Henry F. Hall Building

The Henry F. Hall Building (French: Édifice Henry F. Hall) is a building on the Sir George Williams Campus of Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located at 1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, in between Mackay Street and Bishop Street in the Quartier Concordia neighbourhood.

Henry F. Hall Building
French: Édifice Henry F. Hall
Henry F. Hall Building 09.JPG
General information
Address1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West
Town or cityMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45°29′50″N 73°34′44″W / 45.4972317°N 73.5788316°W / 45.4972317; -73.5788316Coordinates: 45°29′50″N 73°34′44″W / 45.4972317°N 73.5788316°W / 45.4972317; -73.5788316
Named forHenry Foss Hall
Inaugurated14 October 1966[1]
CostC$27.5 million[2]
OwnerConcordia University
Technical details
MaterialModular pre-stressed concrete[1]
Floor count12[1]
Floor area782,000 square feet (72,700 m2)[1]
Design and construction
Architecture firmRoss, Fish, Duschene and Barrett[1][3]


The Henry F. Hall Building in 1970.

The building is named for Henry Foss Hall, president of Sir George Williams University from 1956 to 1962.[1]

It was designed by architecture firm Ross, Fish, Duschenes and Barrett, which hired James A. M. K. O'Beirne, to draw up the plans. It was inaugurated on 14 October 1966, the very same day as the Montreal Metro.[1]

In 1994-95, the building's exterior, having been damaged by pollution and the elements over the decades, was cleaned and re-painted.[4]

It was the scene of the Sir George Williams Computer Riot in 1969, the Concordia University Massacre in 1992 and the Concordia University Netanyahu Riot in 2002.


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