LAE J095950.99+021219.1

LAE J095950.99+021219.1 is one of the most distant galaxies discovered as of yet, and has high scientific use, as it has revealed many important details of the early universe and emerging stars. LAE J095950.99+021219.1 is about 13 billion light years away and is in the top ten for distant objects in the universe. It is a Lyman-alpha emitter.[1]

LAE J095950.99+021219.1
LAE J095950.99+021219.1.jpg
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 09h 59m 50.99s
Declination+02° 12′ 49.1″
Distance13 billion light-years
(light travel distance)
Apparent magnitude (V)24.1
Other designations
[HMR2011] LAE 2
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LAE J095950.99+021219.1 was discovered in mid-2012. It was observed using the Magellan Telescopes at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.


LAE J095950.99+021219.1 is emitting light identified at 6.944. It is 2-3 times fainter than other Lyman Alpha Galaxies

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