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Krasiński (plural: Krasińscy) is the surname of a Polish noble family. Krasińska is the feminine form. The name derives from the village of Krasne in Masovia. The family dates from the 14th century. Its members were landowners and politically active in Masovia, Lithuania and Halychyna. The Krasiński family has produced officers, politicians (including voivodes of Poland, members of the Senate of Poland) and bishops. Probably its most celebrated member is the 19th-century poet, Zygmunt Krasiński, one of Poland's Three Bards.

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Current regionPoland
Place of originKrasne, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
Franciszka Krasińska
Wincenty Krasiński
Zygmunt Krasiński, one of Poland's Three National Bards.


Wratislaw Corvin is a legendary Hungarian ancestor. The family's Polish ancestry goes back to Slawek Korwin, (1412–1427), who became hereditary owner of Krasne and founded the village of "Wold Krasińska" in 1460.[1] His grandson, Jan Korwin Krasiński is the ancestor of both the Krasne Krasiński line, which gained the title of Imperial Count in 1560[citation needed] and became extinct in the 20th century and of the cadet branch, the extant Korwin Krasiński line, founded by his son, Andrea (b. 1588). It subdivided into several lines, the eldest of which was descended from Gabriel and ended with Stanisław Korwin Krasiński, who with Salomea Trzcińska had four daughters, including Franciszka Korwin-Krasińska.[1]

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