Khosrov Zakarian

Khosrov Mkhargrdzeli was Georgian-Armenian landholder during the 11th century in Armenian Kingdom of Tashir-Dzoraget and Kingdom of Georgia. Khosrov is first historically traceable member of Mkhargrdzeli family.


It believed that Khosrov's ancestors belonged to Mesopotamian Kurdish tribe of Babir.[1][2][3] During the Seljuk invasions in the early 11th century, Khosrov moved from Corduene to Armenia and entered in the service of Gurgen I of the Kingdom of Tashir-Dzoraget, where he adopted Armenian miaphysitism and thus becoming Armenianized. When the Georgian King David IV the Restorer liberated Lori from the Seljuks, Khosrov came to be loyal vassals of the House of Orbeli.


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