Karoline Georges

Karoline Georges (born 1970) is a Canadian writer and multidisciplinary artist from Quebec,[1] whose novel De synthèse won the Governor General's Award for French-language fiction at the 2018 Governor General's Awards.[2]

Karoline Georges
Karoline Georges (SDLM 2017).jpg
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupationnovelist, artist
Notable worksDe synthèse

She studied art and film at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, and art history at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her debut novel, La Mue de l'hermaphrodite, was published in 2001, and she has since published novels, short stories, poetry and children's literature.[3]

De synthèse won the Prix Jacques-Brossard in 2018.[4] It was selected for the 2019 edition of Le Combat des livres, where it was defended by broadcaster Manal Drissi.[5]



  • La Mue de l'hermaphrodite, 2001
  • Ataraxie, 2004
  • Sous béton, 2011 (English translation Under the Stone, 2016)
  • De synthèse, 2017 (English translation The Imago Stage, 2020)[6]

Short storiesEdit

  • Variations endogènes, 2014

Children's literatureEdit

  • L'Itinérante qui venait du Nord, 2003


  • (l'individualiste), 2006


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