George Davies Building, largest UK Passivhaus and home of Leicester Medical School

Leicester Medical School is a medical school, which is part of the University of Leicester. The school was founded in 1975[citation needed], although between 2000 and 2007 it was part of the joint Leicester-Warwick Medical School. As of 2010, the medical school admits 175 British students per year includes 20 students from overseas.[1] Leicester was ranked 23rd in the UK among 31 medical schools in the 2015 Guardian University Guide.[2] Leicester Medical School is the first UK medical school to adopt a one-iPad-per-student programme at the undergraduate level, commencing in 2013.[3] Leicester Medical School is one of the few UK medical schools offering full-body cadaveric dissection.[4]

Leicester Medical School
TypeMedical school
Parent institution
University of Leicester
DeanProfessor Richard Holland
Undergraduates224 UK students + 17 International
Location, ,
52°37′26″N 1°07′28″W / 52.6238°N 1.1245°W / 52.6238; -1.1245Coordinates: 52°37′26″N 1°07′28″W / 52.6238°N 1.1245°W / 52.6238; -1.1245



Leicester medical school offers MBChB degree courses in medicine, either as an undergraduate five-year course, or Health Sciences-graduate four-year course.[5][6] Some students also adopt to take an intercalated BSc Honours Degree. Leicester Medical school is the first medical school in the UK to teach e-consultations to students.[7][8]


The school was formed following the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Medical Education (1965–68) (which issued its report, popularly known as the "Todd Report" in 1968). The Commission estimated that by 1994 the UK would need to train more than 4500 doctors a year,[9] and that this would need to be achieved by both increasing the numbers of medical students at existing medical schools, and by establishing a number of new medical schools. It recommended the creation of new medical schools at the Universities of Nottingham, Southampton and Leicester.[10]

In 2000, Leicester Medical School assisted the University of Warwick in the foundation of the Leicester-Warwick Medical School, combining Leicester's own school with a new institution based at the University of Warwick.[11][6] The project was successful, and in 2007, the two institutions separated, creating Warwick Medical School, and recreating Leicester Medical School.[12]

In 2012, it was announced that Leicester Medical School was to be rebuilt.[13][14] The £42 million new build began in 2013, and is expected to be completed in 2015.[15] The building will be used by its first cohort of medical students in September 2016. [16] Professor Stewart Petersen said that the reason for this rebuild was "We want to attract the best medical students. We’re also acutely aware that students want the best facilities and value for money when being charged £9,000 fees."[14]

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