Jorge Antunes (composer)

Jorge de Freitas Antunes (born 23 April 1942) is a Brazilian composer of electroacoustic and acousmatic music. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Antunes entered the Escola de Música da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in 1959 where he studied violin.[1] He went on to earn Master of Music degrees in both violin and composition from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a Doctor of Music in electroacoustic music from the University of Paris (1977).[2]


In 1973, Antunes became a professor at the University of Brasilia. He directs the Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music and teaches Composition and Musical Acoustics.

Selected worksEdit


  • Contato (1968)
  • Vivaldia MCMLXXV, chamber opera buffa (1975)
  • Qorpo Santo, opera in three acts (1983)
  • O rei de uma nota só (The Single-tone King), mini-opera in four scenes (1991)
  • A borboleta azul (The Blue Butterfly), mini-opera in two acts (1995)
  • Olga (composed 1987–97, premiered 2006)

Chamber musicEdit

  • Mascaruncho for two violas (1977)
  • Microformóbiles I for viola and piano (1970)
  • Modinha para Mindinha (Tune for Mindinha) for seven violas (1985)


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