KLM Flight 592, a KLM Douglas DC-6 was a scheduled passenger flight from Roma-Ciampino Airport (CIA/LIRA) to Frankfurt International Airport (FRA/EDDF). On Saturday 22 March 1952, Flight 582 crashed on final approaching to Frankfurt International around 10:45 AM Local time; 45 of the 47 people aboard the DC-6 were killed.[1]

KLM Flight 592
Douglas DC-6 PH-TPT KLM RWY 18.07.53 edited-2.jpg
A KLM DC-6 similar to the crash aircraft
DateSaturday 22 March 1952
SummaryCrash on final approach to Frankfurt International
SiteApproximately 7 km north east of Frankfurt International
Aircraft typeDouglas DC-6
OperatorKLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Flight originRoma-Ciampino Airport
DestinationFrankfurt International


On Saturday 22 March 1952, KLM Flight 592 was operated using a Douglas DC-6 (registration nr. PH-TPJ).The aircraft first flew in 1948. This was the 12th loss of a DC-6, the 8th fatal accident and the 4th worst accident with the type (at the time, now 20th's worst). After the crash, the aircraft was damaged beyond repair.[2][3]


Flight 592 departed Roma-Ciampino Airport and headed for Frankfurt International, around 10:38 AM local time the crew of Flight 592 contact Frankfurt Air Traffic Control and reported they were overhead the staden beacon at 4000 feet. 7 minutes later, at around 10:45, the crew reported that they were approaching the offenbach beacon and descending to 2460 feet. Nothing more was heard from the flight after this. Around five minutes later, the aircraft crashed into a forest.[4] Of the 47 people aboard, 45 didn't survive the crash. The survivors were one crew member and one passenger.


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