List of Germans who resisted Nazism

This list contains the names of individuals involved in the German resistance to Nazism, but is not a complete list. Names are periodically added, but not all names are known. There are both men and women on this list of Widerstandskämpfer ("Resistance fighters") primarily German, some Austrian or from elsewhere, who risked or lost their lives in a number of ways. They tried to overthrow the National Socialist regime, they denounced its wars as criminal, tried to prevent World War II and sabotaged German attacks on other countries. Some tried to protect those who were being harmed and persecuted by the Nazis, others merely refused to contribute to the Nazi war effort. Most of those on the list worked with others; their affiliated resistance group or groups are listed. Where no group is mentioned, the individual acted alone.

Anton Ackermann in Leipzig, May 1, 1950
Memorial in Berlin-Bohnsdorf for seven Bohnsdorfers killed resisting the nazi govern­ment. The caption reads: Brought to death, yet see: we live



Bernhard Bästlein, 1964 stamp from the GDR
Herbert Baum, 1930 portrait from a photograph
Hans Beimler and fight scene of the International Brigades in the background
Hans Berger
Hermann Böse
German stamp on the occasion of Eugen Bolz' 125th birthday



The Jesuit Alfred Delp was an influential member of the Kreisau Circle - one of the few clandestine German Resistance groups operating inside Nazi Germany.


Eberhard at the award ceremony of the Carl von Ossietzky Medal, 1979


David Frankfurter in British Mandate of Palestine, 1945


Image of Jakob Gapp in Wattens
Memorial stone for Georg Groscurth at Unterhaun cemetery


Häfner's tomb in the crypt of the Neumünster in 2010 - it is now differently marked with a modern sculpture.
Memorial plaque at the site of the Hampels' former residence, Amsterdamer Straße 10 in Berlin.
Stolperstein for Else Hirsch on sidewalk in downtown Bochum.



Franz Jacob, 1964 stamp from the DDR














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