KUKL à Paris 14.9.84

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Kukl à Paris 14.9.84 was a live album released by the Icelandic post-punk group Kukl in July 1985, on the independent French record label V.I.S.A.. It was only available in cassette format, packaged in a transparent plastic bag with an accompanying 16-page stapled booklet of lyrics, photos and liner notes. The album contained live versions of Kukl's songs as performed at L'Eldorado in Paris, France on 14 September 1984.

Kukl à Paris 14.9.84
KUKL (KUKL à Paris 14.9.84) LMB.jpg
Live album by
ReleasedJuly 1985
Recorded14 September 1984
Kukl chronology
The Eye
Kukl à Paris 14.9.84
Holidays in Europe (The Naughty Nought)

Track listingEdit

Side AEdit

Track Title Length
01 Seagull 04:05
02 Moonbath 02:33
03 He Hapes 04:10
04 Carlos 03:32
05 The Men on the Cross 04:45
06 The Spire 04:01

Side BEdit

Track Title Length
01 Anna 5:28
02 Dismembered 04:20
03 Vials of Wrath 4:04
04 Latin 4:08
05 Pökn for Beginners 02:53

Track notesEdit

Several of the newer songs appeared in studio versions with altered titles on the band's final release, Holidays in Europe (The Naughty Nought) (1986). "He Hapes" became "Gibraltar (Copy Thy Neighbour)", "Carlos" became "France (A Mutual Thrill)", "The Men on the Cross" became "Greece (Just by the Book)", "Vials of Wrath" became "Aegean (Vials of Wrath)" and "Latin" became "Holland (Latent)".


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