Jattir (Hebrew יַתִּר pronounced Yattir) is a town that is mentioned in the Bible as being in the historic Land of Israel. It is unclear as to whether Jattir is located in modern Israel, Lebanon, or the West Bank.

Joshua 15:48 says that Jattir was in the mountains of Judah. The village was allocated by Joshua and Elazar to the kohanim of the Aaronic priesthood, according to (Joshua 21:14); Yatir, as written in the Old Testament: "And unto the children of Aaron the priest they gave Hebron with its suburbs, the city of refuge for the manslayer, and Libnah with its suburbs, and Yattir with its suburbs, and Eshtemoa with its suburbs" (Book of Joshua 21:13-14).[1]

Some 400 years later, the Book of Kings mentions that King David shared a portion of the War booty from his battle with the Amalekites with the elders of Yattir (1 Samuel 30:27).


Jattir was tentatively identified by Edward Robinson with Khirbet Attir (Horvat Yattir), southwest of Hebron in the West Bank.[2]

Victor Guérin thought that Jattir was identical with the village of Yater in Lebanon.[3]

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