Jonathan Barnes, FBA (born 26 December 1942 in Wenlock, Shropshire) is an English scholar of ancient philosophy.


Education and careerEdit

He was educated at the City of London School[1] and Balliol College, Oxford University.[1]

He taught for 25 years at Oxford University before moving to the University of Geneva. He was a Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, 1968–78;[1] a Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford, 1978–94, and has been Emeritus Fellow of Balliol College since 1994.[1]

He was Professor of Ancient Philosophy, Oxford University, 1989–94.[1]

He was Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the University of Geneva 1994–2002.[1]

He taught at the University of Paris-Sorbonne in France, and took his éméritat in 2006.

He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1987.[1]

He is an expert on ancient Greek philosophy, and has edited the two-volume collection of Aristotle's works as well as a number of commentaries on Aristotle, the pre-Socratics and other areas of Greek thought.

He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1999.[2]

He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Humboldt University of Berlin in 2012.[3]


He married in 1965 and has two daughters.[2]

He is the brother of the novelist Julian Barnes, and he and his family feature in the latter's memoir Nothing to be Frightened Of (2008).


  • The Complete Works of Aristotle, 2 vols, 1984; reprinted with corrections, 1995 (General Editor)
  • Posterior Analytics (translation and commentary on Aristotle), (1975) (revised edition, 1994)
  • The Ontological Argument (1972)
  • Presocratic Philosophers 2 Vols., 1979; 1 vol. revised edition, 1982
  • Aristotle (1982)
  • The Modes of Scepticism (1985), with Julia Annas
  • Early Greek Philosophy (1987)
  • The Toils of Scepticism (1990)
  • The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle (1995)
  • Logic and the Imperial Stoa (1997)
  • Porphyry: introduction (2003)
  • Truth, etc. (2007)
  • Coffee with Aristotle (2008)
  • Methods and Metaphysics: Essays in Ancient Philosophy I (2011)
  • Logical Matters: Essays in Ancient Philosophy II (2012)
  • Proof, Knowledge, and Scepticism: Essays in Ancient Philosophy III (2014)
  • Mantissa: Essays in Ancient Philosophy IV (2015)

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  • Merritt Moseley, Understanding Julian Barnes, University of South Carolina Press (1997) [This book provides family info on the Barnes family.]

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