Hollywood Horror Museum

The Hollywood Horror Museum, or Horror World Tour, is a proposed educational museum created in 2015 by Huston Huddleston. As of April 2019, no permanent facility has been found for the museum or its collection.

The Hollywood Horror Museum
Hollywood Horror Museum.jpg
Concept design for the Hollywood Horror Museum
Established2015 (2015)
TypeHorror Museum
WebsiteOfficial website

The mission of The Hollywood Horror Museum is to "educate, enlighten, and inspire people of all ages about the artistic, technical, psychological, historical, and creative aspects of horror in film in films, media, art, literature and pop culture."[1]

In April 2018, once news broke of Huston Huddleston's felony charges of child pornography, the board of directors list was removed from both Foundation museum websites, and individual members have publicly distanced themselves from the project.[2]

John Purdy, former director of Star Trek World Tour, became the new CEO after the child pornography arrest of former CEO Huston Huddleston.


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