Leader of the Christian Democratic Union

The Leader of the Christian Democratic Union (Vorsitzender der Christlich Demokratischen Union) is the most senior political figure within the Christian Democratic Union of Germany. Since 16 January 2021, the office has been held by Armin Laschet, who succeeded Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Leader of the Christian Democratic Union
Vorsitzender der Christlich Demokratischen Union
Grundsteinlegung MiQua-7004 (cropped).jpg
Armin Laschet

since 16 January 2021
Member ofFederal Executive Presidium
Formation1 March 1946
First holderKonrad Adenauer
DeputySilvia Breher
Volker Bouffier
Julia Klöckner
Jens Spahn
Thomas Strobl

The Leader of the Christian Democratic Union Party is supported by a General Secretary who, since 2018, has been Paul Ziemiak. Furthermore, the leader is supported by five deputy leaders: these currently are Silvia Breher, Volker Bouffier, Julia Klöckner and Thomas Strobl.[1]

Leaders of the Christian Democratic Union (1946–present)Edit

A list of leaders since 1946[2]

No. Leader Took office Left office Time in office State Chancellor
1Adenauer, KonradKonrad Adenauer
1 March 194623 March 196620 years, 22 days  North Rhine-WestphaliaHimself
Ludwig Erhard
2Erhard, LudwigLudwig Erhard
23 March 196623 May 19671 year, 61 days  Baden-WürttembergHimself
Kurt Georg Kiesinger
3Kiesinger, KurtKurt Georg Kiesinger
23 May 19675 October 19714 years, 135 days  Baden-WürttembergHimself
Willy Brandt
4Barzel, RainerRainer Barzel
5 October 197112 June 19731 year, 250 days  North Rhine-WestphaliaWilly Brandt
5Kohl, HelmutHelmut Kohl
12 June 19737 November 199825 years, 148 days  Rhineland-PalatinateWilly Brandt
Helmut Schmidt
6Schäuble, WolfgangWolfgang Schäuble
(born 1942)
7 November 199816 February 20001 year, 101 days  Baden-WürttembergGerhard Schröder
7Merkel, AngelaAngela Merkel
(born 1954)
10 April 20007 December 201818 years, 294 days  Mecklenburg-VorpommernGerhard Schröder
8Kramp, AnnegretAnnegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
(born 1962)
7 December 201816 January 2021[b]2 years, 40 days  SaarlandAngela Merkel
9Laschet, ArminArmin Laschet
(born 1961)
16 January 2021Incumbent1 day  North Rhine-WestphaliaAngela Merkel

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  1. ^ There is uncertainty over the question whether Erhard was ever actually a member of the CDU. Reports at the time suggested that he joined the party when he became chairman, although his membership was backdated by three years. However, reports in 2007 suggested that Erhard never actually joined the CDU. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which holds the party archives, reported that the question could "not be answered conclusively."[3]
  2. ^ On February 10th 2020 she said she would quit her role as party chairwoman.[4]


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