Handsome was an American rock supergroup formed in 1995. The group's lineup was singer Jeremy Chatelain, guitarists Peter Mengede (formerly of Helmet), Tom Capone (formerly of Quicksand), bassist Eddie Nappi, and drummer Pete Hines (formerly of Cro-Mags and Murphy's Law). Capone would leave the group in 1997, replaced by Donni Campion (formerly of Electric Love Hogs). They released two 7" vinyl singles in 1995, two CD singles in 1997 and one album, Handsome (1997), through Epic/Sony before disbanding in 1998.

Handsome Epic.jpg
Handsome in 1997.
Background information
OriginUnited States
GenresPost-hardcore, alternative metal, alternative rock, hard rock
Years active1995 (1995)–1998
LabelsEpic, Sony
Associated actsCro-Mags, Electric Love Hogs, Enemy, Helmet, Jets to Brazil, Mark Lanegan Band, Murphy's Law, Quicksand, Sweethead
Past membersJeremy Chatelain
Peter Mengede
Tom Capone
Eddie Nappi
Pete Hines
Donni Campion


Formed by former Helmet guitarist Peter Mengede[1][2] in 1996, Handsome's lineup included former Quicksand guitarist Tom Capone[1] and former Cro-Mags and Murphy's Law drummer Pete Hines[1] as well as bassist Eddie Nappi[1] and Salt Lake City native Jeremy Chatelain.[1] They began recording material with producer Terry Date[1] with the album, titled Handsome, released on February 4, 1997[3] through Epic/Sony.[1][3] Peter Stepek, of Allmusic gave the album a positive review stating:

In support of the album, the group toured with Silverchair, Local H and Less Than Jake in the US,[1] while they supported Wu-Tang Clan and Voodoo Glow Skulls in Europe.[1] Prior to the group's final tour, guitarist Capone left the group[1] and was replaced by former Electric Love Hogs[4] guitarist Donni Campion.[1] Following the completion of their tour, Handsome disbanded in 1998.[1]


Following his departure from the group, Capone worked on numerous projects before forming his own, Adharma, in 2000,[1] while singer Chatelain joined Blake Schwarzenbach's group Jets to Brazil[1] before going on to join Helmet.[2][5][6] Bassist Eddie Nappi went on to join the Mark Lanegan Band[7][8] while he also worked with Queens of the Stone Age and former A Perfect Circle guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen in Enemy[9] and is also a member of Van Leeuwen's latest group Sweethead.[7][8][10]



Swimming / Can't Connect 7″ on Sub Pop – 1995 1. Swimming 2. Can't connect

Waiting / Needles 7″ on Full City Blend – 1995 1. Waiting 2. Needles

Needles promo CD on Epic / Sony – 1997 1. Needles (same version as s/t)

Dim The Lights promo CD on Epic / Sony – 1997 1. Dim The Lights (different from s/t CD)


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