John of Küküllő (c. 1320 – 1393) was a Hungarian clergyman, royal official and historian.



Born as John Apród of Tótsolymos, John was the son of Miklós Apród, a nobleman who received Tótsolymos (now Šarišské Sokolovce in Slovakia) from Charles I of Hungary.[1] He was born around 1320.[1]


He worked as a notary for the royal chancery before 1350.[1] He became a canon in the Arad Chapter and the Eger Chapter in 1352.[1]

He died between 15 September and 10 December 1393.[1]

Chronicle of King LouisEdit

He wrote a biography of Louis I of Hungary after 1360.[1][2] He was the first Hungarian historian to use royal charters while writing his book.[1]


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