Keiichiro Kawaguchi

Keiichiro Kawaguchi (川口 敬一郎, Kawaguchi Keiichirō, born January 22) is a Japanese animator and director born in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. He got his start at Ashi Productions and has worked as a key animator and animation director, as well as episode director for many projects. In recent years, he has also worked as a sound director and screenwriter for some of the works. Initially, the OVA Pinky:St was supposed to be his first directorial work, but due to production delays, the TV series MÄR was aired before it, resulting in it being his first directorial work instead.[1] He is a quick worker and often directs two or three projects at a time. He also does much of the storyboarding himself.

Kawaguchi enjoys collecting figurines and character goods, and his work desk is crammed with toys.[1] He got into the anime industry because he dreamed of working on plastic models and toyetic anime[2] (that dream was eventually realized when he directed Frame Arms Girl).


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