Henry Norris Russell Lectureship

The Henry Norris Russell Lectureship is awarded each year by the American Astronomical Society in recognition of a lifetime of excellence in astronomical research. The idea for the lectureship came from then society President Harlow Shapley in 1945, who led the fund raising drive to collect $10,000 from the membership. One of the major contributors was the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, as Russell had been an important representative at the dedication ceremony for the Mexican National Observatory. The goal was reached in December 1946, using not a little amount of coercive language by Shapley. The first Russell lecturer was, naturally, fellow American astronomer Henry Norris Russell, for whom the award is named. Russell gave a lecture titled "The Royal Road of Eclipses" concerning eclipsing binary stars.[1]

Previous lecturersEdit

This list of lecturers is from the American Astronomical Society's website.[2]

Year Winner
1946 Henry Norris Russell
1947 Walter Sydney Adams
1948 No award
1949 Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
1950 Harlow Shapley
1951 Jan Oort
1952 No award
1953 Enrico Fermi, Lyman Spitzer
1954 No award
1955 Paul Merrill
1956 Joel Stebbins
1957 Otto Struve
1958 Walter Baade
1959 Gerard P. Kuiper
1960 Martin Schwarzschild
1961 William Wilson Morgan
1962 Grote Reber
1963 William Alfred Fowler
1964 Ira S. Bowen
1965 Bengt Strömgren
1966 Richard Tousey
1967 Otto Neugebauer
1968 John G. Bolton
1969 Eugene Parker
1970 Jesse L. Greenstein
1971 Fred Hoyle
1972 Allan Sandage
1973 Leo Goldberg
1974 Edwin Salpeter
1975 George Herbig
1976 Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
1977 Olin C. Wilson
1978 Maarten Schmidt
1979 Peter Goldreich
1980 Jeremiah P. Ostriker
1981 Riccardo Giacconi
1982 Bart Bok
1983 Herbert Friedman
1984 E. Margaret Burbidge
1985 Olin J. Eggen
1986 Albert Whitford
1987 Fred L. Whipple
1988 Gerard de Vaucouleurs
1989 Icko Iben, Jr.
1990 Sidney van den Bergh
1991 Donald Osterbrock
1992 Lawrence Aller
1993 James Peebles
1994 Vera Rubin
1995 Robert Kraft
1996 Gerry Neugebauer
1997 Alastair Cameron
1998 Charles Townes
1999 John Bahcall
2000 Donald Lynden-Bell
2001 Wallace Sargent
2002 George Wallerstein
2003 George Wetherill
2004 Martin Rees
2005 James E. Gunn
2006 Bohdan Paczyński
2007 David L. Lambert
2008 Rashid Sunyaev
2009 George W. Preston
2010 Margaret J. Geller
2011 Sandra M. Faber
2012 William David Arnett
2013 Ken Freeman (astronomer)
2014 George B. Field
2015 Giovanni G. Fazio
2016 Christopher F. McKee
2017 Eric Becklin
2018 Joseph Silk
2019 Ann Merchant Boesgaard
2020 Scott Tremaine

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