Life & Style, officially Life & Style Weekly, is an American celebrity magazine, launched in 2004 by the Bauer publishing conglomerate.[1] American Media, Inc. acquired Bauer's US celebrity magazines in 2018.[2]

Life & Style
Editorial DirectorDavid Perel
Year founded2004
CompanyAmerican Media, Inc.
CountryUnited States
Based inEnglewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Although it is celebrity-focused, the magazine is geared towards lifestyle trends, and bills itself on "helping readers incorporate" celebrity beauty, clothing and body trends into their own lifestyle. However, as of 2014 the focus has been more focused on celebrity news.

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Body and dietEdit

Life & Style magazine is said to be a platform that promotes speaking on behalf of a healthy body image including one's perception of their physicality as well as that of others. This is exemplified through many articles under the "Body & Diet" section of the magazine. Life & Style discusses how Giuliana Rancic's slim body was targeted by audiences everywhere with statements claiming she needs to eat more or gain more weight in order for her to possess the ideal body type. The circumstances of her health are not discussed – only appearances and ignorant statements made by Twitter users.[3] The article asks readers if they think her small frame is cause for alarm, but does not present an opinion other than the biased title referring to those who claimed she was too slim as "haters".[3] Regarding a similar issue, Life & Style magazine acted as a platform for Katherine Webb to respond to Instagram users who commented negatively on her thin body in a bikini photo ignorantly without knowing of the circumstances of her body, health and her healthy eating habits.[4] Webb's response put commenters in their place, reminding readers and promoting the idea that all body types deserve respect.[4] Life & Style magazine can also be seen to present other celebrities as role models, enlightening readers through stories including a model's negative experience with plastic surgery which inspired her to "tell other women that vanity is not everything" and they should be aware of the dangers of such surgeries.[5] Amongst many other stories the magazine also tells Hayley Hoffman's story of how she came to love her plus sized body; the story speaks of how looking inwards to find her confidence and the support of loved ones helped her to accept and connect with herself and her emotions in a healthy way.[6]


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