Khushab (Urdu: خُوشاب‎) is a city as well as a district of Sargodha Division, located in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[2] The word Khushab means "sweet water." Khushab city also serves as the headquarters of Khushab Tehsil, an administrative subdivision of the district Khushab.[3] It is the 77th largest city of Pakistan by population.


Khushab Road
Khushab Road
Khushab is located in Punjab, Pakistan
Location of Khushab
Khushab is located in Pakistan
Khushab (Pakistan)
Coordinates: 32°17′55″N 72°21′3″E / 32.29861°N 72.35083°E / 32.29861; 72.35083Coordinates: 32°17′55″N 72°21′3″E / 32.29861°N 72.35083°E / 32.29861; 72.35083
Country Pakistan
ProvincePunjab, Pakistan Punjab
 • City119,384
 • Rank77th, Pakistan
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+6
Area code(s)0454
Khushab Official Website

The city of Khushab is the location of the Khushab Nuclear Complex,[4] a critical part of the Pakistan's Special Weapons Programme.[5]


The population according to the 1901 census was 11,403. Now it is 50,000.[6]


"Khushab" is a combination of two Persian words: khush (Persian: خُوش‎), meaning "sweet or tasty", and aab (Persian: آب‎), meaning "water". A common belief is that the Persians from the west first used the word khush-aab in admiration of the sweet and tasty water found in the historical city situated on the bank of Jhelum River. In time the city became known as Khushab.[7]

Notable peopleEdit

  • Idris Azad, philosopher, poet, fiction writer and journalist


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