Kevin Zraly is an American wine educator and the founder of the Windows on the World Wine School, who has been described as America's most famous and entertaining wine teacher.[1][2][3]


Between 1976 and 2001,[4] Zraly held the position of wine director for the Windows on the World restaurant, on the top floors of New York's 1 WTC World Trade Center, America's top-grossing restaurant.[5] Zraly was hired by Joe Baum whilst a 25-year-old wine salesman and self-educated oenophile with a bachelor's degree in education from State University of New York at New Paltz,[4] and is since credited with introducing California wine to the American public,[6] as well as helping to pioneer the use of progressive markup on wine in US restaurants.[7] After the collapse of the World Trade Center in the September 11 attacks, the school relocated to the New York Marriott Marquis.[8][9]

Zraly's book Windows on the World Complete Wine Course with its annual updates, is among America's best-selling wine books selling over 3 million copies worldwide.[1] Kevin Zraly's American Wine Guide (2006) is the first book that deals comprehensively with all 50 states as modern wine-producing states.[6] Kevin's latest book, The Ultimate Wine Companion, was released in November 2010.

In 2007, Zraly and Robert Parker launched the Parker & Zraly Wine Certification Program.[10]

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In May 2011, Zraly was awarded the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award.[11]

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