Map of Kitashitara District (yellow) in Aichi Prefecture

Kitashitara District (北設楽郡, Kitashitara-gun) is a rural district located in northeastern Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

As of August 2010, the district had an estimated population of 10,797 and a population density of 19.5 persons per km². Its total area was 552.27 km².

Towns and villagesEdit

There are two towns and one village within the district.


Shitara District (設楽郡) was one of the ancient districts of Mikawa province having been created in 903 out of Hoi District (宝飯郡). In the cadastral reforms of the early Meiji period, on July 22, 1878 Shitara District was divided into Kitashitara District and Minamishitara District. With the organization of municipalities on October 1, 1889, Kitashitara District was divided into 13 villages.

Taguchi Village, the site of the district administrative office, was elevated to town status on October 10, 1900. Hongō Village was elevated to town status on October 1, 1921. On May 10, 1940, the villages of Inahashi and Busetsu merged to form the town of Inabu. On April 1, 1955 Hongō Town merged with the neighboring villages of Midono, Shimokawa and Sono to form the town of Tōei. The village of Miwa joined the new town the following year, on July 1, 1956. An administrative reorganization later that year left the district with three towns and three villages.

The town of Inabu became part of the now-defunct Higashikamo District on October 1, 2003. (The town was later merged into the city of Toyota on April 1, 2005)

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