The Jarchi hammam or Jarchibashi hammam is a historical structure in Isfahan, Iran.The hammam belongs to the safavid era. It is located in the Hakim street.[1]

Jarchi hammam
حمام جارچی
Jarchi hammam is located in Iran
Jarchi hammam
Location within Iran
Alternative namesJarchibashi hammam
General information
Architectural styleIsfahani
LocationIsfahan, Iran
Coordinates32°39′49″N 51°40′30″E / 32.6636°N 51.6751°E / 32.6636; 51.6751Coordinates: 32°39′49″N 51°40′30″E / 32.6636°N 51.6751°E / 32.6636; 51.6751
Technical details
Floor area1640 sq m

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