Homburg, Saarland

Homburg (German pronunciation: [ˈhɔmbʊʁk], French: Hombourg) is a town in Saarland, Germany and the administrative seat of the county of Saarpfalz (Saar-Palatinate). With a population of approx. 41,822 inhabitants (June 30, 2017), it is the third largest town in Saarland. The medical department of the University of Saarland is situated here. The city is also home to the Karlsberg beer brewery. Major employers include Michelin and Robert Bosch GmbH.

Saint Michael Church
Saint Michael Church
Flag of Homburg
Coat of arms of Homburg
Coat of arms
Location of Homburg within Saarpfalz district
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Homburg is located in Germany
Homburg is located in Saarland
Coordinates: 49°19′N 7°20′E / 49.317°N 7.333°E / 49.317; 7.333Coordinates: 49°19′N 7°20′E / 49.317°N 7.333°E / 49.317; 7.333
 • MayorRüdiger Schneidewind (SPD)
 • Total82.65 km2 (31.91 sq mi)
233 m (764 ft)
 • Total41,875
 • Density510/km2 (1,300/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
66424 (66401–66424)
Dialling codes06841, 06848 (Einöd and Wörschweiler)
Vehicle registrationHOM
WebsiteOfficial website


Homburg is located in the northern part of the Saarpfalz, bordering Rhineland-Palatinate and about 20 km away from the French border. It is 16 km from Neunkirchen and 36 km from Saarbrücken. The villages Beeden, Schwarzenbach, Wörschweiler, Einöd and Ingweiler are situated in or on the Blies valley.

Homburg is composed of nine districts: Beeden, Bruchhof-Sanddorf, Einöd, Erbach, Jägersburg, Kirrberg, Reiskirchen, Schwarzenbach and Wörschweiler.

The district Einöd has three municipal factions: Einöd, Ingweiler and Schwarzenacker. The district Jägersburg is composed of the fractions Jägersburg, Altbreitenfelderhof and Websweiler. The discrict Erbach has three fractions, erbach, Lappentascherhof, and Johannishof.

Populations (December 1st 2017):[2]

Village District Population
Altbreitenfelderhof Jägersburg 125
Beeden Homburg Center 2.802
Bruchhof Homburg Center 1.831
Einöd Einöd 2.619
Erbach Homburg Center 12.363
Homburg Homburg Center 11.986
Ingweiler Einöd 140
Jägersburg Jägersburg 2.701
Kirrberg Kirrberg 2.744
Lappentascher Hof Homburg Center 191
Reiskirchen Homburg Center 1.238
Sanddorf Homburg Center 1.109
Schwarzenacker Einöd 646
Schwarzenbach Homburg Center 1.910
Websweiler Jägersburg 273
Wörschweiler Wörschweiler 272
Complete   42.950


Historical affiliations

County of Homburg 12th century–1449
  County of Nassau-Saarbrücken 1449–1680
  Kingdom of France 1680–1697
  County of Nassau-Saarbrücken 1697–1755
  Palatine Zweibrücken 1755–1793
  French Republic 1793–1804
  French Empire 1804–1815
  Kingdom of Bavaria 1816–1871
  German Empire 1871–1918
  Territory of the Saar Basin 1920–1935
  Nazi Germany 1935–1945
  Saar Protectorate 1947–1956
  West Germany 1957–1990
  Germany 1990–present

The Hohenburg Castle, nowadays a ruin, was in the 12th Century the seat of the counts of Homburg. In 1330 the village received the town status (Stadtrecht) by Louis the Bavarian.

Homburg in the 17th century

Population developmentEdit


Year 1814 1876 1905 1938 1945 1961 1970 1973 1974 2000 2003 2007 2008 2012 2014
Population 2900 3600 9400 20100 19600 29725 32175 33600 43100 46000 46000 44000 43691 41357 43000
The city from Schlossberg


Since the administration reform 1974 Homburg has a Lord Mayor, before that it used to have a Mayor.[4]

Rüdiger Schneidewind (SPD) has been Lord Mayor of Homburg since October 1, 2014.

Main sightsEdit

Market square
  • Homburg is home to the Schlossberghöhlen (Schlossberg Caves / Castle Mountain Caves).
  • Homburg is the home of Gutenbrunnen / Schloss Louisenthal (Louisenthal Castle).
  • Homburg is the home of the Schloss Karlsberg (Karlsberg Castle)
  • Homburg is the home of the Kloster Wörschweiler (Wörschweiler Abbey)


Homburg (Saar) Hauptbahnhof is the main railway station in the town, served by long-distance and regional trains. By road transport, the town is served by the motorways A6 (exit Homburg) and A8 (exits Limbach and Einöd).


International relationsEdit

Homburg is twinned with:[5]


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