Kalabagh (Urdu: کالا باغ‎), a town and union council of Mianwali District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It is part of Isakhel Tehsil. It is located on the western bank of Indus River. It was the seat of the Nawab of Kalabagh, who lived in the fort known locally as Qila Nawab Sahib. Kalabagh is known for its red hills of the salt range and the scenic view of the Indus traversing through the hills. It also produces handicrafts, especially footwear and Makhadi Halwa. kalabagh is also the main town of mianwali district which has a market of all the needs for life.

State Kalabagh

کالا باغ
State Kalabagh is located in Punjab, Pakistan
State Kalabagh
State Kalabagh
Location of Kalabagh
State Kalabagh is located in Pakistan
State Kalabagh
State Kalabagh
State Kalabagh (Pakistan)
Coordinates: 32°57′58″N 71°33′11″E / 32.966°N 71.553°E / 32.966; 71.553Coordinates: 32°57′58″N 71°33′11″E / 32.966°N 71.553°E / 32.966; 71.553
DistrictMianwali District
TehsilIsakhel Tehsil
Union Councils25
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Area code(s)091


Kala means black, and Bagh means garden. This name came about because its founders, the Nawabs of Kalabagh, planted a lot of mango trees, and their dark green leaves looked black to travellers from afar in the dusty haze. Hence kalabagh simply means black garden in local terms.[2] This local town has geological importance for Pakistan.

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