Ida or IDA may refer to:




  • Intel Dynamic Acceleration, a technology for increasing single-threaded performance on multi-core processors
  • Interactive Disassembler (now IDA Pro), a popular software disassembler tool for reverse engineering
  • Internet Download Accelerator, a download accelerator software created by WestByte
  • SPSS#IDA, Interactive Data Analysis (or Analyzer) software package
  • Interchange of Data across Administrations (IDA), a predecessor programme to the IDABC (Interoperable Delivery of European eGovernment Services to public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens) in European eGovernment

Greek mythologyEdit

  • Ida (mother of Minos), daughter of Corybas, the wife of Lycastus king of Crete, and the mother of the "second" king Minos of Crete
  • Ida (nurse of Zeus), who along with her sister Adrasteia, nursed Zeus on Crete



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Film and television

  • ID:A, a 2011 Danish film
  • Ida (film), a 2013 Polish film, which won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and other prestigious awards


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