Ida Moore

Ida Moore (March 1, 1882 – September 26, 1964) was an American film and television actress.

Ida Moore
Born(1882-03-01)March 1, 1882
DiedSeptember 26, 1964(1964-09-26) (aged 82)

Moore was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvelton Moore.[1]

Moore's first professional work had her singing to accompany silent films. She then toured England and South Africa entertaining with a partner. After she returned to the United States, she performed in road companies of plays, including Street Scene. Just before she could make a screen test for Paramount Pictures, her mother became sick, causing Moore to return to Columbus, Ohio, where she ran a restaurant for her mother and acted in amateur productions. She returned to Hollywood after her mother died.[2] She also worked on television programs, including a 1958 episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled "Bull in a China Shop".

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