The JSC Klimov (or Joint Stock Company Klimov) presently manufactures internationally certified gas turbine engines, main gearboxes and accessory drive gearboxes for transport aircraft.

JSC Klimov
TypeJoint-stock company
Founded1912; 109 years ago (1912)
ProductsGas turbines, Engines, Gearboxes, Auxiliary power units
Revenue$327 million[1] (2017)
$9.84 million[1] (2017)
$2.91 million[1] (2017)
Total assets$482 million[1] (2017)
Total equity$76.6 million[1] (2017)
ParentUnited Engine Corporation[2]

Originally established as Kirill Klimov Experimental Design Bureau in Saint-Petersburg under the direction of Vladimir Yakovlevich Klimov [ru] (Влади́мир Я́ковлевич Кли́мов) (1892–1962), Klimov designed engines for Soviet aircraft based on Renault aircraft engine designs.[3]


The Klimov OKB was formed in the early 1930s to produce and improve upon the liquid-cooled Hispano-Suiza 12Y V-12 piston engine for which the USSR had acquired a license. At that time Klimov also manufactured motorcycles.

In 1946 the British government allowed Rolls-Royce to sell a number of Nene and Derwent V turbojet engines to the Soviet Union. Klimov OKB was given the task of "metrifying" the British designs, without the knowledge or permission of the West, as the VK-1 and RD-500.

Klimov United Engine Company is now located in Saint Petersburg.

It used the nationalised buildings originally erected by 1914 in the city's present-day Vyborgsky District for the joint stock Russian Renault automotive works,[4][5] adding new workshop and administrative premises on the land in Bolshoy Sampsoniyevskiy Prospect avenue near the present Kantemirovskaya Street. By 2020 the premises have been vacated for redevelopment for a housing project.[6]

Piston enginesEdit

  • M-100 – Hispano-Suiza 12Ydrs built under license
  • M-103 – improved M-100
  • M-105 – improved M-103; later redesignated as VK-105
  • M-110
  • M-120 – prototype inline 18-cylinder with three M-103A blocks in an inverted Y configuration; cancelled due to engine malfunction
During World War II, designations were changed from M (motor) to VK (the lead designer's initials)
  • VK-106 – prototype developed from M-105 with improved performance at lower altitudes; cancelled due to cooling problems
  • VK-107
  • VK-108 – prototype version of VK-107 with 1850 hp on takeoff; never entered production
  • VK-109
  • VK-110
  • VK-150

Gas turbine enginesEdit

Klimov RD-33 turbofan from Mig-29
Klimov TV7-117 turboshaft
Mi-38 powered by Klimov TV7-117
Klimov VK-800 turboshaft
  • RD-10 (along AI Ivchenko Progress (Motor Sich), KMPO & SNTK Kuznetsov (OAO Motorostroitel), elsewhere)
  • RD-33 and variants, derivatives: RD-5000B for UCAV UAV like MiG Skat
  • RD-93MA is a derivative of the RD-33 and is specifically designed for single engine light fighter jets. It uses the BARK-93MA automatic control system
  • Klimov VK-10M 22 to 24,200 lbf (97.87 - 107.647 kN)
  • RD-35 , agreement with Slovakian PSLM ZVL
  • RD-45
  • GTD-350
  • RD-500 , copy of the Rolls-Royce Derwent V
  • TV2-117 (built by Isotov from 1959–1964)
  • TV3-117 variants
TV3-117VM VMA for Mil and Kamov helicopters
TV3-117VMA-SBM1 Turboprop for the An-140 , MiG-110 , Be-32K
TV7-117S Turboprop for Aircraft
  • Klimov TV and VK derived Turboprop and Turbofan engines powerplants
  • Klimov TV17-117 new perspective engine, follow up of the TV family
  • VK-1
  • VK-3 turbojet [7]
  • VK- (and TV-) turbojets turbofan, gas turbines, turboprop turboshafts
  • VK-13 turbojet turbofan
  • VK-800 , VK800V also at Motor Sich
  • VK-1500 variant or derivative of TV3-117 engine
  • VK-2500 enhancement of TV3-117
  • PDV-4000 4 5000 hp (3 3.8 MW) turboshaft , turboprop
  • VK-3000 (VK300V also at OMKB OMO Baranov), VK3500 (TVa-3000) also at Motor Sich, VK-5000 and/or VK-6000 perspective
  • GTU-18P GTU-14F GTU-24R GTU-28N Gas Turbines
MBT and vehicles, vagon locomotives GTs
  • GTD-1000T, GTD-1250
  • GTD-1400, GTD-1500

Auxiliary power unitEdit


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