Humen Pearl River Bridge

The Humen Pearl River Bridge (simplified Chinese: 虎门大桥; traditional Chinese: 虎門大橋; pinyin: Hǔmén Dàqiáo; Jyutping: Fu2mun4 Dai6kiu4) is a bridge over the Humen, Pearl River in Guangdong Province, southern China. It consists of two main spans - a suspension bridge section and a segmental concrete section. It connects the Nansha District of Guangzhou to Humen Town of Dongguan. Completed in 1997, the suspension bridge has a main span of 888 meters, and the segmental concrete section's main span of 237 meters is among the longest such spans in the world.[2] It forms part of the G9411 Dongguan–Foshan Expressway.[3] A newer bridge known as Nansha Bridge (Chinese:南沙大桥), built to reduce the traffic problems on the Humen Bridge, opened to traffic in April 2019.[4][5][6]

Humen Pearl River Bridge

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Coordinates22°47′19″N 113°36′39″E / 22.788611°N 113.610833°E / 22.788611; 113.610833Coordinates: 22°47′19″N 113°36′39″E / 22.788611°N 113.610833°E / 22.788611; 113.610833
CarriesChina Expwy G9411 sign no name.svg G9411 Dongguan–Foshan Expressway
CrossesPearl River
LocaleDongguan and Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
DesignSuspension bridge
Segmental concrete bridge
Total length3,618 m (11,870 ft)
Longest span888 m (2,913 ft) (suspension)
270 m (890 ft) (segmental)
Construction costUS$370 million (segmental)[1]
Opened9 June 1997
Humen Pearl River Bridge is located in Guangdong
Humen Pearl River Bridge
Humen Pearl River Bridge
Location in Guangdong


The bridge is divided into five sections: the east approach, the suspension bridge section, the middle approach, the segmental concrete section, and the west approach. Hurricanes are common occurrences, so the design wind speed at the bridge deck level was established at 61 m/s.


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