The Isoko language is spoken by the Isoko people in the Niger Delta of Southern Nigeria; specifically in regions of Delta and Bayelsa States. The Isoko and Urhobo languages are essentially dialects of the same language. However, the source dialect is a matter of dispute. Nevertheless, both dialects are derivatives of the Edoid language group.

Native speakers
420,000 (2001)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3iso

Michael A. Marioghae, working with Peter Ladefoged in 1962, made one of a few audio recordings of sample Isoko words that are made available at the UCLA phonetics archive.[3]


The Isoko vowel system is hardly reduced from that reconstructed for proto-Edoid. There are nine vowels in two harmonic sets, /i e a o u/ and /ɪ ɛ a ɔ ʊ/.[4]


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