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The term isometric comes from the Greek for "having equal measurement".

isometric may mean:

  • Cubic crystal system, also called isometric crystal system
  • Isometre, a rhythmic technique in music.
  • "Isometric (Intro)", a song by Madeon from the album, Adventure
  • Isometric exercise, a form of resistance exercise in which one's muscles are used in opposition with other muscle groups, to increase strength, for bodybuilding, physical fitness, or strength training.
  • Isometric graphics in video games and pixel art, a near-isometric parallel projection used in computer art.
  • Isometric joystick, a type of pointing stick, a computer input option
  • Isometric platform game, a video game subgenre.
  • Isometric process, a thermodynamic process at constant volume (also isovolumetric)
  • Isometric projection (or "isometric perspective"), a method for the visual representation of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions; a form of orthographic projection, or more specifically, an axonometric projection.
  • Isometric scaling, the opposite of allometry, which occurs when changes in size (during growth or over evolutionary time) do not lead to changes in proportion.
  • Isometry and isometric embeddings in mathematics, a distance-preserving representation of one metric space as a subset of another. Like congruence in geometry.

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