June Barrow-Green

June Barrow-Green (born 1953)[1] is a Professor of History of Mathematics at the Open University[2] and a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics.[3]

June Barrow-Green, Oberwolfach 2011.


Barrow-Green obtained a BSc Hons in Mathematics in 1986 and an MSc in Mathematical Physics in 1989, both from King's College London. In 1993 she gained a PhD in Mathematics from the Open University, under supervision of Jeremy Gray, on Poincaré and the Three Body Problem.[citation needed]


From 1993 to the present Barrow-Green has worked at the Open University, receiving a professorship in 2015.

From 2003 to 2005 she was president of the British Society for the History of Mathematics.[4] From 2007 to 2018 she was an elected member of the Council of the London Mathematical Society and during that period she served as the Librarian for the society.[5]

In 2014 Barrow-Green was awarded the first Chandler Davis Prize for Expository Excellence for her article An American Goes to Europe: Three Letters from Oswald Veblen to George Birkhoff in 1913/1914 in The Mathematical Intelligencer.[6]

In 2018 she took part in a discussion panel on The Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences from a Historical Perspective at the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018, Rio de Janeiro, which was chaired by the English mathematician Caroline Series and also featured the French mathematician Marie-Françoise Roy and the Argentine physicist Silvina Ponce Dawson [fr].[7]

She chairs the Executive Committee of the International Commission on the History of Mathematics.[8]

Selected publicationsEdit

  • Barrow-Green, June; Gray, Jeremy; Wilson, Robin (2019), The History of Mathematics: A Source-Based Approach: Volume 1, American Mathematical Society & Mathematical Association of America
  • Gowers, Timothy; Barrow-Green, June; Leader, Imre, eds. (2008), The Princeton Companion to Mathematics, Princeton University Press
  • Barrow-Green, June (2002), Poincaré and the discovery of chaos, Icon, ISBN 9781840462883
  • Barrow-Green, June (1997), Poincaré and the three body problem, History of mathematics, v. 11., American Mathematical Society, ISBN 9780821803677[9]


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