LiberKey is a platform for freeware or free and open-source portable applications for Windows. It includes some unique features in the area of Portable Application Suites, like dedicated tools for portabilization (aka LiberKeyPortabilizer), portable file associations, portable desktop shortcuts and online updates of applications.

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Developer(s)Captel SARL
Stable release
5.8.1129 / November 30, 2015 (2015-11-30)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Size4.45 MB


The majority of applications can run on almost any computer with Windows XP or later. Some applications will also run on all earlier versions of Microsoft Windows and under Linux using Wine.


Applications available in LiberKey are packaged in a format referred to as ".lks" files, which are basically 7zip files packaging the application. Each application usually has a complete separation from the data storage and the application executable directories to allow easy backup or synchronization of data.

LiberKey MenuEdit

LiberKeyMenu provides complete control of the application suite, including access to LiberKey's auto update service which provides automatic updates to all applications installed via the LiberKey installer.


LiberKeyPortabilizer[1] is used to run applications in a "portabilized" context.

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  • Wesley Fok (15 Jun 2009). "The Key to free apps". The Globe and Mail.