Ibrahim al-Nakhai

Abu Imran, Ibrahim ibn Yazid ibn al-Aswad ibn Amr ibn Rabia’ ibn Haritha ibn Sa’d ibn Malik ibn an-Nakha, also known as Ibrahim al-Nakha'i (670–71 Ce / ~50-96H),[1] was a well-known theologian, jurist and scholar of Islam who was born in 670. He met many companions of Muhammad including, Anas ibn Malik and Aisha bint Abu Bakr. Even though it is reported that he met the latter, there isn't any report he transmitted anything from her.

'Ibrahim al-Nakha'i
Theologian, Faqih
Bornc. 670 CE / 50 AH
Diedc. 717 CE / 95 or 96 AH
Venerated inIslam
InfluencesMuslim Imam
Tradition or genre
Sunni Islam


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