdit
  • Professor – The Professor is an unnamed man who is the main antagonist of MegaMan Network Transmission. According to Higsby, he is a high-ranking WWW member who was the acting leader of WWW at the time when Lord Wily was in hiding. He spread the Zero Virus that caused trouble in the Net. After Zero was converted into a NetNavi thanks to the MystData, he helped to defeat the Professor who was then arrested by the NetPolice. In Beast+, the Professor is responsible for the Beast viruses that appear and his creation of the Zero Virus remains intact. Yahoot claims that the Professor is a WWW researcher who is not in the field like the other WWW members. The Professor owns a sushi factpry that serves as a front for his secret laboratory that is underneath. After Zero sacrificed his life to destroy the Professor's airship, the Professor escapes from its destruction by parachute and is arrested by the NetPolice. The Professor is voiced by Takurō Kitagawa in the Japanese version.
  • GravityMan.EXE – GravityMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi that works for the Professor. He encounters MegaMan.EXE in the Strange Grav Center where he acted as sentry. GravityMan.EXE initiates his extermination sequence only to be deleted by MegaMan.EXE. In AXESS, GravityMan.EXE is a Darkloid. GravityMan.EXE is voiced by Yoshimitsu Shimoyama in the Japanese version and by Robert O. Smith in the English dub.
  • StarMan.EXE – StarMan.EXE (NovaMan.EXE in the English dub) is a solo NetNavi that works for the Professor. He was going around distributing fake vaccines for the Zero Virus and retreats when confronted by MegaMan.EXE. In the No Grav Zone, StarMan.EXE fights MegaMan.EXE and is deleted. In AXESS, StarMan.EXE is a Darkloid. StarMan.EXe is voiced by Kumiko Yokote in the Japanese version.
  • SwordMan.EXE – SwordMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi that works for the Professor where the three swords give him a different personality. He appears as a boss that is guarding the path to the Life Virus. SwordMan.EXE defeated ProtoMan.EXE before being defeated by MegaMan.EXE. In the anime, SwordMan.EXE is a Darkloid. In the Japanese version, SwordMan.EXE's three heads are voiced by Tetsu Inada (red sword), Daisuke Kirii (blue sword), and Tsuguo Mogami (yellow sword). In the English dub, SwordMan.EXE is voiced by Paul Dobson.

NetMafia GospelEdit

Gospel (ゴスペル, Gosuperu) refers to a NetMafia organization led by the mysterious Boss Gospel (ゴスペル首領, Gosperu Shuryō) and the wolf-like monstrosity that is unleashed by the organization. (Boss Gospel is renamed Kid Grave, and the organization and creature are both renamed Grave and Grave Virus Beast respectively in the English anime.) In Battle Network 2, the creature known as Gospel was created from a collection of bugs in various programs, while in the anime, Gospel and Bass were created from the remnants of PharaohMan. Gospel and the Cybeast Gregar are similar in appearance because of the way they were born; from a fusion of bugs.

Sean ObihiroEdit

Sean Obihiro, known as Shun Obihiro (帯広 シュン, Obihiro Shun) is the true identity of Shuryou Gospel. As a child, Sean's parents were killed in an airplane crash. Ostracized by his peers, he decided to strike back at society by forming Gospel while taking the alias of Lord Gospel (Kid Grave in the English dub). Unbeknownst to him, he was manipulated by Wily the entire time. Sean would eventually change his ways when Lan offers him a hand in friendship. In Battle Chip Challenge, it was revealed that FreezeMan was his original NetNavi. In the manga, he works undercover as Kei Yuki, an extremely bright professor from Ameroupe. In the anime, his Lord Gospel form is a robot that is controlled by Lord Wily. After the Gospel virus is destroyed, Lord Gospel's robot body is taken over by Bass.

He is voiced by Noriko Hidaka in the Japanese version of the first anime, Junko Minagawa in the Japanese version of AXESS, and Cathy Weseluck in the English dub.

Members of GospelEdit
  • Gauss Magnus (Gauss Magnets (ガウス・マグネッツ, Gaussu Magunettsu)) – He is the CEO of Gauss Inc. original operator of MagnetMan. He is rich and second-in-command of Gospel. In the games, he met his end at the hands of Lan while attempting to hijack an airplane. In the anime, he is a cross-dresser with "Wily-mania" that was defeated by WWW. Gauss also reveals that Count Zap is his brother, something that was only strongly implied in the games. In Stream, he acts as Neo WWW's janitor for a short period of time before playing matchmaker for his daughter and Charlie Airstar. Gauss is voiced by Hideyuki Umezu in the Japanese version and by Ron Halder in the English dub. MagnetMan is voiced by Tomoyuki Komo in the Japanese version and by Michael Dobson in the English dub.
  • Arashi Kazefuki (風吹 アラシ, Kazefuki Arashi) – He is the operator of AirMan. In Battle Network 2 and the anime, he has AirMan hack into Yai's air conditioning system to infect it with gas. While he posed as a mechanic in the game, Arashi is the owner of a small company outdone by Ayano Tech and controlled AirMan from a courtesy phone in the subway station. In the game, he is supposedly killed by a bomb hidden in a suitcase as punishment for his failure. In the anime, he is caught by the NetAgents upon his defeat and arrested by the police. Arashi is voiced by Brian Dobson in the English dub. AirMan is voiced by Susumu Chiba in the Japanese version and by Peter New in the English dub.
  • Speedy Dave (Daisuke Hayami (速見 ダイスケ, Hayami Daisuke) in the Japanese version) – He is a park ranger in the game, and is Sal's childhood friend in the anime. He is the operator of QuickMan. He dislikes littering and the destruction of nature, thus he sided with Gospel to destroy the dam in the game and is arrested after being defeated by Lan. In the anime, he just gave a warning to the humans by pretending to side to with Gospel and wasn't arrested. Speedy Dave is voiced by Kosuke Okano in the Japanese version and by Kirby Morrow in the English dub. QuickMan is voiced by Masaru Motegi in the Japanese version and by Alistair Abell in the English dub.
  • Mr. Dark (Dark Miyabi (ダーク・ミヤビ, Dāku Miyabi) in the Japanese version) – He is a mysterious mercenary-for-hire who sides with Gospel in the second game and Team Colonel in the fifth (under the alias of Dusk in the English versions), and the operator of ShadowMan. In the anime, only his Navi appeared in the second season of EXE while he made his appearance in Stream. In both cases, he and ShadowMan were out to eliminate MegaMan until Lord Wily convinced him to put aside his work and join Lan. In the anime, he becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo. Mr. Dark is voiced by Kenichi Obo in the Japanese version. ShadowMan is voiced by Kentaro Ito in the Japanese version and by Ron Halder in the English dub.
  • Princess Pride (プリンセス・プライド, Purinsesu Puraido) – She is the princess of Creamland (Brightland in the English anime) and the operator of KnightMan. In Battle Network 2, she attempts to kill a group of Official NetBattlers using booby traps, but inadvertently falls into one herself. Chaud suspects that she joined Gospel to get revenge on the countries that abandoned Creamland.[26] In Battle Network 5: Team Colonel, she seeks to help Creamland by mining MagnoMetal, but in doing this accidentally puts Mayl, Dex, and Yai in danger. Pride and KnightMan join Team Colonel afterwards. In the anime, she befriended Lan while disguised as a boy, and resurfaces in Stream as one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo. Princess Pride is voiced by Tomoko Kawakami in the Japanese version and by Jillian Michaels in the English dub. KnightMan is voiced by Jin Horikawa in the Japanese version and by Russell Roberts in the English dub.
  • FreezeMan.EXE – FreezeMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi that works for Gospel and heads up the Gospel attacks on the Net. He took control of the environmental control systems around the world to cause natural disasters. In the anime, FreezeMan.EXE is responsible for the near-deletion of FireMan.EXE. He later controls the robot penguins to freeze all of DenTech City. MegaMan.EXE had a hard time fighting FreezeMan.EXE until HeatMan.EXE shows up to help drive away FreezeMan. During the threat of the Gospel Virus, FreezeMan.EXE fights HeatMan.EXE again where HeatMan.EXE manages to defeat him. When FreezeMan.EXE retreats back to Gospel to have Lord Gospel heal him, ShadowMan.EXE arrives and deletes him (FreezeMan.EXE's deletion at the hands of ShadowMan.EXE is removed from the English dub and was changed to make it look like that HeatMan.EXE deleted him). FreezeMan.EXE is voiced by Soichiro Tanaka in the Japanese version and by Mark Oliver in the English dub.
  • CutMan.EXE – CutMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi that is the vice-commander of Yumland's Occupation force and is tasked to eliminate the survivors of the countries that ShadowMan.EXE attacks. He is deleted by MegaMan.EXE. In the anime, CutMan.EXE is briefly heard warning MegaMan.EXE and his allies about the threat of Grave. CutMan.EXE makes himself known to MegaMan.EXE following QuickMan.EXE's failure to destroy the dam. Combining with WoodMan.EXE's powers, MegaMan.EXE uses the Electro-Wood Tower to delete CutMan.EXE. It is revealed that CutMan.EXE had five brothers named Jirō, Saburō, Shirō, Gorō, and Rokurō (Vinny, Sammy, Jerry, Joey, and Nicky in the English dub) that attempted to take revenge on MegaMan.EXE for killing their brother Tarō. In the Japanese version, CutMan.EXE Tarō and CutMan.EXE Jirō are voiced by Chiyako Shibahara, CutMan.EXE Saburō is voiced by Tomoko Ishimura, CutMan.EXE Shirō is voiced by Kei Kobayashi, CutMan.EXE Gorō is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe, CutMan.EXE Rokurō is voiced by Kaori Matoi, and CutMan.EXE Chōrō is voiced by Hiroshi Ito. In the English dub, all the CutMan.EXE brothers are voiced by Scott McNeil.


DarkChip Syndicate Nebula is the antagonist group of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and Mega Man Battle Network 5. It is unique in that, aside from Dr. Regal (and Ms. Yuri in the anime), no named human operators are shown to be involved with the group.

Dr. RegalEdit

Dr. Regal (Dr.リーガル, Dokutā Rīgaru) is the human mastermind behind Nebula, and the operator of LaserMan. He is Dr. Wily's son and comes from the small, authoritarian country known as Nation Z.

He is introduced in Battle Network 4, as one of the scientists working together to prevent Duo's asteroid from striking the planet. However, near the end of the game, he reveals that he is behind the spread of "Dark Chips." He sends LaserMan into the asteroid, but MegaMan pursues the Navi. LaserMan is deleted in the resulting battle, and MegaMan manages to avert the crisis. Dr. Regal leaps from the top of the NAXA building to avoid arrest, and is presumed dead.

In Battle Network 5, he kidnaps Dr. Hikari and uses Nebula to take over the entirety of Cyberworld. As Team ProtoMan or Team Colonel slowly take back the internet, Regal prepares to activate the SoulNet system. Using SoulNet, which was developed by Tadashi Hikari and Dr. Wily to connect human emotions, and Nebula Grey, a monstrous program that is the embodiment of evil, he plans to forever corrupt the population. However, he is thwarted by MegaMan, who destroys Nebula Grey and the DarkChips. After the battle, Regal has a decade of his memory erased; the Team Colonel version of the game reveals that it was Dr. Wily that caused this amnesia. He is seen working at SciLab at the end of the game.

In the anime, Dr. Regal is the top energy scientist of Kingland. In the past, he was rescued from a plane crash by Duo, who selected him as a probe to monitor life on Earth, and adopted by Wily.[27] In Axess, he visits Dr. Hikari to look over a commandeered Dimensional Converter used by the Darkloids to substantiate in the real world, but is eventually recognized as the leader of Nebula. He, along with Ms. Yuri, collaborate with the Darkloids to wreak havok on Cyberworld. When ShadeMan, leader of the Darkloids, becomes suspicious of the humans, he is assaulted by LaserMan and is forced to flee. Dr. Regal later uses Regal Tower to create a worldwide Dimensional Area. After deleting ShadeMan once and for all, the now-Cross Fused Dr. Regal moves to destroy SciLab.[28] He is thwarted by Lan and MegaMan, who use "Full Synchro" to badly damage him.

Dr. Regal is voiced by Trevor Devall in the English dub.

In Rockman EXE: Program of Light and Dark, it is revealed that Regal has become badly fragmented data. He fuses with Nebula Grey (a program created by Dr. Wily) and attempts to use the "Spectrum" phenomenon to gain access to, and eventually destroy, the real world. After being defeated by MegaMan and Bass, he reappears in Stream, using the Crests of Duo to obtain great power. However, he is destroyed once and for all by Duo himself.

Dr. Regal first appears in volume 10 of the Mega Man NT Warrior manga as the weapon development director for the country, Netopia. Later on it is discovered that Dr. Regal is behind the Darkloids in the Netopia Net Army and that he wants MegaMan's ability to merge with Bass, so that Nebula Grey can become even more powerful. However, using Beast Out, MegaMan destroys Nebula Grey. Bass then destroys Dr. Regal's submarine, killing him.


The Darkloids are a group of solo Navis that are addicted to DarkChips. They are Nebula operatives in the games, while they are an independent group that collaborates with the organization in the anime.

  • ShadeMan.EXE – A vampire bat-themed Navi that appears in Battle Network 4 and Battle Network 5. Near the beginning of Battle Network 4, he kidnaps Roll with the intent of devouring her energy. MegaMan attempts to battle him, but cannot hit him due to his "Dark Power." ShadeMan leaves, but not before dropping a DarkChip. This DarkChip is later used by MegaMan to defeat Shademan. In an optional side quest, Solar Boy Django and MegaMan use the PileDriver in an attempt to delete the Navi once and for all. He returns in Battle Network 5 as one of the Darkloids that have taken over Cyberworld; he controls Oran Island's network. In the anime, he is the leader of the Darkloids. After discovering that the DarkChips will eventually delete any Navi that uses them, ShadeMan attempts in vain to kill Regal. LaserMan takes ShadeMan's position as the leader of the Darkloids, and ShadeMan is later deleted by a Cross Fused Dr. Regal. ShadeMan.EXE is voiced by Hidetoshi Nakamura in the Japanese version and by Scott McNeil in the English dub.
  • LaserMan.EXE – Dr. Regal's personal Navi. He attempts to control Duo's comet in Battle Network 4, and Cross Fuses with Regal during the climax of Axess so that they can destroy SciLab. LaserMan.EXE is voiced by Kazuhiro Nakata in the Japanese version.
  • BlizzardMan.EXE – A snow-themed Navi. He holds control over ACDC's network. BlizzardMan.EXE is voiced by Akio Suyama in the Japanese version.
  • CloudMan.EXE – A cloud-themed Navi that controls SciLab's network. CloudMan.EXE is voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura in the Japanese version.
  • CosmoMan.EXE – An asteroid-themed Navi who holds control over part of End City's network. He succeeded LaserMan.EXE as the leader of the Darkloids following his deletion. CosmoMan.EXE is voiced by Sōichirō Tanaka in the Japanese version.
  • Dark MegaMan.EXE – Dark MegaMan.EXE is an evil clone of MegaMan.EXE that is created when Lan used the vaccine chip to free MegaMan.EXE from the influence of the DarkChips. Dark MegaMan.EXE is voiced by Akiko Kimura in the Japanese version.


Duo (デューオ, Dyūo) is a mysterious being from outer space. In both Mega Man Battle Network 4 and Rockman EXE Stream, Duo seeks to "cleanse" Earth of evil.

In the games, Duo is the operating system of an asteroid poised to destroy Earth. He was attracted to the planet by the spread of Dark Chips that was instigated by Nebula. After Dr. Regal sabotages NAXA's attempts to divert the asteroid, he sends LaserMan in an attempt to control it; however, LaserMan is deleted by MegaMan. Duo then appears before MegaMan and, after forcing the Navi to fight his own dark soul, engages him in battle. MegaMan manages to destroy Duo's battle body and, using the energy of humans worldwide, successfully changes the asteroid's course. Before MegaMan leaves, Duo warns that he will return again someday.

In the anime, he is a god-like entity created by an alien race. Fifteen years prior to Stream, Duo visits Earth and rescues Dr. Regal and Ms. Yuri from a plane crash, turning them into probes. He returns after having seen the violence brought on by Regal, but decides to spare humankind if it proves its worth. He is voiced by Kenji Nomura.

Duo possesses a variety of extremely potent abilities, many of them manifesting themselves in the form of space-age weaponry. His fists can detach and fire through rocket propulsion to strike his enemies. His chest cavity houses explosive artillery, which is launched in either a direct or homing fashion, as either mines or missiles. This cavity may also compress in on itself to release a powerful focused laser beam that fans out at certain points along the spectrum. His most devastating technique is Anger Impact, where he releases a wave of energy that resembles his face. In the anime, Duo also possesses the ability to separate Navis and operators from Cross Fusion with a mere thought, allowing them to take on physical bodies while in his asteroid.


The Cybeasts are the titular cyber beasts from Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar/Cybeast Falzar. They were originally created by the grandfather of Mayor Cain. Lord Wily seeks to obtain the legendary beasts so that he may wreak havoc on both Cyberworld and the real world. Their exact roles in the story depend on the game version: the title Cybeast is absorbed by MegaMan.EXE and is later destroyed by him, while the opposite Cybeast is absorbed by CircusMan.EXE and is ultimately deleted by Colonel and Iris.

In the anime, Gregar and Falzar each lead an army of Zoanoroids.

Cybeast GregarEdit

Cybeast Gregar known as Cyber Beast Glaga (電脳獣グレイガ, Dennōjū Gureiga) in Japan, is a legendary wolf-like sentient program created from accumulated bugs, much like the Gospel Megavirus.

In the anime, he is the leader of the Gregar Army which consists of Zoanoroid versions of BlizzardMan.EXE, DarkMan.EXE, FlameMan.EXE, GutsMan.EXE, JunkMan.EXE, MetalMan.EXE, NapalmMan.EXE, NumberMan.EXE, PharaohMan.EXE, PlantMan.EXE, QuickMan.EXE, Sparkman.EXE, StoneMan.EXE, WhaleMan.EXE, and YamatoMan.EXE.

Cybeast FalzarEdit

Cybeast Falzar known as Cyber Beast Falzer (電脳獣ファルザ, Dennōjū Faruzā) in Japan, is a legendary falcon-like sentient program created by Dr. Cain, Mayor Cain's Grandfather, to combat Gregar; the program would go awry, eventually becoming as much of a threat to Cyberworld as its original enemy.

In the anime, he is the leader of the Falzar Army which consists of Zoanoroid versions of CloudMan.EXE, FreezeMan.EXE, GateMan.EXE, KendoMan.EXE, LarkMan.EXE, Meddy.EXE, Punk.EXE, SnakeMan.EXE, SwordMan.EXE, and the CutMan.EXE Brothers. Zoanoroid SparkMan.EXE used to be part Falzar's army until he was converted to Gregar's army by Zoanoroid PharaohMan.EXE.


Bass, known as Forte (フォルテ, Forute) in Japan, was intended to be the first fully autonomous NetNavi, fully independent of an operator, and extremely powerful. Bass was falsely blamed for causing massive problems in the original internet, and was nearly killed by the SciLab Elite Corps. Dr. Cossack, the only human he trusted and his creator, was arrested before he could plug out Bass to safety, leading Bass to believe that he had betrayed him as well and hates humanity since then.

In Battle Network 2, Sean Obihiro of Gospel attempted to make a clone army of Bass copies, eventually leading to the accidental creation of the Gospel Megavirus. During the game's ending, Bass is shown deleting one such clone and swearing revenge upon mankind. Bass returns to fulfill his promise in Battle Network 3, where he assists Wily in using Alpha to destroy network society; however, Bass is swallowed up by Alpha along with Wily himself. He is then approached by the remains of the Gospel Megavirus, which saves him and fuses with him. He is later confronted by MegaMan in the secret area, and narrowly defeated. It is revealed that he suffers from amnesia, but Megaman is successful to remind him of his creator, Cossack. Thrown into confusion, Bass leaves.

In Battle Network 4, Bass is found deep in the Undernet hibernating as a statue, and reawakens upon meeting Megaman. Once again defeated, he retreats and vows to become stronger. In Battle Network 5, a post-game boss created by dark power takes on his likeness, but his true self can also be fought. Whenever defeated, he leaves of his own volition; this trend continues until Battle Network 6. There, Bass is confronted in his gravestone in the Undernet and numerous times afterwards. The final confrontation with Bass is his most powerful, when he has absorbed a cybeast's power into his body. When defeated, he drifts away into the net and is available as a random encounter in the Graveyard area.

In the anime, Bass was created from Pharoahman's data by Wily. Bass came to exist from the left over data of PharaohMan that Wily didn't use to make Gospel. While Gospel contains PharaohMan's ultimate program, Bass on the other hand is the reincarnation of PharaohMan's soul but lacking any memories, which were used in making Gospel, though he later recovered his memories after reading Megaman's memories. Bass is voiced by Matt Hill in the English dub.

In the manga, Bass' background stays true like the original but with a darker and more sinister personality. He is infamously known as the 'Black Shadow', the strongest Net Navi in the Undernet. Also, compared to the anime and the game, Bass is portrayed having deeper rivalry and to an extent, friendship with MegaMan.

Other charactersEdit


Dr. Yuichiro HikariEdit

Yuichiro Hikari (光祐一朗, Hikari Yūichirō) is Lan's father, and the creator of MegaMan. He followed in his father's footsteps, working as a scientist and a renowned authority on anything having to do with the net. As such, he is often away, working on his latest project at SciLab. In Axess, his focus moves onto merging operator and NetNavi in a process known as Cross Fusion, which later inspired the "Double Soul" ("Soul Unison") concept in the games.

Yuichiro's father, Dr. Tadashi Hikari, is considered to be the founder of the computer networking system within the Battle Network series. As such, Yuichiro is looked upon as an expert in the subject of networking. Although he is not seen with a NetNavi of his own, he is the creator of numerous NetNavis, including MegaMan.EXE. In the games, in an attempt to save his dying son, Hub, he creates MegaMan by placing the boy's DNA into a Navi program.

In the anime, Yuichiro is often the scientist responsible for new designs and additions to already existing PET models, and his research into the nature of Dimensional Areas leads to the creation of the "Synchro Chip" permitting Cross Fusion, a unique ability that allows an operator to merge with his/her NetNavi.

In the Japanese version, Yuichiro Hikari is voiced by Koichi Nagano and later by Tokuyoshi Kawashima in Stream-Beast+. In the English dub, Yuichiro Hikari is voiced by Michael Adamthwaite.

Haruka HikariEdit

Haruka Hikari (光はる香, Hikari Haruka) is Lan's caring mother, who works at home and prepares extravagant meals for her husband and son. In the anime, she is portrayed as somewhat naïve, though she always wishes the best for her loved ones. In the 5th game, Haruka ends up inviting Mayl over in order to teach her cooking, while Mayl returns the favor and teaches her to NetBattle.

Haruka Hikari is voiced by Masako Jo in the Japanese version and by Nicole Oliver in the English dub.

Dr. Tadashi HikariEdit

Tadashi Hikari (光正, Hikari Tadashi) is the inventor of Cyberworld. He bears a visual resemblance to Dr. Light of the Classic Mega Man series (this is explained by the Japanese word "Hikari" loosely meaning "Light"). He passes away long before the events of the Battle Network series, and only appears in the form of archived data.

He first appears in Battle Network 3, after Lan and MegaMan defeat Alpha. He speaks with his grandsons for a short while before Alpha began to collapse. He also indirectly saves MegaMan, as the Navi is found inside the area of Alpha that housed Tadashi's personality data.

Tadashi also appears in Battle Network 5 inside of a "Vision Burst." The Vision Bursts revolve around Tadashi's and Wily's work on the SoulNet, and reveal that the two scientists decided to stop working on the project in order to let their descendants finish it.

Mr. FamousEdit

Mr. Famous (Eguchi-meijin (江口名人) in the Japanese version) is a scientist working with Yuichiro. In the games, he is the creator of several powerful Navis, including GateMan.EXE, KendoMan.EXE., GridMan.EXE (FootMan.EXE in the English dub), and Punk.EXE, although he does not have one in the anime. In every game he has appeared in, each of his Navis were created by fans of the series in a Capcom-sponsored contest (with the exception of Punk). A running gag in the anime involves Famous repeatedly trying to convince Lan to not use "Mr." ('san' in the Japanese version) when addressing him. With each passing series, the number on Famous' shirt increases by one. It started at 15 and ended at 19, meant to represent the Mega Man / Rockman franchise's age. In real life, Masakazu Eguchi is the name of the scenario writer for the games, and he often cosplays as Meijin at official Japanese events.

Mr. Famous is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in the Japanese version and by Jonathan Holmes in the English dub.

Solo NetNavisEdit

The Solo NetNavis are NetNavis that have no owner. Besides the ones that work for WWW, Gospel, and the Darkloids, the following Solo NetNavis are listed below.

  • BowlMan.EXE – BowlMan.EXE is a bowling-themed NetNavi. In the Blue version of Battle Network 3, he possesses the #2 Undernet ranking. In AXESS, BowlMan.EXE was given a DarkChip by a Darkloid which improves his game. This corrupts him causing CrossFusion MegaMan.EXE to delete him. BowlMan.EXE is voiced by Tōru Ōkawa in the Japanese version and by Colin Murdock in the English dub.
  • BrightMan.EXE – BrightMan.EXE is a light-themed NetNavi. In Network Transmission, BrightMan.EXE falls prey to the fake vaccine to the Zero Virus. MegaMan.EXE had to defeat him in order to get him cured. It is implied that he has an owner that runs one of the shops in the shopping district. In AXESS, BrightMan.EXE is a Darkloid who has been pursued by Raoul and ThunderMan.EXE where he deleted a Navi friend of theirs. During the Darkloids' fight with SearchMan.EXE and ThunderMan.EXE, BrightMan.EXE is deleted by ThunderMan.EXE. BrightMan.EXE is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in the Japanese version and by Richard Ian Cox in the English dub.
  • ClockMan.EXE – ClockMan.EXE is a time-traveling NetNavi that appears in Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star. He likes to collect beautiful women from different time periods. It took the collaboration of MegaMan.EXE and the Star Force Mega Man to defeat ClockMan.EXE.
  • DarkMan.EXE – DarkMan.EXE is a powerful NetNavi from Battle Network 3. Mega Man encountered DarkMan.EXE in the Secret Area of the Undernet after deleting 10,000 Navis.
  • JunkMan.EXE – JunkMan.EXE (JunkDataMan.EXE in the English dub) is a NetNavi that was born from junk data. In Battle Network 4, JunkMan.EXE faces off against MegaMan.EXE in the Blue Moon Tournament. In AXESS, JunkMan.EXE gathers satellites and other space junk to make up his castle. This led to a confrontation with MegaMan.EXE, Roll.EXE, and Glyde.EXE. JunkMan.EXE is voiced by Kenta Miyake in the Japanese version and by Terry Klassen in the English dub.
  • LarkMan.EXE – LarkMan.EXE (known as SwallowMan.EXE in Japan) is a bird-themed NetNavi. He appears in Battle Network 5 as an optional boss in Undernet 1. In Stream, LarkMan.EXE is a Darkloid who works for Dark MegaMan.EXE. LarkMan.EXE is voiced by Kishō Taniyama in the Japanese version.
  • MistMan.EXE – MistMan.EXE is a genie-themed NetNavi. In the White version of Battle Network 3, he possesses the #2 Undernet ranking. In AXESS, MistMan.EXE appears in a castle that emerges from the sand in the desert and he obeys whoever holds his lamp. MistMan.EXE is voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi in the Japanese version.
  • Serenade.EXE – Serenade is a NetNavi who is the ruler of the Undernet. In Battle Network 3, Serenade makes her base in the Undernet's server.
  • YamatoMan.EXE – YamatoMan.EXE (JapanMan.EXE in the English version of the games) is a spear-wielding armored samurai-themed NetNavi. In Battle Network 3, YamatoMan.EXE used to work for SciLab before leaving to work for Serenade in the Undernet. MegaMan.EXE fights YamatoMan.EXE in the second section of the Secret Area.
Other recurring charactersEdit
  • Ms. Mari, known in the Japanese versions as Mariko Ōzono (大園 まり子, Ōzono Mariko) – She is the teacher of class 5-A at the ACDC/DenTech school (Densan), of which Lan, Mayl, Dex and Yai are students. She serves as the adult chaperon to many of Lan's activities. She does not have a NetNavi in the anime, and uses a generic one in the games. Ms. Mari is voiced by Noriko Hidaka in the Japanese version and by Janyse Jaud in the English dub.
  • Sal (Saloma (サロマ, Saroma)) – She is the owner of a boxed lunch stand and an environmentalist; she is also the operator of WoodMan.EXE. In the anime, she is a gardener who takes on the identity Black Rose (黒バラ仮面, Kurobara Kamen) as a Net Agent; unlike Maysa/Commander Beef, Sal uses WoodMan with and without her disguise, leaving little doubt about her secret identity. She also has a crush on Dave in the anime. Sal is voiced by Omi Minami in the Japanese version and by Kelly Sheridan in the English dub. WoodMan.EXE is voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya in the Japanese version and by Lee Tockar in the English dub.
  • Ribitta (Kero Midorikawa (緑川ケロ, Midorikawa Kero)) – She is a television personality at DNN, and is often seen as a reporter or a television host. She is the operator of ToadMan.EXE. She was a fairly minor character in the games until Battle Network 5, when she joined with Team Colonel while trying to get an interview with the team. In the anime she, along with Higsby, are the commentators for the N1 Grand Prix. Ribbita is voiced by Akiko Nakagawa in the Japanese version and by Sharon Alexander in the Englishdub. ToadMan.EXE is voiced by Akiko Nakagawa in the Japanese version and by Samuel Vincent in the English dub.
  • Raoul (ラウル, Rauru) – He is the operator of ThunderMan.EXE. In the anime, he is the leader of a gang called "Team Thunder" that opposes a corrupt Netopian mayor. He and Chaud often dress up in disco outfits while on missions together. Raoul is voiced by Nobuo Tobito in the Japanese version and by Mark Gibbon in the English dub. ThunderMan.EXE is voiced by Daiki Nakamura in the Japanese version and by David Kaye in the English dub.
  • Tamako Shiraizumi (白泉 たま子, Shiraizumi Tamako) – She is the owner of a souvenir stall in front of Yoka Hot Springs, and the operator of MetalMan.EXE (HeavyMetalMan.EXE in the English dub). In the anime, she has a passion for NetBattling and offers her customers the opportunity to take home her merchandise without paying if they are able to defeat her. Tamako Shiraizumi is voiced by Takako Honda in the Japanese version and by Willow Johnson in the English dub. MetalMan.EXE is voiced by Susumu Chiba in the Japanese version and by John Payne in the English dub.
  • Chisao Oyama (大山 チサオ, Ōyama Chisao) – He is Dex's younger brother, and originally lived in Netopia. He is too young to operate his own NetNavi, although he is a NetBattling prodigy (pulling off a Program Advance with GutsMan in the anime when Dex himself could not). He is firm in his belief that his brother is the world's best NetBattler and GutsMan the world's best NetNavi. Renamed Chisao Ogreon in the English anime and manga. Chisao is voiced by Tomoko Ishimura in the Japanese version and by Nathan Tipple in the English dub.
  • Shuko Kido (城戸舟子, Kido Shūko) – She is the operator of AquaMan.EXE (SpoutMan.EXE in all English media except Battle Network 4) who believes that she is the unluckiest girl in the world because of bad things that always seem to happen coincidentally around her. In Battle Network 4: Blue Moon, she is one of Lan's opponents in the first tournament; later on, AquaMan.EXE attempts to help MegaMan fight LaserMan.EXE, but is instead possessed by MegaMan's Dark Soul. In Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar, Shuko works as both a teacher and an employee of the Seaside Aquarium in order to put her twin brothers Atsu and Ty (Atsuho and Taichi) through college. In the anime after Higsby installs a sense of confidence in her, she begins to idolize him and work at his chip shop. Shuko is voiced by Mamiko Noto in the Japanese version and by Chantal Strand in the English dub. AquaMan.EXE is voiced by Chiemi Chiba in the Japanese version and by Matt Hill in the English dub.
  • Raika (Laika (ライカ, Raika)) – He is a NetSaver from Sharo, and the operator of SearchMan.EXE. He was trained to be an elite soldier, and sees NetBattling as war. In Battle Network 4, he is one of Lan's tournament opponents in the "Red Sun" version. In Battle Network 5, he is a member of Team ProtoMan. In Axess, he often relies on cunning and instinct to solve his battles against Nebula and the Darkloids, and looks down on Cross Fusion. Initially, this puts him at odds with Lan, who he believes is inferior because he has the tendency to do things without thinking, but finds that they are surprisingly effective together. In Stream, he becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo. Raika is voiced by Hiro Yuki in the Japanese version and by Matt Smith in the English dub. SearchMan.EXE is voiced by Jun Fukuyama in the Japanese version and by Brian Dobson in the English dub.
  • Dingo (ディンゴ) – Dingo is a Netopian who takes a quick liking to Lan, and the operator of TomahawkMan.EXE. In the games, he was originally on board the Queen Bohemia luxury liner where a booster system, whose development was responsible for many deaths in his hometown, was being sold. His attempt to hijack the system and steal the booster system was foiled by Colonel, who convinces him to join Team Colonel. In the anime, he works at Maha Ichiban as a delivery boy, and becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.
  • Solar Boy Django (太陽少年ジャンゴ, Taiyō Shōnen Jango) – Django is the protagonist of Konami's Boktai video game series. In the Battle Network universe he is depicted as a fictional vampire hunter, with Dracky's Castle in Castillo being partially based on his adventures. In Battle Network 4, Django appears in Cyberworld and, with help from Lan and MegaMan, uses the PileDriver to destroy ShadeMan.EXE. In the Japanese version of Battle Network 6, MegaMan and Django team up to battle The Count of Groundsoaking Blood. Django's signature weapon is the Gun Del Sol, which is available to MegaMan as a series of BattleChips.


  • Rush – In the games, Rush is a Navi Customizer part that aids a user in multiplayer battles, as well as a virus and Battle Chip in the first Battle Network game. In the anime, Rush is an onsen-loving canine virus created by Yuichiro and installed into Maylu's PET when Roll and friends attempt to recover MegaMan.EXE. Rush has the ability to travel between the real world and the cyberworld with advanced holographic technology. He can also transform into the Rush Synchro Chip while in the real world, increasing an operator's Synchro Rating, allowing Mayl to Cross Fuse with Roll. Rush's vocal effects are provided by Akiko Kimura in the Japanese version and by Samuel Vincent in the English dub.
  • Ms. Yuri (Yuriko Ōzono (大園 ゆり子, Ōzono Yuriko)) is the twin sister of Ms. Mari. In the first Battle Network, she was a WWW agent who left the organization to become a summer school teacher. She is a palette swap of Ms. Mari in the game, but is redesigned and given a much more significant role in the anime. There, she is the second-in-command of Nebula and the operator of NeedleMan.EXE (NeedleMan.EXE was operated by Yai's unnamed gardener in Mega Man Network Transmission and he is also called SpikeMan.EXE in the English dub). She was separated from her twin sister fifteen years before the start of the series, and raised by Dr. Wily. At the end of Axess, she was faced with the choice of killing her own sister or betraying Nebula. In the end, she cuts ties with Nebula. In Stream, becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo. Ms. Yuri is voiced by Noriko Hidaka in the Japanese version and by Janyse Jaud in the English dub. NeedleMan.EXE is voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya in the Japanese version and by Tony Alcantar in the English dub.
  • Masa (マサ) is the owner of a fish stand, and the operator of SharkMan.EXE. In the anime, he has a secret identity as Commander Beef (ビーフ司令 Bīfu Shirei), one of the Net Agents and only uses SharkMan.EXE while costumed. By day, he often lectures the kids on the various merits of fish and calcium, and claims that he does not have a NetNavi. Masa has a crush on Ms. Mari, but Ms. Mari has fallen for Commander Beef. In Beyondard, Masa is the leader of the human resistance, operating under the name Masked Captain (覆面隊長, Fukumen Taichō). Although he thinks NetNavis are lame in the anime, he has a NetNavi even in the first Battle Network game and doesn't disguise himself as Commander Beef. Masa is voiced by Jin Horikawa in the Japanese version and by Richard Newman in the English dub. SharkMan.EXE is voiced by Don Brown in the English dub.
  • Miyu Kuroi (Miyuki Kuroi (黒井みゆき Kuroi Miyuki)) – She is a fortune teller, and the operator of SkullMan.EXE. She is an antique shop proprietor, and also a Net Agent in the anime, taking on the identity of Mysteriyu (Miyumiyu (みゆみゆ) in the original version). Miyu is voiced by Hiyose in the Japanese version and by Anna Cummer in the English dub. SkullMan.EXE is voiced by Riichi Nishimoto in the Japanese version and by Brian Drummond in the English dub.
  • Dr. Froid (Seiji Hikawa (氷川清次, Hikawa Seiji)) – An employee at the Waterworks, and the operator of IceMan.EXE in the games. Maddy of WWW kidnap his son, then blackmail him into freezing DenCity's water supply. In the anime, Froid's and his son's roles are reversed with Froid being kidnapped and Tory being forced to obey the WWW as well as being the owner of IceMan.EXE. Dr. Froid is voiced by Takuma Suzuki in the Japanese version and by Brian Drummond in the English dub. IceMan.EXE is voiced by Noda Junko in the Japanese version and by Samuel Vincent in the English dub.
  • Ms. Millions – Ms. Millions (Ms. Millionaire in the Japanese games and all versions of the anime) A rich Netopian who is the operator of SnakeMan.EXE. She buys Lan's collection of chips after they are stolen from him, but gives them back once MegaMan defeats SnakeMan in battle. In the anime, she attempts to capture MegaMan and force him to endlessly battle for her amusement until Chaud and ProtoMan.EXE expose her scheme.[29] Ms. Millions is voiced by Rio Natsuki in the Japanese version. SnakeMan.EXE is voiced by Ryusei Nakao in the Japanese version and by Brian Drummond in the English dub.
  • Tora (Torakichi Aragoma (荒駒 虎吉, Aragoma Torakichi) in the Japanese version) – A skilled chess NetBattler, who is the operator of KingMan.EXE. In the anime, he beats the world's largest computer in a match with his father, Saikichi's, famous technique known as "Fūrinkazan". He challenges Lan to a chess NetBattle, with their Navis on the line until the battle is crashed by ShadoWMan.EXE. Tora is voiced by Masaya Onosaka in the Japanese version and by Scott McNeil in the English dub. KingMan.EXE is voiced by Keikou Sakai in the Japanese version and by Scott McNeil in the English dub.
  • Mamoru – The son of the Undernet's creator, the current manager of the Undernet, and likely the operator of Serenade. During MegaMan Battle Network 3, he has the fictional disease HBD, which Lan's twin brother Hub died from years before the beginning of the series. When PlantMan causes the hospital's systems to go haywire while Mamoru is in surgery, his life is put at risk.
  • Tensuke Takumi (匠 転助, Takumi Tensuke) – An elderly man obsessed with tops who is the operator of TopMan.EXE. He searches for methods of impressing his grandson with his Navi. In the anime, he participates in NetBattles for the same reason. Tensuke Takumi is voiced by Masashi Hirose. TopMan.EXE is voiced by Kenichi Ogata.
  • Kousuke – Tensuke's grandson who loves NetBattling, but finds tops "boring and antique." In the anime, he appears every once in a while as a background character, and enjoys watching action-themed programming on television.
  • Terry JoMon (Teruo Jōmon (上文 テルオ, Jōmon Teruo) in the Japanese version) – Terry is a robot specialist, the operator of SparkMan.EXE, and the spoiled grandson of the Chief of Jomon Elec. He tricks Lan into believing his free PET maintenance scheme and alters the files in his PET to cause trouble. In AXESS, SparkMan.EXE appears as a Darkloid and Terry doesn't appear in the anime. SparkMan.EXE is voiced by Yuto Kazama in the Japanese version and by Don Brown in the English dub.
  • Atsuki Homura (火村 アツキ, Homura Atsuki) – Atsuki is the operator of BurnerMan.EXE (abbreviated to BurnMan.EXE in the English version of Battle Network 4). He and Mr. Match form an intense rivalry; BurnerMan.EXE's and FireMan.EXE's battles cause flames to erupt in Cyberworld. In the anime, Atsuki doesn't appear and BurnerMan.EXE appears as a Darkloid. BurnerMan.EXE is voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki in the Japanese version and by Richard Ian Cox in the English dub.
  • Ivan Chillsky (Ivan Coolsky (イワン・コオリスキー, Iwan Kōrisukī) in the Japanese version) – Ivan is the operator of ColdMan.EXE (FridgeMan.EXE in the English dub) who hails from Sharo. He finds even slightly warm temperatures as unbearably hot while preferring the cold and hacks into Netopia's weather control systems to create a blizzard. After his NetBattle with Lan, Ivan is arrested and sent to a prison in NetFrica much to his despair. In AXESS, ColdMan.EXE is a Darkloid. In Stream, Ivan Chillsky is a world-renowned engineer who specializes in data compression, and the operator of Asteroid ColdMan.EXE. In anger over disapproval of his latest project, he kidnaps Navis from all over the world using his technology. After Asteroid ColdMan.EXE is deleted by Cross Fusion ProtoMan.EXE, Ivan is arrested by the NetPolice. Ivan Chillsky is voiced by Katsumi Suzuki in the Japanese version. ColdMan.EXE is voiced by Shinji Kawada in the Japanese version and by Alec Willows in the English dub.
  • Lilly (Ran Igarashi (五十嵐 ラン, Igarashi Ran) in the Japanese version) – Lilly is the operator of WindMan.EXE. Each time she drinks from the bottle around her neck, she becomes incredibly violent, as it was mistakenly filled with wine. In the anime, she is the priestess of Shiisaa Island who guards the Temple of the Wind God, and instead acts silly when inebriated. Lilly is voiced by Aya Hisakawa in the Japanese version. WindMan.EXE is voiced by Shunsuke Sakuya in the Japanese version.
  • Viddy Narcy (Narcy Hide (ナルシー・ヒデ, Narushī Hide) in the Japanese version) – Viddy Narcy is a television producer, and a member of Neo WWW in the anime. He is the operator of VideoMan.EXE. In Battle Network 4, he tries to defeat Lan and MegaMan in the Eagle Tournament by using a rewind program, which caused MegaMan's controls to be reversed. In AXESS, VideoMan.EXE is a Darkloid. In Stream, he gains Astroid VideoMan.EXE is picked up by Sunayama to take part in Neo WWW's crimes. His favorite color is pink, and he claims to be "beyond gender." His schemes are usually bizarre, involving strange things such as slapping bunny ears onto video game characters and drenching an entire island in curry. Viddy Narcy is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in the Japanese version. VideoMan.EXE is voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura in the Japanese version and by Don Brown in the English dub.
  • Dr. Cossack – Dr. Cossack was the head scientist of SciLab and Bass' creator. He was branded as traitor during Alpha Revolt and imprisoned, but was freed sometimes afterwards. He helps Lan and MegaMan several times in Mega Man Battle Network 3. When Lan and Mega Man infiltrates WWW base, Cossack use pulse transmission that sent his consciousness into Cyberworld and make the elevator that leads inside the base to work, only to counter Bass shortly after fixing the elevator. After realising what Bass has become, he intended to self-destruct himself along with Bass, but Bass retreated and Cossack is hospitalized due to his injuries. Before being taken to the hospital, Cossack asks Lan and MegaMan to delete Bass.
  • Tesla Magnus (Tesla Magnets (テスラ・マグネッツ, Tesura Magunettsu) in the Japanese version) – Tesla is the daughter of Gauss Magnus, and the second operator of MagnetMan.EXE. In the games, she is a member of Team ProtoMan, while in the anime, she is the founder of the NetCrime organization, Neo WWW who is very sensitive about her age, frequently seen with Charlie Airstar, and becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo. Tesla Magnus is voiced by Michiko Neya in the English dub.
  • Charlie Airstar (チャーリー・エアスター, Chārī Eastā) – Charlie is a Netopian helicopter pilot, and the operator of GyroMan.EXE. In the games, he joins Team ProtoMan.EXE after showing that GyroMan's flying ability proves valuable as an asset. In the anime, he becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo, and is regarded as a player, though he does form a steady relationship with Tesla Magnus. Charlie Airstar is voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto in the Japanese version. GyroMan.EXE is voiced by Daisuke Kishio in the Japanese version.
  • Fyrefox (Nenji Rokushakudama (六尺玉 燃次, Rokushakudama Nenji) in the Japanese version) – Fyrefox, a maker of fireworks, is the operator of NapalmMan (NapalmMan was previously featured in Battle Network 2 as an autonomous Navi). In the anime, he was originally the operator of Nenjiro, who had been deleted in a fireworks-related accident. He discovers an injured Asteroid NapalmMan in his PET, who he slowly nurses back to health. In gratitude, Astreroid NapalmMan decides to change his evil ways and become Fyrefox's Navi. He becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo. Fyrefox is voiced by Tomohiro Nishimura in the Japanese version.
  • Jasmine (ジャスミン, Jasumin) – Jasmine is a girl from Choina, and is the operator of Meddy.EXE. In the games, she joined Team ProtoMan while searching for a cure for her grandfather's illness. In the anime, she met Lan while searching for a medicinal herb for her instructor back home. She becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo. Jasmine is voiced by Saeko Chiba in the Japanese version. Meddy.EXE is voiced by Yumi Kakazu in the Japanese version.
  • Iris (アイリス, Airisu) A mysterious girl that appears before Lan. In the games, she becomes one of his new classmates when he moves. In the anime, she acts as a guardian for Trill, able to control MegaMan's "Beast Out" factor while in Beyondard. In both incarnations, she is, in reality, a Navi that has the ability to manifest in the human world as a modified CopyBot (Copyroid), and is also Colonel's younger sister. In Battle Network 6, she was designed to control weapons systems; in the anime, she can bypass firewalls without sustaining damage, and can erect potent barriers to defend herself or others while in the real world or cyberworld.
  • Mick (Kojirō Aragaki (新垣 コジロー, Aragaki Kojirō) in the Japanese version) – One of Lan's new classmates in Battle Network 6. He thinks very little of Lan and wishes to crush him in a NetBattle, or humiliate him in front of his new classmates, but warms up to him. In the anime, he is a resident of a fishing village in Beyondard, who has feelings for Ms. Fahran.
  • Tab (Asuta Ōmori (大森 明日太, Ōmori Asuta) in the Japanese version) – Another of Lan's classmates in Battle Network 6. He runs "Aster Land" (Asuta Land), his own chip shop.
  • Pat Fahran (Phakchi Faran (パクチー・ファラン, Pakuchī Faran) in the Japanese version) – Pat is an expert cook from YumLand and the operator of SlashMan.EXE. In the anime, she is a woman of Beyondard who worked aboard a cruise ship that was attacked by Zoanoroid WhaleMan.EXE. She was the only survivor, having washed up on shore near a fishing village. Pat Fahran is voiced by Sayaka Ohara in the Japanese version. SlashMan.EXE is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the Japanese version.
  • Al Ferry (Kunio Kurogane (鉄 国男, Kurogane Kunio)) – He is a train conductor and the operator of ChargeMan.EXE. In the anime, he, Chaud, Mayl attempt to prevent Zoanoroid JunkMan.EXE from destroying Beyondard's train tracks. Al Ferry is voiced by Takayuki Sugō in the Japanese version. ChargeMan.EXE is voiced by Tsuguo Mogami in the Japanese version.
  • Moliarty (Dotarō Horisugi (堀杉 土太郎, Horisugi Dotarō) in the Japanese version) – A hard-working, expert hole-digger, who is the operator of GroundMan.EXE. In the anime, Chaud and Maylu encounter him and his partner Mister Press while in Beyondard. Together, the duo accidentally travel to a world parallel of their own, wreaking havoc as they chase after a coin dropped by Kousuke. Moliarty is voiced by Takashi Kondō in the Japanese version. GroundMan.EXE is voiced by Kōichi Tōchika in the Japanese version.
  • Mister Press (ミスタープレス, Misutā Puresu) – A hard-working and innovative advocate of recycling, who is the operator of DustMan.EXE, and ends all his sentences with "de gozaru" in the Japanese version. In the anime, Chaud and Maylu encounter him and his partner, Moliarty, while in Beyondard. Together, the duo accidentally travel to a world parallel of their own, wreaking havoc as they chase after a coin dropped by Kousuke. Mister Press is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino in the Japanese version. DustMan.EXE is voiced by Taketora in the English dub.
  • Dark Scythe (Dark Kirisaki (ダーク・キリサキ, Dāku Kirisaki) in the Japanese version) – Dark Scythe is the operator of EraseMan.EXE (KillerMan.EXE in the Japanese version). He is a teacher in Battle Network 6, having been trained in the art of assassination by Dusk, and leads a subdivision of the Beyondard human resistance in the anime. In both incarnations, he is alluded to as the "Black Death God" (黒死神 Kuroi Shinigami) in the Japanese version. Dark Scythe is voiced by Yuki Kaida in the Japanese version. EraseMan.EXE is voiced by Takeharu Ōnishi in the Japanese version.
  • Ann Zap (Ann Electel (アン・エレキテル, An Erekiteru) in the Japanese version) – An elderly woman who is Count Zap's wife and ElecMan.EXE's second operator. In the anime, she is portrayed as a much younger counterpart to the former WWW member, who wishes to inherit the assets of her husband's estate. In the past, the day she was to be wed to another man, Zap knocked out the groom and stole Ann away with a diamond ring. After joining WWW, he left without telling Ann his whereabouts prompting her to search for him. Ann Zap is voiced by Yuki Matsuoka in the Japanese version.
  • Master Teng-Fian (Fuuten Roshi (風天老師, Fuuten Roshi) in the Japanese version) – An old man who is one of Lan's teachers in Battle Network 6. His navi is TenguMan.EXE.
  • Mr. Hat (Mr.ハット, Misutā Hatto) – A master magician appearing in Rockman EXE Phantom of Network, who is the operator of HatMan.EXE
  • Shuichi Eboshi (烏星 修一, Eboshi Shūichi) – Mr. Hat's son, who feels neglected because his father is always busy with his magic shows, entering Lan's class as a transfer student. In the anime, he is a transfer student instead entering Tory's class who is hypnotized by Phantom HatMan into transforming large areas of the city into patches of flowers.


  • Tory Froid (Tōru Hikawa (氷川 透, Hikawa Tōru) in the Japanese version) – He iIs a friend of Lan's, co-founder of the onsen club with Ms. Mari, a skilled skater and violinist, and the operator of IceMan.EXE in the anime. His father, Dr. Froid, runs the city's waterworks facility, and because of this, is blackmailed by WWW to do their bidding before Lan comes to the rescue. In the games, Tory is never mentioned by name, IceMan.EXE is his father's Navi, and he is kidnapped so that his father cooperates, whereas in the anime, the reverse is true. His game design was that of a generic NPC sprite; his design and role in the anime is completely original. Tory Froid is voiced by Watanabe Kumiko and by Reece Thompson in the English dub.
  • GreenMan.EXE – He was GutsMan.EXE's opponent in the N1 Grand Prix and was only named in the English dub. GreenMan.EXE was defeated by GutsMan.EXE in 30 seconds.
  • RocketMan.EXE – Also known as BreakMan.EXE in the Japanese version, RocketMan.EXE is a NetNavi with a rocket launcher on his back and missile launchers for arms. He was Tory and IceMan.EXE's opponent in the N1 Grand Prix. RocketMan.EXE was defeated when he was frozen by IceMan.EXE. He and WhaleMan.EXE were given a chance to return to the tournament where they went up against ProtoMan.EXE and ShiningMan.EXE. Both of them were defeated by ProtoMan.EXE. RockeMan.EXE is voiced by Daiki Matsubayashi in the Japanese version.
  • WhaleMan.EXE – A whale-themed NetNavi. He and his unnamed owner were Commander Beef and SharkMan.EXE's opponent in the N1 Grand Prix. Commander Beef had SharkMan.EXE stall to give time for Lan to complete mastering the Program Advance for his match with Yahoot. Once that was done, Commander Beef had SharkMan.EXE defeat WhaleMan.EXE. He and RocketMan.EXE were given a chance to return to the tournament when they went up against ProtoMan.EXE and ShiningMan.EXE. Both of them were defeated by ProtoMan.EXE. In AXESS, WhaleMan.EXE is among the NetNavis that were captured by Allegro at the time when he was working at an aquarium. In Beast, WhaleMan.EXE has a Zoanoroid counterpart that is part of Gregor's army. WhaleMan.EXE is voiced by Brian Drummond in the English dub.
  • PickMan.EXE and DrillMach.EXE – A pick-themed NetNavi and a drill-themed NetNavi operated by two unnamed operators. An error in the English dub is that DrillMach.EXE was accidentally referred to as DrillMan.EXE. They were supposed to be the opponents for BombMan.EXE and StoneMan.EXE only to be defeated by them during training and enabling BombMan.EXE and StoneMan.EXE to win by default. In AXESS, the two of them are among the NetNavis that are captured by Allegro at the time when they were working at a construction site. DrillMach.EXE is voiced by Trevor Devall in the English dub.
  • ShiningMan.EXE – A NetNavi that resembles Rainbowman. He and his unnamed owner were teamed up with Chaud and ProtoMan.EXE in a tag-team match against RocketMan.EXE and WhaleMan.EXE. ProtoMan.EXE's attack not only defeated RocketMan.EXE and WhaleMan.EXE, it also caused ShiningMan.EXE to log out much to the dismay of his owner. In AXESS, ShiningMan.EXE is among the NetNavis abducted from by Allegro at the time when he was working at a lighthouse. ShiningMan.EXE is voiced by Samuel Vincent in the English dub.
  • Saburou – Saburou is the owner of the Slick Noodle restaurant and the owner of SanukiMan.EXE (NoodleMan.EXE in the English dub). He was a competitor for WWW's curry restaurant Number 1 Curry. NoodleMan.EXE's commercials and catchphrase was popular with the viewers. To spy on Number 1 Curry, Saburou gave SanukiMan.EXE to Chisao as SanukiMan.EXE shapeshifts into a GutsMan.EXE look-alike called NuggetsMan.EXE (KutsMan.EXE in the English dub). When NoodleMan.EXE accidentally gives away his signature pose when fighting MegaMan.EXE and GutsMan.EXE, Lan figures out that the Slick Noodle is behind this. When SanukiMan.EXE is defeated, Lan confronted Saburou and prevented the WWW members from taking their revenge on Saburou and SanukiMan.EXE. Instead, Lan had both sides compromise by collaborating on a curry udon dish that he heard about. Saburou is voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya in the Japanese version and by Tony Alcantar in the English dub. SanukiMan.EXE is voiced by Kōichi Nagano in the Japanese version and by Richard Ian Cox in the English dub.
  • Aki (AKI) – An incredibly popular digital idol singer who begins a contest in Jawaii seeking one who can best impersonate her. She is infected by a virus that causes her to lash out at others, but is rescued by MegaMan.EXE and co. Both IceMan.EXE and GutsMan.EXE have feelings for her though they cannot touch her as her program is different from that of a NetNavi. In the Japanese version, her hit single is titled "Anata no HEART ni Install!"
  • Kyuuta Hoshida (星田 球太, Hoshida Kyūta) – A transfer student who enters Lan's class. His father Kyuuma Hoshida a famous baseball player is traded to the Nihon Senators team. He finds it difficult to adjust to his new life but with Lan's help feels welcomed. He is the operator of LeagueMan.EXE.
  • Keifer (Seishin Kifune (貴船 誠心, Kifune Seishin)) – The commissioner of the NetPolice who commands the NetSavers.
  • Manuela (Rin Manabe (真辺 鈴, Manabe Rin)) – Keifer's personal assistant who almost never leaves his side.
  • Gorou Misaki (岬 梧郎, Misaki Gorō) – A NetSaver and detective of the NetPolice who is the first person to attempt Cross Fusion. He is the operator of PrisMan.EXE. PrisMan.EXE is voiced by Daisuke Ono in the Japanese version and by John Payne in the English dub.
  • Elder NetNavis – The NetNavis and friends of TopMan.EXE that are operated by the unnamed elderly inhabitants of Akihara Silver Center.
    • IgoMan.EXE – An igo-themed NetNavi. He is voiced by Daisuke Kiiri in the Japanese version.
    • ShogiMan.EXE – A Shogi-themed NetNavi. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono in the Japanese version.
    • GateballMan.EXE – A gateball-themed NetNavi. He is voiced by Makoto Yasumura in the Japanese version.
    • ShiatsuMan.EXE – A shiatsu-themed NetNavi. He is voiced by Hirofumi Nojima in the Japanese version.
    • ShuutomeMan.EXE – A NetNavi that resembles an elderly woman with a tea cup.
  • Mameo (まめ男) – A boy in the same grade as Chisao who utterly detests vegetables. He is Asteroid PlantMan.EXE's operator. He no longer has a distaste for vegetables following Asteroid PlantMan.EXE's betrayal and deletion.
  • Yui Hazuki (葉月 ユイ, Hazuki Yui) – A clumsy secretary who, without realizing it, becomes Asteroid StoneMan.EXE's operator. She is fatigued by her job, and accidentally begins turning everything she touches to stone due to her Navi's handiwork.
  • Hunter (ハンター, Hantā) – A detective of the Netopian police station of the NetPolice.
  • Mac (マック, Makku) and Harry (ハリー, Harī) – Two brothers that foster hatred towards Manuela for foiling their NetCrimes in the past. Together they are the operators of Asteroid GravityMan.EXE, who supports the duo in making her believe she is overweight.
  • Iriya (イリヤ) – A well-known fencing master who is a friend of Laika's. He travels from Sharo to participate in a fencing tournament in Japan. He is Asteroid YamatoMan.EXE's operator, and has his Navi steal ancient Japanese weapons from museums.
  • Katsuki Domon (土門 凱, Domon Katsuki) – A criminal involved in a bombing incident who is the original operator of Asteroid NapalmMan.EXE. He attempted to regain control of Asteroid NapalmMan.EXE after losing his PET in an encounter with MegaMan.EXE, but was arrested once Fyrefox calmed the rampaging Navi down.
  • Cardamon (カルダモン, Karudamon) – Jasmine's grandfather who is a famed pharmacist in Choina. He booby-traps his home and the surrounding mountain path to prevent people from harming wildlife, as well as protect his medical secrets.
  • Route (ルート, Rūto) – The guide program of an automobile museum, developed to control the autopilot systems in cars. She sacrifices herself to distract Asteroid BrightMan.EXE, but is reassembled with backup data.
  • Ken (ケン) and Mary (メリー Merī) – A couple that works for a gang leader collecting cars. The latter of the two is held hostage by their boss, while the former becomes Asteroid BrightMan.EXE's operator, manipulating the autopilot systems of every car in the city to reclaim his girlfriend.
  • Rat (ラット, Ratto) – A copycat criminal who intends to unlock every existing lock through a system of seals in the internet.
  • Allegro (アレグロ, Areguro) – A childlike robot who is a genius in constructing Dimensional Areas, but uses his intellect to trap Navis in a game. Not meeting Bass' expectations as a "younger brother," Allegro's consciousness is destroyed.
  • Kitomar – Hunter's father who is a detective of the Netopian police station. After following ShadeMan.EXE twenty years into the past through the Past Tunnel, MegaMan.EXE is arrested by him as he thinks the Navi is working with Jackass.
  • Shanka (シャンカ) – A childhood friend of Dingo's who hails from the same village. She hopes to return a totem pole stolen from their village hundreds of years prior, which has been discovered and kept in an art museum, to its proper place.
  • Romeda Andou (安藤 ロメダ, Andō Romeda) – A fortune teller who is struggling to become well known in her field. She is Asteroid StarMan.EXE's operator. Her name is derived from the name of the Andromeda constellation.[citation needed]
  • Kawase (ディープ・カワセ, Dīpu Kawase) – A greedy ninja who is the operator of Asteroid SwordMan.EXE
  • Trill (トリル, Toriru) – A child Navi created by Tadashi Hikari of Beyondard. Trill was discovered by BubbleMan.EXE after thawing from Colonel's Ice Seed. Being in an infant state, he would not stop crying until held by MegaMan.EXE, but "grew up" and gained the ability to speak. Trill is known as the "Synchronizer," and is heavily sought after by the Cybeast armies and Wily of Beyondard for his special talents. It is Trill's power that allows MegaMan.EXE to "Beast Out". In the final episode of the series, a cache data duplicate of Trill urges Lan and MegaMan.EXE to gather their strengths and defeat Cache. He is able to store viruses inside his pockets to defend himself.
  • Makoto Aoki (蒼木 真琴, Aoki Makoto) – The prime developer of CopyBot technology, Makoto is Mr. Famous' ex-girlfriend. Although her brainchild is stolen by the Zoanoroids, she invents a weapon capable of destroying the CopyBots, and aids SciLab in making contact with the group sent to Beyondard.

Manga ExclusiveEdit

  • Rhythm – A character who was teased as an upcoming love interest for ProtoMan.EXE; the series ended before she appeared in any stories.


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