Kvutza or kevutza (Hebrew: קבוצה‎ "group") can be used as:

  • Communal settlement: during pre-state Israel, the word was used in reference to communal life. First there were kvutzot (plural of kvutza) in the sense of groups of young people with similar ideals living and working together; and after 1909 and for many years to follow, in the sense of collective settlements created by such groups. The kvutza collective settlement was distinguished from the kibbutz settlement in that it intended to remain small and mainly agricultural, whereas the larger kibbutz was intended to expand with agriculture, industry and other productive pursuits. Later, as the distinction disappeared, most kvutzot were renamed kibbutzim.
  • Any type of group of individuals. It means "team" in modern Hebrew language.
  • An organized group of children consisting of boys and girls graded by age, as used in modern Israel.
  • The mathematical term "Set".