Juri Manase

Juri Manase (真瀬 樹里, Manase Juri) (also known as Julie Manase, born 1 January 1975) is a Japanese actress.


Early lifeEdit

Juri was inspired to be an actress at the age five by seeing her parents (Sonny Chiba and Yōko Nogiwa) on sets and stage. While she was in school, she took lessons in many types of arts, sports subjects to acquire a wide range of skills to become a versatile actress. Throughout her secondary school years, she was a member of the English acting club. After graduation, she studied acting at Nippon University and was a member of the university Tate (Japanese sword-action) club.[citation needed]


She began her acting career in 1994, in the same year landing a significant role by auditioning for a movie called "ButouhaJingi -Kanketsuhen-" She then appeared in several TV series, movies and plays in Japan. In 1998, Juri was praised in her role as a guest lead in an NHK TV series about Samurai called “Terakoya Yume Shinan.” Her career extended overseas when in 2002 she was invited to the US to teach 'Tate' (Japanese stage combat) to the leads in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill." Along the way, she was offered the role of a "Crazy 88". The director asked her to be Lucy Liu's stunt double for a few takes due to her level of expertise in Tate and Japanese traditional dance. In 2007, she landed a role as a Shinobi (Ninja) in the NHK samurai TV series Fūrin Kazan. Her performance as well as her expertise in sword-action fascinated the viewers.[citation needed]


Year Title Role Notes
1994 Shoot!
1994 ButouhaJingi -Kanketsuhen- Azusa (Supporting)
1994 Iruka ni Aeruhi Manami (Supporting)
2003 Kill Bill Vol.1 Crazy 88 Assistant Sword Trainer
SAKURA Kaede (Supporting) Shot in 2004 (to be determined)
2006 A DAY IN THE LIFE Miki Sagara


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