Little Kyll

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The Little Kyll[2][3] German: Kleine Kyll, pronounced: "kill") is a 23.9-kilometre-long (14.9 mi) orographically right-hand tributary of the Lieser.

Little Kyll
Wasserfall Kleine Kyll.JPG
Waterfall near the Wolfsschlucht gorge
Reference no.DE: 26784
Physical characteristics
 • locationOn the heights of the Neroth woods in the county of Vulkaneifel
 • coordinates50°12′37″N 6°45′36″E / 50.210182°N 6.75988°E / 50.210182; 6.75988Coordinates: 50°12′37″N 6°45′36″E / 50.210182°N 6.75988°E / 50.210182; 6.75988
 • elevationca. 584 m above sea level (NHN)
 • location
Discharges south of Manderscheid into the Lieser
 • coordinates
50°03′48″N 6°48′51″E / 50.06322°N 6.814206°E / 50.06322; 6.814206
 • elevation
ca. 246 m above sea level (NHN)
Length23.879 km (14.838 mi) [1]
Basin size83.545 km2 (32.257 sq mi) [1]
Basin features
ProgressionLieserMoselleRhineNorth Sea
LandmarksVillages: Neroth, Oberstadtfeld, Niederstadtfeld, Schutz
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Tal Kleine Kyll.JPG
Valley of the Kleine Kyll south of its confluence with the Meerbach



The Little Kyll rises 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) northeast of Neroth on the heights of the Neroth woods in the county of Vulkaneifel in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It flows in a southerly direction through the municipalities of Neroth, Oberstadtfeld, Niederstadtfeld and Schutz and empties into the Lieser south of Manderscheid, Bernkastel-Wittlich.


The tributaries of the Little Kyll include the following (in a downstream direction):[1]

Name GKZ Length (km) Direction Confluene
after km
Enzenbach 2678412 2.6 right 21.3 Neroth
Kreuzbach 26784132 0.8 right 20.5
Dehmbach 1.0 right 19.7
Bach vom Birkenberg (Winkelbach) 2678414 1.5 left 18.2 Oberstadtfeld
Risselbach 1.3 left 16.6 Niederstadtfeld
Kälberbach 2678416 3.9 right 16.2 Niederstadtfeld
Kerlbach 1.0 left 15.2 Niederstadtfeld
Walmerbach 267842 7.2 right 11.9 Schutz
Speicherbach 267844 3.5 right 10.0
Meerbach 267846 4.2 right 6.3 Meerfeld
Ellbach 26784712 2.0 right 4.7
Dombach 1.0 left 2.6 Manderscheid
Horngraben 2678472 2.5 right 1.9
Fischbach 267848 6.1 right 0.8


In the area between Oberstadtfeld and Bleckhausener Mühle/Meerfeld the cycleway Kosmosradweg [de] runs parallel to the Kleine Kyll.

At the confluence with the Horngraben, south of Manderscheid is the gorge of Wolfsschlucht[4] as well as a waterfall.

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