Karl Marx Peak (Tajik: Қуллаи Карл Маркс) rises to 6,723 m (22,057 ft) in the Shakhdara Range in Pamir Mountains, in the south-west of Tajikistan's Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province (eastern part of Ishkoshim district), just north of the Panj River and the Afghanistan border.[2][3][4] The highest summit in the Shakhdara Range, it was discovered and named in 1937 by Soviet geologist and explorer of South-West Pamir Sergey Klunnikov.[5] The ascent was delayed by the outbreak of World War II, and Karl Marx Peak was first climbed in 1946 by а group of Soviet alpinists led by Evgeniy Beletskiy.[6]

Karl Marx Peak
Karl Marx Peak is located in Tajikistan
Karl Marx Peak
Karl Marx Peak
Location in Tajikistan
Highest point
Elevation6,723 m (22,057 ft) [1]
Prominence2,693 m (8,835 ft) [1]
Coordinates37°09′45″N 72°28′54″E / 37.16250°N 72.48167°E / 37.16250; 72.48167Coordinates: 37°09′45″N 72°28′54″E / 37.16250°N 72.48167°E / 37.16250; 72.48167[1]
LocationGBAO, Tajikistan
Parent rangeShakhdara Range (Pamirs)
First ascent1946 by Evgeniy Beletskiy et al.


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