HotChalk is an education technology company that launched in September 2004. HotChalk runs an online community application designed for grade school teachers, students and parents. In August 2007, McGraw-Hill partnered with HotChalk to make McGraw-Hill training and certification tools available to HotChalk users.[1] NBC partnered with HotChalk as well to distribute NBC news archives to supplement educational materials.[1][2]

HotChalk, Inc.
IndustryEducation, Media, Online Advertising
FounderEdward Fields, CEO

HotChalk was founded by Edward M. Fields; the company's current CEO is Rob Wrubel.[3]

HotChalk was named a 2008 Codie award finalist for "Best Education Solution" and won a 2007 Technology & Learning Award of Excellence for "Teacher Resources." HotChalk was awarded "Best in Class" in Education Innovation Network by Skysong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center.


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