Iskra stand at the 1961 International fair Modern electronics in Ljubljana


Iskra developed from the SPRAD and a modest factory in Kranj / Strojne tovarne Kranj, a former subsidiary of the Luftfahrtgerätewerk, Berlin. [1]

In 1946, prof. dr. Mirjan Gruden renamed Strojne tovarne Kranj to Iskra (in Slovenian: Spark) using words: "The factory will develop and grow; from a spark, a flame is born, let our iskra start a flame. As electrical technicians, we are always dealing with sparks in our profession. A spark is a symbol for the start of a process."[2]

The company, which quickly became synonymous with quality, reliability, and modernity, got its own recognisable symbol. A symbol that most likely originates in marks used by guilds, which guaranteed the origin and control of quality and quantity of products, thus completing the symbolic meaning of the newly-formed brand, which goes beyond the basic concept of the company and acts as a unique reflection of the times.

One year after it was established, Iskra developed its first switch, followed by its first FM antenna, capacitor, and then one of the key milestones in Iskra's success – establishment of its design department. In 1962, this was the first industrial design department in Yugoslavia. Iskra was very serious about design, considering it a strategic elements, and acted according to the principle that the development constructor and the industrial designer must collaborate closely throughout the product development. The company statute from that year already stated that every product must be of high quality, but also reasonably priced and appropriately aesthetically designed.[3][4]

Iskra continued with its development, and presented its first systemic solution in 1964. The bureau for railway automation, BAŽ, was founded.

In the 1970s, Iskra developed into the largest Yugoslavian company for electromechanics, telecommunications, electronics and automation.,[5] proving itself time and time again with exceptional industrial design in telephony, measuring instruments, and machinery. At the start of the 1990s, Iskra's logo was on all electrical devices, and our product portfolio was expanded with measuring instruments, short-wave navy radio receivers, drilling machines, movie projectors, etc.

In 1989, Iskra SOZD consisted of the following organizations:[6]

  • Iskra Banka
  • Iskra Commerce
  • Iskra Servis
  • Iskra Telematika
  • Iskra Delta
  • Iskra Kibernetika
  • Iskra električna orodja
  • Iskra Elektrozveze
  • Iskra Merilna elektronika
  • Iskra Elektrooptika
  • Iskra Avtomatika
  • Iskra Orodja
  • Iskra Elementi
  • Iskra Mikroelektronika
  • Iskra Antene
  • Iskra Elekroakustika
  • Iskra Elektromotorji
  • Iskra Videomatika
  • Iskra Rotomatika
  • Iskra Avtoelektrika
  • Iskra Kondenzatorji
  • Iskra Baterije Zmaj
  • Iskra Institut za kakovost
  • Iskra "ZORIN"
  • Iskra Invest servis
  • Iskra High School

Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, it is now a company in Slovenia. The company's operations in Slovenia were divided into many separate companies, including Iskratel, Iskra Avtoelektrika, Iskraemeco, Fotona, Iskra Amesi, Iskra, elektro in elektronska industrija, d.d. (Iskra d.d. for short)[7]


Iskra d.d. has been the largest knowledge hub in the region for 70 years.[8] Iskra d.d. is operating in the areas of

  • Energy sector
  • Electrotechnical components
  • Efficient Installations
  • Traffic
  • Telecommunications
  • Security, supply and facility management


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