Helsinki Wolverines is a Finnish club of American football. Based in Helsinki, it was founded in 1995. The club plays in the Vaahteraliiga of the American Football Association of Finland.

Helsinki Wolverines
Team logo
Based inHelsinki, Finland
Home stadiumBrahenkenttä
Head coachUnited States Robert Johnson
League titles1 title (2011)
Current uniform
Left arm Body Right arm
Home kit
Left arm Body Right arm
Away kit


Helsinki Wolverines was founded on 10 October 1995. The team played its first official game in 1996 season of 2nd Division, a third tier american football league in Finland, against the Lahti Jets. The first Wolverines team was mainly made up of former Helsinki Whips players and the first head coach was Jimmy Lawson. In five seasons Wolverines rose from 2nd Division to Vaahteraliiga, the top american football league in Finland. The Wolverines have strong rivalry with other teams from Helsinki: the Roosters and the 69ers.[1] The Wolverines chose their colors, maize and blue, as an homage to the Michigan Wolverines of the University of Michigan.

Helsinki Wolverines took their only Vaahteraliiga title so far in 2011, when they beat Seinäjoki Crocodiles on Sonera Stadium in a close match by a score of 30-27. Stephen Stokes from Wolverines was chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the final.[2]

Club structureEdit

Wolverines' men's first team plays in Vaahteraliiga, the premier league of american football in Finland. Men's second team, Wolverines II, plays in 2nd Division, a third tier league. Men's third team plays in 4th Division, a fifth tier league. Wolverines also have 6 boys' youth teams: U21. U19, U17, U15, U13 and U11.

Women's first team was founded again in 2014 after years of inactivity. The team will participate in women's Finnish Championship Series in 2015 season. The club also has two cheerleading teams.[3]

Season by seasonEdit

Helsinki Wolverines faced Turku Trojans in Vaahteraliiga 2011 season.
Season League Tier Final position
1996 2nd Division III 4th*
1997 1st Division II 7th
1998 1st Division II 4th
1999 1st Division II 2nd
2000 1st Division II 1st*
2001 Vaahteraliiga I 5th
2002 Vaahteraliiga I 7th
2003 Vaahteraliiga I 8th
2004 Vaahteraliiga I 8th
2005 Vaahteraliiga I 5th
2006 Vaahteraliiga I 2nd
2007 Vaahteraliiga I 4th
2008 Vaahteraliiga I 4th
2009 Vaahteraliiga I 6th
2010 Vaahteraliiga I 3rd
2011 Vaahteraliiga I 1st
2012 Vaahteraliiga I 2nd
2013 Vaahteraliiga I 2nd
2014 Vaahteraliiga I 7th

* denotes promotion
Updated as of season 2014.[4][5]


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